ABX launches today – improving transparency and price discovery in the Precious Metals Market

ABX launches today  – improving transparency and price discovery in the Precious Metals Market

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver Today is Wednesday 10th February 2016 and
we are just confirming the announcement of the launch of the ABX today.
The concept of the Allocated Bullion Exchange began in Australia after it was identified
that investors were looking for a way to freely access the physical bullion market and have
the metals held in an allocated form outside of the banking system.
To facilitate the creation of a new electronic exchange for allocated physical bullion, two
companies were incorporated in Australia; Bullion Capital Ltd
Australian Bullion Exchange Ltd According to their formal Press Release,
“Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) has today launched as the world’s first global institutional
electronic exchange for allocated physical precious metals, which will provide market
participants integrated, transparent, and secure access to local markets and global
liquidity pools. ABX offers a modern, revolutionary solution
to the precious metals industry by migrating the institutional trade and storage of physical
precious metals into the electronic environment and significantly reducing the barriers for
entry to the wholesale physical bullion market. ABX CEO Tom Coughlin said: “The soft launch
of the ABX is the culmination of many years of hard work and planning in developing a
modern, transparent and efficient solution for the trading of allocated physical precious
metals. ………At a time of high volatility in global markets and resurgent interest in
precious metals, the launch of ABX is expanding access, enhancing efficiency and raising transparency
in a market that historically has been opaque.” ABX aims to modernize and globalize the precious
metal markets by connecting local markets and major global liquidity centres including
Sydney, London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai (Free Trade Zone), Bangkok,
Zurich, Istanbul and Dubai. Whilst our coverage should not be deemed as
supportive of this entity, it is abundantly clear to us how this and other similar platforms
will, over time reduce the dominance of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and
its operations. Having said that however, the LBMA is supporting
an alternative to the ABX called Allocated Bullion Solutions. ABS has partnered with
Markit to offer the first post-trade solution for physical precious metals. This initiative
will leverage Markit’s extensive connectivity across the financial sector with both buy
and sell side firms. According to its own website, “Markit is a leading global diversified
provider of financial information services. They provide products that enhance transparency,
reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. Their customers include banks, hedge funds,
asset managers, central banks, regulators, auditors, fund administrators and insurance
companies. Founded in 2003, Markit employs over 3,500 people in 10 countries. Markit
shares are listed on Nasdaq under the symbol MRKT.
There is no doubt in our minds, that as such platforms develop, the competition for transparency
will certainly evolve and prove beneficial to all investors alike.
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  1. I'm sure they have the best intentions but you know the saying about the intentional paved road. Unless you hold your PMs physically, you're relying on the honesty of flawed and sometimes greedy human beings. If you're going to trade large amounts, however, you don't have a lot of options.

  2. Thanks Illuminati.  Having  your PM's allocated at time of purchase is common in Australia. Is this not done in Britain or the USA ?

  3. Nascent Australian Comex? I wonder how long before fractional reserve selling will set in? I highly doubt people will take delivery on a daily basis and my bet is greed will set in. I guess I am just a cynic and good luck to ABX and those who participate.

  4. As the old saying goes "if you do not hold it, you do not own it". Is the company subject to "FORCE MAJEURE" in case of some unforseen market event ? Can one take delivery at any time? Not for me thanks.

  5. heres one way off topic . do you know currant projection on that flying goose egg F-35 ? Canada was to cancel it .
    As was we were to review TTP matters seem to fade , but carry on

  6. I have been seeing articles "trickling in" to the major news outlets about investors moving to gold. The last I saw was on CNBC right after a news article saying Oil Prices fell on Thursday which in my time zone is tomorrow. Cramer from CNBC is even acting weird and talking about selling stocks and not holding. And perhaps the biggest "rumor news" being floated out there today while China is on a week long holiday is that China is burning through its reserves fast. They have somewhere around 2.1 to 3 Trillion in cash and their banks have about 34 TRILLION on the books. OUUUUUUCH!

    Gold and Silver continue to move up and I may have been very conservative on Gold's performance. We could see the 20% before march end. But I've been fooled by what seems "fundamental" before. We'll see. Incidentally that would be a price of $1273.

    The time between Thursday Feb 11th and Friday Feb 19th is going to tell us a lot about the rest of this year. I think its gonna get ugly for those with their retirement invested in Stocks and pretty good for those who got in on Gold and Silver Jan 1, 2016.

    As always great video. Very informative.

  7. it looks like silver illuminati, ME, harry dent and martin armstrong…are gonna all be wrong on our predictions of lower gold/silver prices in 2016. Metals are having another bull run today…..yes…it looks like my opinions on metals prices going lower in 2016, will be proven wrong. This current metals bull run, seems to have some solid steam now.

  8. anything run/controlled by humans, will become corrupted. it is a sickness within the DNA of the human race. Blame our creator.

  9. the majority of humans { especially those who run the show on earth} will always want any powerful venue/ system to benefit their needs/desires/agendas more, then the other person. for example…when a new all digital currency becomes the standard system of money on earth, it will definitely benefit the desires of TPTB…while limiting the desires of us peons in society.

  10. Probably see the "non believers" selling their paper Gold today trying to make a quick buck. Who can blame them. If I owned paper and not the real thing headed into Econogeddon I would sell out and take my 19% too. Sell early, drive price down, use the profit to go buy the real stuff and afford the premium.

  11. bad idea. checkout bulliondirect.com  same exact trading method called nucleo and the CEO ran to the islands with all the $$ and he stashed all the bullion in middle east 1 month before declaring bankruptcy.  Mr Charles McCalister is nowhere to be seen,  oopsey…

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