So you’ve joined the AIA Vitality program
and you’re currently a bronze member. Now whether that’s just because you’re new
to the program itself or you’ve been a member for a while but you haven’t had a chance to
look at this, what I’m gonna share with you today in this video is the four ways that
you can become a silver member unlocking all those additional benefits inside a week. Hey everyone, its Bigs.
And welcome to True Pride. On this channel, I share with you tips and
strategy videos just like this one, all about money, technology, lifestyle and productivity. So if you’re new here, or if you haven’t done
so yet, hit that subscribe button so I could bring you these videos each week. In this video, I’m gonna share with you the
exact four steps you need to follow to get your Silver Status inside of a week. I’m gonna give you every single tool that
you’ll need and a handy reference guide as well. If you stay tuned to the end, I’ll give you
a way that you can download that and make sure that you can get the most out of this
program as quickly as possible. The first step that you need to do is activate
your AIA Vitality Membership if you haven’t done so already. So you would’ve received an email just like
this one from AIA with the details of how to activate your account and provide log in
details and passwords and that sorta thing. So I’ll walk you through that now just so
you can see how we do that. So now that you’re a member of the AIA Vitality
program, you’ll receive an activation email just like this one. So if you have previously joined and you can’t
find this, what you’ll need to do is just give AIA a call and their number is just listed
here: 1800-848-254. But if you’ve got this email for the first
time, just follow the buttons that say “Activate now” and you’ll be taken across to the website
where you’ll be asked to put in your email address and create a password which will get
you logged into the AIA Vitality site for the first time. As you’ll be coming back to this website quite
regularly, to make it easier, I’ve included in the notes below the link to the log in
page which you can save as a bookmark on your browser, that way you can get there really
quickly and log in to the website for uploading the documents and that sorta thing as I’ll
explain a little bit later. Step number two is to complete the online
assessments. Now that we’ve got the account activated,
what we need to do is log into our Vitality account using the details that we’ve just
set up with that newly created account. Now that you’ve activated your account, what
you’ll do is go across to the AIA Vitality website and use the log in button at the top
here. Click on that and then fill out your email
and password that you’ve just created, and that will take you through the home screen. So if you go up to the “Know Your Health”
section, and go down to Online Assessments, here is where you’ll find the ways that you
can complete those assessments online to get your first Vitality points. So the first of those assessments to complete
is the health review, then you’ve got your skin self examination which is watching a
video and then accepting the fact that you’ve done that. The online nutrition assessment, the mental
well-being assessment, and the non-smokers declaration if that one applies.Just click
on those buttons, complete each of those exams, and you’ll be credited those points where
applicable. A bit of a bonus tip for you when it comes
to the mental well-being survey and the nutrition assessments, as these points are available
every six months, jump in to your calendar now and set a reminder for six months time
to go back and actually complete these again, that way you’re not gonna miss out on the
points for this one. I find a lot of people do forget to do this,
so that’s just a quick tip to make sure you get those additional points in six months
time. For step number three, you’ll need to get in touch
with your GP and book in for a health check-up. In this health check -up, the required tests
are four-fold. Number one, they’ll test for your BMI, number
two, they’ll take your blood pressure, number three, they’ll check your cholesterol, and
number four, they’ll do a random blood glucose test to see how all those results fair. For completing each of these tests themselves,
you’ll be credited with seven hundred and fifty points, so that’s three thousand points
for just doing the exams themself. For each of the test that come back within
the healthy range, you’ll be credited an additional seven hundred and fifty points for each of
those categories, so an additional three thousand points are on offer here. Now don’t be too put off if you don’t get
a perfect score for each of these healthy ranges, when I did this myself, I actually
got three of the four that came back in the healthy range with my BMI being outside of
normal, so don’t be too put off by this, that’ll still see you’ll get a fair chunk of points
for this and will look to see what that actually looks like in a second. Before heading to the doctor for your GP check-up,
what you’re gonna need is the advance screening form. You’re gonna need to print this off and take
it along with you to the appointment. I’ve included a link to the document itself
in the notes below. Before you head to the doctor, make sure you
have a copy of this and make sure you get them to complete this with you while you’re
