Acebeam TK16 Copper Flashlight Review. A Going Gear exclusive fancy EDC torch.

Acebeam TK16 Copper Flashlight Review.  A Going Gear exclusive fancy EDC torch.

I procrastinate videos like a pro… a pro
procrastinator- especially flashlight videos. Because there’s the math, the early mornings
and late nights… mostly the math. I mean with Satan’s help the calculators
do the math. So in order to help me get jump started reviewing
a pile of lights I bought earlier this year I accepted when Going Gear wanted to send
me the $86 Raw copper Acebeam TK16 to review. Raw copper is a material popular in every
day carry circles, because it shows wear quickly and uniquely. Raw copper begins to tarnish and dull quickly
and changes colors to match a gear nerds personal squalor. Don’t wash your hands after a number two,
you get a nice purple- preparing raw chicken by just the light of your new EDC light you’ll
get a hint of green… and if your lucky in a few months it all mixes into the inevitable
roll of old pennies look. Remember how you were told not to put money
in your mouth when you were a kid because it looks gross? Well now you can get that look out of a flashlight,
something you’ll also probably put in your mouth. The Acebeam TK16 is a compact flashlight powered
off of the throw-away-able Cr123A batteries, or the included rechargeable 16340 lithium
ion. It’s compact, and a little heavy for it’s
size because copper is kinda heavy. There’s an aluminum version of the TK16
that comes in a few emitter styles and color temperatures, but the copper edition comes
in a Cool White tinted Cree XPG3 LED option. Ok let’s look at the output levels. First Moonlight mode. On screen you’ll see my tested values, along
with what Acebeam says. Now Low. My figures are estimates only. I did a video on how I do this a long time
ago and no one watched it. How about Mid. Did one on candela and lumens too that no
one saw. Yeah light videos kinda suck. High. But my point is that I have a home made device,
I sometimes forget birthdays, don’t eat right, so my lumens and candela values aren’t
going to be perfect. Turbo. So read other reviews to get a better picture
of the lights performance. I only tested power mode, and not the Eco
mode. Ok how does it function, even if you didn’t
ask. The all copper body doesn’t lockout mechanically,
so if you’re going to be storing it in a pocket, bag, mule style, or plastic bin with
60 other lights you never use- lock it out to prevent accidental diurnal or nocturnal
LED emissions. Removing the battery also works. Press for 5 seconds from off to lock it…
it doesn’t turn on…. And then another 5 seconds to reactive it…
and now wait for me to catch up in the demonstration. So- how was your day? That sounds- MOVING ON. Moonlight mode… it’s not saved into mode
memory press and hold for about a second to access 3/4 a lumen of light. Make sure you release after it turns on to
avoid a 5 second press activating lockout. I prefer moonlight modes well under half a
lumen. A single click turns it on or off into the
standard modes. To scroll through the standard modes, low
mid and high just press and hold while on and it scrolls through them endlesslessly
until you release. What ever you used last before you turned
it off it’s saved into mode memory. Activating turbo or moonlight mode do not
affect mode memory and neither are saved into mode memory. Turbo is activated by a slow double click. Click (slight pause) click. Turning it off there’s a fraction of a second
delay. The light uses an electronic switch, that
has an audible click. There’s two main operation modes, eco and
power you access them with 10 clicks while in lockout… I won’t show you other than say I used power
mode- and eco mode doesn’t interest me… because it only changes turbo mode output
levels… and you know isn’t that what high is for anyway? No accidental activations over a few weeks
of bag carry. I think in a pocket most activations come
from the side and not the bottom- at least in my experience. Are we at runtimes. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean it’s almost
over. Just leave man. For this I used the included 550 mah acebeam
cell. Using the time lapse mode on my camera I have
in the frame: a lux meter and an alarm clock- the clock showing runtime, and the lux meter
shows if it gets brighter or dimmer. I know that seems obvious but some people
are dumb as rocks. First Turbo. 30 seconds in we’re about 1550 lumens. The 1st minute and a half hits hard and we
drop down to 340 lumens or about 20% of initial brightness. The good news is that rock bottom for now-
because still at 10 minutes in it holds those 340 lumens or so. 30 minutes in we’re still holding onto those
lumens. You’ll notice light flickering the lux meter
doesn’t read… thats because it’s under a work bench and it’s daylight out and the
