– Andrea, have a look at Alexander. – What ?
– Have a look at Alexander. – Me?
– Yes. – Good evening !
– Hello – You’ve came with a song?
– Ofcourse – Which one ?
– Opera Turandot, aria of Kalaf, “Nessun Dorma”. – Sing please, i like opera!
– With pleasure. – I want to notice that amoung us four only Andrea likes opera, so that’s why… – Handsome guy, yeah ?
– Yes, for sure. – Amazing ! – Wow this is magic. – Golden button! Golden button! – Bravo! – Andrea still has ability to push the golden button!!! – Alexander, i like perfomance so much, you look extraordinary, and you have harmony in singing and character… you have deep feeling in your eyes, and right now i want… crowd: Button! Button! Button! i will use my privilege… …and i will push the “Golden Button of X-Factor” – YEEAAH !!! COOL – Are you dissapointed? – I’m shocked ! – He is aristocrat. – Congratulations!
– Thank you very much ! – That means that you are already in final round before live broadcast! Congratulations and good luck! – Thank you so much, goodbye! – Fantastic perfomance, bravo! – He is a miracle.
– Good boy. – Finally he is relaxed. I really liked so much him… – Perfect ! – Goodbye everybody, THAAANK YOUUU. – At last he awaken !
– He’s become alive there. – Andrea, The Lord came down from heaven and forced us to push the buttom, yeah!


  1. Il a une belle voix, mais toujours un peu en dessous de la note. Avec un bon prof. de chant il devrait pouvoir combattre cette "paresse"

  2. This man has the most glorious voice I've ever heard!! I predict he will be one of the GREAT ones, up there with Pavoretti, Ezo Pinzo, Mario Lanzo! I could listen to him all day!!!

  3. Pavarotti he never will be. He's too nasal. Pavarotti sang from the body. But he has a decent head voice. Perhaps he could be trained.

  4. Come on now, this is a pop music voice trying to sing opera and it just doesn't work for those who appreciate real operatic singing. This audience does not consist of serious opera fans and they have never heard this great aria sung by world-class operatic tenors or they would know the difference. Alexander, baby, you don't have a bad voice at all but stick to pop music or Broadway where you can make much more of an impression.

  5. плохое исполнение. Тяжело поет..голос глухой..слабый..
    мне совершенно не понравилось
    не знаю чему там умиляются судьи…

    и внешний вид далеко не сценический. Как какой то замученный холоп с этой прикольной прической..

    увы – ему не грозит будущее оперного певца)

  6. Потрясающе.голос звонкий и так с душой..и кто то тут написал,что тяжело поёт..ну смешно..голос льётся легко и сильно.очень понравилось.даже слёзы выступили.всегда когда слышу потрясающий вокал,прошибает на слёзы..

  7. No vi él video porque estoy seguro que cantó Nessum Dorma. Esta Maravillosa aria, sinceramente ya se las deberían prohibir, tanto hartan que no se saben otra y sino es esta, es O mio babbino Caro. Ya!!!!

  8. Alexander vous êtes formidable, vous avez une voix sublime, le bouton d'or est amplement mérité, je vous souhaite longue vie et vous prédit un magnifique avenir. J'ai 75 ans mes larmes sont venues naturellement, merci pour ce moment de bonheur trop court hélas !
    Олександр, ти чудовий, ти маєш піднесений голос, золота кнопка заслужена, бажаю тобі довгого життя і передвіщаєш прекрасне майбутнє. Мені 75 років, мої сльози прийшли природно, дякую за цей момент щастя занадто короткий на жаль!

  9. Russians they are all smart, educated, and talented. But they are bossy … especially when they live in English speaking countries. This man is so handsome, and talented beyond comprehension.

  10. Ei pessoas não muito ligadas na ópera, exsitem "zilhões" de áreas maravilhosas e eles insistem em cantar essa. Triste, muito triste e cansativo! ahahahah

  11. he could not reach the HIGH points. He made a couple of boo boos. his voice could use a lot of training. not too late MAYBE he may make it but not on an international level.

  12. Голос спокойный и приятный….. но…… как оперный певец ооооочень не дотягивает в этом искусстве.

  13. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  14. An outstanding voice that's a true pleasure to listen to ‼ Good luck to you, from USA 🗽 Please come and tour our county so we can hear you perform 🎶

  15. Красивая музыка у Пуччини… Но исполнителю работать и работать… Много недостатков. Однако, молодец, что попытал счастья. Успехов ему

  16. Wow.. seen many almost perfect daughters of their parents, and realized almost perfect sons of their loved ones beginning to see.

  17. What is Cillian Murphy doing in this video? That boy is EXTREMELY handsome I can see him being a top model or an actor but not an Opera singer I'm sorry but I've heard this Aria performed by other talented spinto tenors. His rendition of Nessun Dorma was decently good but not great to give me goosebumps. I find his humility quite endearing it's a very nice quality to have it's very rare these days and admire his determination to follow his dreams. I wish all the best of luck hopefully he will make his way to Tinseltown

  18. This young man exudes passion from every cell of his being! Thank you, Alexander for sharing your incredible gift…..YOU.

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