at the appointment. From my experience, getting the doctor to
complete this after the fact can lead to a long delay in getting the report back and
getting you the points, so make sure you take that along to your visit when you booked in
to the GP appointment. This completed form can be submitted via the
AIA website or the Vitality app itself. All the details of how to upload the results
of this test can be found on the form itself. For some of you, congratulations, you’ll have
already achieved your Silver AIA Vitality Status so well done. You’ll have unlocked a couple of extra vouchers
and they’ll be on your way. But if you’re anything like me, I came up
a little bit short, as I mentioned from the points and the results from the GP test, so
what I’m gonna do, if you’ve come up anywhere between that seven thousand, two hundred and
fifty points, and ten thousand, two hundred and fifty points at this stage, I wanna share
with you a couple of extra steps to get you the rest of the way. Step number four, I’m gonna get you to go
and get a dental check-up and go and have your eyes tested. Now with the dental check-up you can do this
every year. With the eye test, you can only do this once
every three years. For the dental check up, you’re again gonna
need this advance screening form which can be found down below. This can be submitted via the website, by
the app, but all the details for how to submit the form are included on the form itself. For the eye test, you actually don’t need
a form at all; what you’ll need to do is jump on the AIA Vitality website and find the preventative
exam tab, go down and enter in the date of the consultation, the suburb, the state and
submit that one online and you’ll be credited those thousand points for the eye test. So we should be there for almost everyone
by now so absolute worst case, you’ll have nine thousand, two hundred and fifty points
and best can if you’re healthy and everything’s perfect and you’ve done all these steps, you’ll
have twelve thousand, two hundred and fifty points to your name. My suggestion at this point is whether or
not you’re short or you’ve already exceeded the silver status benefits, jump in to your
health app on your apple phone. At this stage you should look to download
the AIA Vitality app which will give you access to all of this information from your phone
and once you’ve done that, go to the health data of your phone and then it’ll come up
with all the available sources that you have there. If you click on the AIA Vitality app, and
then enable each of the categories: Heart Rate, Sleep, Steps and Workouts that you’d
like to share with the vitality app, that will then take the data from your phone and
other fitness devices. I’ve got my apple watch here, too, and record
those details in your Vitality app and help you earn points towards your membership levels. You actually get discounts through the Vitality
program for these ones as well, so jump on again to the AIA website and have a look for
the details that are here. The discounts range from anywhere from 25%
and up for some of those fitness devices. The reason these ones actually help is they’ll
track your sleep and they’ll also track your heart rate, which is used for some of those
activity points that you’ll get in the program as well. If you have come up a little bit short now
and you’re at that nine thousand odd points, to bridge the gap between there and ten thousands
relatively easy, so you get a hundred points for fitness per day, a hundred points for
gym visits, ten points for tracking sleep. So again, about a weeks time and you’ll have
the seven hundred odd points that you’ll need to bridge the gap between bronze and silver. According to AIA, most members of the Vitality
program stay at bronze, so don’t be one of those people. From my experience, most people complete the
online assessments and stop there. I know it can be a bit of a pain sometimes
to go ahead and do these doctors appointments, dental check-ups and eye tests, but what this’ll
do, it’ll make sure that you get the most out of the program. You’ll be rewarded instantly for these, so
you’ll get a retail voucher to one of those places of your choice. The Rebels, JB Hifi, Myer, that sorta thing,
and you’ll also unlock the first additional levels of Qantas flight discounts. So you’ll now be entitled to 30% off two Qantas
flights each year. So a pretty nice little sweetener for making
you do a couple of things that might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. As promised, as a thank you for watching the
whole video, what I’ve done is I’ve included for you a checklist including all the websites,
the relative documents and that sorta thing that you’ll need to complete each of these
steps in this video. I’ve included the link to this document down
in the notes below. So grab a copy of that and make sure you go
through these four steps and please let me know when you have achieved that Silver Status.


  1. Great video Craig! Followed the steps you outlined and am well on the way to silver, just shy of 7k as we speak 🙂
    One thing i would add is that aia retro adds your activity as points once you link yiur fitbit device so if you've been active before you sign up it still counts towards your points.
    As to where i would go, it would have to be Morocco 😀

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