ALL 5 INCREDIBLE GOLDEN BUZZER America’s Got Talent 2018

ALL 5 INCREDIBLE GOLDEN BUZZER America’s Got Talent 2018

Welcome to America’s Got Talent’s hi What’s your name? And how are you? My name is Michaela Phillips, and I’m 15 years old 15 so you’re still in school? Yes, who are you here with today? I’m here with my mom My dad my brother and the rest of my friends and family are in the audience. Oh So I’m guessing you you’re gonna be singing for us tonight. Yes. Well, good luck. Thank you This is a story Told I’ve got a tape back So so confused, I was broken The bottom She’s amazing So fun and good and everything and you also treat on top of it You I think you are absolutely incredible. Thank you. So, I mean, I love the whole package. I love your smile I love who you project to everyone your voice is incredible. You know what I’m gonna do for you Well, I’ve gotta tell you I Shut my eyes and listen to you say that was not the same person that Shouldn’t have been you but you know what? It’s a really difficult song to sing. You’ve got amazing presents great confidence This is what this show is all about good for you. Thank you so much And who you we are super oh, okay, what do you do? We do acrobatic and gymnast, right? We are not professionals. We take people for whatever if they have skills or not. They are able to enjoy us Okay, and why did you decide to come on America’s Got Talent with this act because this is the big stage in the world Where I can show our skills and our talent, that’s a reason, okay We’ll listen the best of luck guys. Thank you Okay, let’s go I am collecting my breath and I just I need some oxygen right now This is brave, this is first assistant today, this is me Hello Hello. Hello, how are you? nervous It’s okay. I what’s your name, please? My name is Michael Ketterer way you from I’m originally from East, Tennessee but right now I live in Orange County and Tell me a bit about you. What do you do for a living? I’m a pediatric mental health nurse Okay, and what are you gonna be doing for us are you a singer? Yes, sir? So this is kind of a different direction you coming on a show like this Michael. So tell me what the thought process was What’s what’s the ambition the dream here? Well, um, my family’s my reason why I’m here my wife and my six children You know one of the things that happens especially because my children came out of foster care when you’re surviving you can’t dream and That has been one of the most rewarding things is providing them with a home in a safe environment where they’re free to dream And so I’m here because I want to show them that if their dad can live out his dreams but nothing’s impossible for them To fear okay, Michael. Listen, we’re all rooting for you. Thank you Certain kind of it’s never saw I want my whole life to be You Cuz baby, you don’t know what it’s my baby To love somebody to love somebody The way that I love All the way To store All the way that I love Baby you don’t know what it’s my Baby If Michael you know what when we find signals on these shows, is it about being technical or is it about being relevant and sometimes for me it’s just about being real and A surprise. I’m being honest with you because you were so nervous. I was concerned for you but I think Sometimes actions speak louder than one A genuinely mean this is special and everything was perfect Welcome thank you. What’s your name? My name is Amanda Mona and how old are you Amanda? I’m 15 years old 15 years old. Where you from I’m from, Boston, Massachusetts What do you do do you sing I sing. I love singing you love music Is it something you do as a hobby does it make you feel good? I feel like my experiences really connect me to like music. I just I love it what is your experience that you’re Raised in Dominican Republic till I was four years old So when I came here, I didn’t know a word of English really and I got bullied a lot so all that kind of Gave me tough skin. I just want to ask a question. I know I do hear this a lot unfortunately, you got bullied what got you through that whole period I Think it was really music and my mom A little bit you’re ready to wow us go ahead young lady. Thank you the line I used to feel inspire You’re the key to my piece Oh Like a natural woman I Mean, wow, I am just blown away Thank you with your beautiful voice. I mean you have a beautiful voice and you’re a beautiful girl. Thank you in love day. I Gotta say you sang natural woman. You are a super natural talent Simon You know you have Amanda you have genuinely natural soul Thinking you really really do. I mean that’s not easy song to sing This is an audition. We’re gonna remember for a long time Amanda Malby what do you think? Oh my gosh. Where do I start? That was just Incredible thinking. Oh, I’ve got all goose pimples I love you. I love your voice. And this is what I’m gonna say to all those bullies Hi, welcome to America’s Got Talent How are ya and it looks at nervous? That’s okay to be nervous It’s totally understandable. What’s your name Courtney? And how are you? 13:13. What’s your favorite subject in school? Music what kind of music I don’t know You’re very sweet and I’m guessing you’re gonna be singing for us, yeah Listen, don’t be nervous. I know this is a big stage and there’s lots of people here But you’re here for a reason so go for it and good luck. Thank you What T and now poor way Hallie what did you think? Oh my gosh, you are not from this era. You’re from a whole different And I’m a huge Janis Joplin fan and it’s a story if you ever watch the documentary Clive Davis He goes to the Monterey Pop Festival and he sees this young girl that nobody has ever seen before that. Nobody knows It was the first time Janis Joplin got signed and that would that changed her life. Do you know that story? Yeah I’m not Clive Davis. I’m Howie Mandel and I can’t sign you to a record deal the only thing I can do for you young lady is give you For me you are going straight to the lodge Thank you so much Gucci suit, look no, thank you so much Absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that. Can we give her some love? For the best I’ve ever seen Amazing right. She come on before hundreds. She says she’s scared. She’s gonna get it. She thought she was gonna get up in bullshit You thought you were gonna get a red buzzer like it sent home and that complete opposite happens That’s my golden buzzer


  1. I was emotional with wet eyes finally for the last girl while I end up watching this video…but cheers to everyone

  2. All of theirs hardwork…
    Made me so happy..
    It takes a lot of gut to present your talent in front of so many..
    My heart fells so happy after watching this.

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  4. That janis joplin girl was on uk voice before but better voice and better unique incredible messy dance, i dont know about her shy attitude, i think it just act for the show, but i really love and would be really amaze if she really has double personality, shy in life but not on the stage

  5. Singers shouldn't get golden buzzers on AGT, there are enough singing shows out there. Let the more unique talents shine.
    The last girl is an exception though, she was definitely something unique!

  6. I watched the last one twice wow she is so amazing such a shy little girl when she is just talking but when she sing she has so much confidence and omg she is just amazing and she Donets stop there

  7. Omg I don’t cry but I had little tears (don’t tell no one) and the girl at the end!!! WOW! she is Janis Joplin!!! AMAZING!!!

  8. Настолько эмоциональные моменты победы!!!!!Искренние эмоции.Живой,чувствующий зал.Я как будто была с вами…
    Когда близкие не выдерживают и выбегают на сцену.
    Это очень дорого..

  9. That last performance of a young girl… OMG😲😲 can't believe that she's that talented at very young age…

  10. Simons and tyra golden buzzer are the best but these singers should be in singing contests not agt all judges buzzers are singers. Whack!

  11. only perfomances with some emotional backstory or young or disabled singers get golden buzzer that's why agt is shit.. magicians perform well but they don't get

  12. my reaction in the 19:28 my eyes was big and her voice is for adults hard to explain but that WAS REALLY GOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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