About “Sanitary Transport of Food”

About “Sanitary Transport of Food”

– Hi, I’m Martin Bucknavage
with Penn State Extension. And I want to introduce you
to our online training course, Sanitary Transport of Food. This course provides
training, as required, within FDA’s FSMA regulation. This regulation requires those involved with the transport of food, carriers, loaders, and receivers, to understand the
importance of food safety and know the responsibilities
in keeping food safe. In moving both animal and human food from point A to point B,
those involved in transporting must take the necessary steps
to prevent food safety issues. Risks, such as temperature abuse and product contamination,
must be controlled. It’s up to the transporters to make sure that documented controls,
such as temperature regulation and sanitary environment, are provided. This course was designed
to be a user-friendly way to meet FDA’s training requirement and understand your role in maintaining a safe and healthy food supply. This course will provide an overview of the types of food hazards, biological, chemical, and physical, and discuss how the risk of
these hazards can be minimized. Sign up for Sanitary
Transport of Food today.

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