lux meter doesn’t pick up the extra light pollution but the camera lens does. At a little over 40 minutes the light flickers
to the point where it’s annoying you into changing the battery. Ending voltage was about 2.8-2.9 on all tests
when the light shut itself off. That means either the battery has protection
or the light does… I feel like its the battery. Light ceases to come out at the 50 minute
mark. Next we get high mode. 30 seconds in were at our rated 613 lumens
per super boring ANSI flashlight measuring standards. 2 minutes in we’re over 600 lumens still. 10 minutes in we’ve lost 6% of overall brightness
of about 575 lumens. 11 minutes we see a hard step down to about
60% of initial brightness or 360 lumens. Then it holds pretty steady until the 40 minute
mark where it starts blinking with 360 lumens coming out. Time to recharge because it blinks and dims
until the 48 minute mark where light ceases to come out. Always remember ending battery voltage is
bad if you drain the battery past about 2.5 volts. Now medium- 10 minutes in we’ve lost .5%
of it’s 115ish lumens. Half an hour we’ve barely lost 1% and 90%
of my audience. An hour in still not a jacker in sight and
we’re still at barely a 1% drop. In math speak thats over 100 awesome lumens. 2 hours in we’ve barely dropped 2%. 2 and a half hours were still over 110 lumens… 2 hours in 50 minutes in still over 100 lumens
you get the warning blinks- time to recharge or put in a new battery. 2 hours 58 minutes it shuts off… Acebeam says 3 hours on this runtime. Pretty Close. Beamshots. A few similar sized every day carry lights. My garage where I shot the runtime tests is
about 57 feet away. I didn’t make it an even 60 to piss you
off. Camera is set to manual, white balance about
5000k on the camera. Meaning warm lights look really warm and the
6500k of the cool whites like the Acebeam look a little cool. Pretty similar to what my eyes see. The Acebeam isn’t super throwy. More of the foreground is lit. For newer people, higher candela numbers mean
brighter hotspots and less spill light usually. Now the BLF FW3A made by Lumintop. Even though it looks pretty warm here, it’s
actually not quite as warm as a typical incandescent lightbulb. My fixed white balance in the camera shows
relative white balance- so it’s kinda jarring even though your eyes sort of adjust. This light steps down fast without tweaking
the firmware- something I don’t look forward to doing for my upcoming review. Great light though otherwise. Now the old Zebralight SC600HI to show a throwier
light. I’ve had this for a while and it’s not
quite as bright as the TK16 overall but it’s beam travels much further… look at the spill
when you compare the two. Zebralight is a one emitter light and the
Acebeam has 3. Now the Jetbeam RRT01… dimmest of the three
lights. Has the lowest low too. Cool white tint. It’s a little bigger then the TK16, which
is the tiniest of all three lights. You know a few years ago it would have been
unheard of to get 1500 lumens out of a tiny light like the TK16. Can we show my other copper light, the Olight
S2? Did this review for Going Gear oh so long
ago. Great light that’s no longer made. Wrapping it up. TK16 is nice. I would have liked a maybe NW offering in
the copper version- but it looks like cool white is all that’s available. The light is well made, pocket clip is ok…
a lot of flashlight clips are just ok… this is kinda deepish and that’s nice. You also have to remember copper is a little
soft, so dropping it 4 feet onto concrete while you’re changing the batteries like
I did, dented the head in the thread area. Just slightly harder to screw together now. But raw copper looks nice, and since I’m
your standard gross man I like what my filth is doing to the finish. Maybe I won’t wash my hands at all today. I’d like to thank Going Gear for donating
this and the Ruike P108 to the channel for review. I am doing a giveaway on the P108 soon on
Instagram so look for that. Say “Hi” to my patrons, and think about
becoming one… with a dollar or 5 a month. Buy this light exclusively via Going Gear
or Battlebox via the links below… buy a T-shirt to support my channel. Like, subscribe, comment, follow me on Instagram-
thanks for watching.


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  3. Copper is only heavy if you use a lot of it…it has, however, a significantly higher density than either Al or Ti. (Do they also make gold and platinum versions for the Gulf States, just so they can make it as small and at the same time as heavy, expensive, and gaudy as possible?)

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    Great video as always, bro!

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    On a side note i'm currently watching through your videos as suddenly i'm super interested in flash lights!

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