Al Madrigal – Leash Baby

Al Madrigal – Leash Baby

that you have little kids you know if
you’re going to have kids someday I think there’s a couple little rules you
need to watch out first of all don’t please don’t put a leash on your fucking
baby horrible have you seen that shit it always looks like somebody tied up a
fucking squirrel yeah look I’m gonna go over here and explore is it learn they
go no you’re fucking not yank his ass back then he recoils like a stuntman
yeah fucking terrible if I went to Home Depot and I got some rope and I put
around my kids neck I walked him up around city wok there’d be an outrage
but now somebody made rope cute and it’s okay for us to do it no it’s not okay
always looking it’s a little bare back there it looks harmless and off it’s
fucking horrible but maybe I’m wrong maybe the kids some little ball bite in
psycho that needs to be restrained right I don’t know I’ve never seen a little
fucker off the leash I fucking crazy alright very take the
leash off he’s like I’m free give me some kicks I mean
fucking kick somebody in the balls sack and runs out in the traffic right I
don’t know so I went up to one and if you ever see a leash baby please do this
alright because we can all put a stop please like a leash babies if we all do
it so you just got to do this and get the fuck out of there alright I was at
the airport and I was at the airport bar getting a drink and I saw a leash baby
tied up to one of the bar stools alright so I went up to it I let it smell my
hands hey you gotta get it really low soon alright
you’re not frightened so hey there leash baby
Wilson’s fuck come on and I looked I wanna go I’m gonna get on these what
kind of leash baby you got here huh the only these fucking leash babies as soon
as I get a place big enough right now right now my landlord won’t ever get one
you keep going until eventually the big shitty mom gets up and goes hey man
where babies go to dog and then you get to go exactly why don’t you try
parenting you lazy twat and your bun you


  1. I like the comedy, but he's wrong about "leash babies" Harnesses have existed FOREVER, but especially since there were things that can kill babies (cars) and rope. Call me crazy, I don't want my kid to die. Try holding a toddlers hand who doesn't want you to hold it, now try grabbing a kid who's running away from you in a parking lot, now try having twins.

  2. people leash their kids because they don't want to participate in life nor engage with their children…they want to live their lives inside their heads…

  3. My backpack leash was a monkey where the head would lie on your shoulder, a little space for string 🍬 on the back, the monkeys arms would wrap around you, and my Mom would hold on to the tail.

  4. Meh. Makes sense in some cases. Anyone ever seen the vid of the little black kid running wild in Chuck-E-Cheese?

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