Alien’s House – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Alien’s House – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

How are you brother? Everything was fine up till now, but now you have come here, god knows what will happen? Ok, let us settle the account quickly, how much and for how many months we have to pay? Wow, how lucky I am, Motu himself is asking about settling the dues, wait I will just calculate everything. Today I won’t spare you both, run where ever you want to go. Hey, stop, Motu Patu. Run fast. Let’s hide here, tea vendor won’t be able to find us. Where have they gone? Hey, don’t go in that bungalow, it is haunted. There was nothing here before, this bungalow appeared suddenly. All kinds of black magic is always going on in there. I am sure there is some criminal living in this bungalow, who is scaring away people. Look I’m sure this gate will open before we can knock. How can you say that? We have seen a lot of such haunted houses and removed criminals from there, let’s go Motu. Please come in. Come inside. Who is there? Who asked us to come in? Nice try but we are not going to be afraid of you. Hey, someone get us out of here, is anyone listening? Who is this? Who is trying to scare us? We are not the ones to get scared. Oh really? Hey, Patlu run!! We are running but we are not afraid, we know someone is playing tricks. Motu now I am afraid, how can the stairs going down on its own? Ask this to the stairs, I am going down. Whoever you are you cannot scare us. Come sit on me, you people are looking tired. No, sit on me. No! We don’t want to sit. Patlu I can’t think on empty stomach, do something fast. Idea, let’s go in there and hide. Thank you for using me, but people use me to sleep on me but inside is also ok. No! It is also speaking, help get us out please. No! Help! We known that you’re using some technique to scare us, you are a high-tech thief. You can make us run but cannot scare us. Chingam sir, hello Chingam sir. Thank you for using me. It can also speak, run! Let us come out. I know you are hiding here somewhere, first you wash us in washing machine. And then you dump us in dustbin to make us dirty, come in front now. Why are you trying to scare us by hiding yourself, come in the front then see what I will do to you? See he has came in front, now do what you wanted to do to him? Hurry. Now it’s him who will do what he wants to do, all we can do is run!! Use me!! No! Thank you. Let’s get out of here immediately run!! Why is he not able to see us? I think because of the flour he is not able to see us, I saw that in a film, it happens with aliens. He cannot see us, now I will act as a ghost and scare him. Don’t be so foolish, he is an alien, he won’t be scared of any ghost. Let’s try. Mummy!! I heard him call mummy. Help! Had fun, scaring the alien. You are having fun, but it’s me who is facing the brunt, stop scaring him. Come Patlu, now we both together can scare him, and remove him from this place. Motu he can see us now, run!! Looks like it’s a engine room. No! Motu! Oh thank you, it’s amazing you both have repaired my ship. But how did you do this? It’s no big deal for us, but who are you? I am from cosmos planet, I was stuck here because my ship had stopped working. I changed the ship into a house so that I could repair it, I have been trying to do this for a very long time. You both are so brave, take care of yourself. You too take care, bye! Bye! from now onward you both are my friends.


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