[Dogumentary TV producing the best Breed documentaries on [YouTube] The Golden retriever is a great pet they are amazingly loyal dog, family friendly. They’re sweet. They’re gentle. They’re easy-going They’re intelligent. So they’re very easy to train they were originally bred for upland and Waterfowl retrieval They still enjoy playing games of fetch They love to retrieve they love to be out in the woods and chasing around But they also love to just hang out with the family and sit around and cuddle in your lap Even as an adult they still think they are lap dogs. My name is Tim [hoch] with Golden Meadows Kennels We’ve been breeding Golden retrievers for about 25 years now When bought our first dog we hadn’t necessarily intended to breed her but we had the opportunity to Breed her to absolutely amazing boy That was just gorgeous with lines all the way back and just been a great great dog, and he was the foundation of our lines The history of the gold retrievers, they were originally Bred by Lord, Tweedmouth in the mid 1800s they were crossed between What was called a water spaniel a tweed water Spaniel and a yellow retriever? That was the beginning of our golden retrievers at the time Hunting was just really becoming popular in scotland in England and they were initially bred to hunt and retrieve Upland and Waterfowl as far as connections to any current available breeds They were originally bred from the tweed water spaniel. Which is extinct the other dog That was used is the yellow retriever Which is a relative of the labradors that we have today there is supposedly major differences between the dogs in both America and Europe at the end of the day the Differences are relatively minor The perception is [that] the dogs from Europe from England especially tend to have a broader headpiece a little bit deeper chest heavier bone structure A lot of the American dogs originally were a much leaner statue They were used in field work and were longer leaner thinner coats that [were] able to better be cleaned after being in the field all [day] than the thick coats that we have? in most of our dogs now the the [Co] variations on a [Golden] [retriever] run from An Irish [out] of red all the way through to cream which is an almost white color? [the] acceptable colors depend upon change depending on where you are in the world the United States color code runs from the Irish [Setter] deep-red through to a light [blonde] color the rest of the world their color code runs from A Traditional medium gold that everybody knows is a golden retriever through a cream So it’s a little bit of difference of opinion between the us [and] the rest of the world as to what is acceptable and what? Is are unacceptable color codes? The jobs that they excel at today. They still have maintained and it’s very important to our breed standard to maintain their retrieving abilities So they still do work in the field and they love to run out and retrieve things for you [it’s] one of the things that makes them such a great family Companion because they do love to get out in the yard and just fetch all day long Some of the other jobs that golden retrievers are used for nowadays are search and rescue For service animals for guide dogs for the blind as well as various other service purposes pTSd Children with autism they provide a whole spectrum of service abilities Because they are such a people oriented animal. They are people pleasers They want to make their owners very very happy so they’re always very aware of Where their owners are what their owners are doing and what others are feeling which is a key aspect to their ability to work with PtSd as a comfort animal for somebody who’s emotionally distraught Children with autism they have an amazingly calming effect with kids with autism it’s amazing the differences. We’ve seen Some of the clients we’ve had their kids were nonverbal and when their dog came home for the first time The Mom walked by and saw her son petting the dog and talking he was 5 years old and these were the first words she had ever heard him speak a Breed Standard on a Golden retriever for Males is 23 to 24 inches of the shoulder and 75 to 80 pounds top weight the girl should be approximately 21 and a half to 22 and a half to [the] shoulders And they should run between about 55 and 60 pounds go retrievers life expectancy while the national average is still only 8 10 [years] because of the Information has become available on nutrition and everybody’s knowledge now We’re seeing 10 to 12 is becoming much more than norm but nationally 8 to 10 is still the current average [some] of the breed traits in a golden retriever That we have to keep in our breeding program is their personality and temperament number one they have to be a calm easygoing Family-Oriented animal they have to retain that retrieving desire to go out and reach and retrieve things That’s why you’ll often see golden retrievers walking around with balls and toys in their mouths 24/7 also some of their physical characteristics is they should have a double coat which is the outside is very water resistant and the Undercoat provides insulation for them when they’re working in the water or out in inclement weather they also have to have very cat-like feet There should be graceful in their movement And you should see [that] just the muscle and code flow while they’re working and running the gold retrievers also have webbed feet which Enable them to be able to swim well Golden retrievers also have to retain a soft mouth When they’re working in the field you’d obviously don’t want your dog to bring back a crushed duck to you You have to be able to hold it very gently in their mouth And [that’s] one of the things that makes them great with kids. They are never bite very hard they’re always very very soft with their kisses and their bites we’ve been breeding the goldens for about 25 years ago and 25 Years now about 15 years ago or so we were approached by a client who really wanted a gold retriever? But didn’t feel he was qualified to be able to train a puppy that started us on a whole new venture with our Golden retrievers and We’ve been breeding and training the dogs almost extensively for 15 years of working with trainees About 70% of our dogs. Go out with at least some training under their belt We do mostly basic obedience training Really important that any dog you have but especially with the golden retriever [is] well trained one of the more important aspects of training with Golden retriever is to make sure that they do recall when they’re called immediately they do enjoy running They do enjoy tasting and they do enjoy fetching And so often they will take off on their [own] to try and capture a bird in flight And so it’s always very important that you maintain control of your golden retriever that they return to you immediately upon calling the cone [retriever] works well in almost all family situations There are a number of breeds out there that only Do well with extremely large areas the golden retriever is a very adaptable dog Their main concern is [that] they want to be with their family as much time as possible They do work in in apartments. It is a little bit more trying sometimes, especially with a puppy. That’s very active But they are great family dogs. They do well in [homes], single-family homes where they’ve got room [to] run around in the backyard and play. They’re great with kids. They absolutely love and adore kids My granddaughter is two years old will lay on top of the dogs and pound on them and pull on their ears and the dogs Just look up at her like I love you so much They’re just amazing family animals with the Golden retriever their exercise needs Are both high and not high they because they want to spend time with you They enjoy doing whatever that is so if you’re going for a walk They’re happy to do that if you want to throw the ball. They’re crazy to go for that If it’s just time to hang out in the house. They’re just as happy to sit on sit on your lap Lay on the couch with you or lay on the floor next to you Socialization is extremely important with the golden retriever as it is with any dog, but [Golden’s] Love to meet people they love to go new places They’re always excited [to] do all that the only problem with them Is that often they will get a little too exuberant in their greetings with people because they’re just so excited to meet new people So it’s always necessary to make sure that your dog is well trained and socialized in a variety of situations grooming on a Golden retriever is Extensive they eat because of their double coating it often takes us 15 to 20 minutes to actually get the dog wet all the way through so that we can actually start Shampooing them so they definitely require quite a bit of grooming and care on average We would try to bath our dogs every two weeks that gives us the opportunity to go through and check their ears And their their teeth their nails make sure that there’s nothing going on with them They are quite quite a handful when you go to drive them also Because of that double coat it does take quite a while for them to dry grooming also includes Daily brushings to try and eliminate as much of that Shedding because they do shed seven days a week 365 days a year Traditionally the the big health issues with Golden retrievers has been hip and elbow dysplasia heart Murmurs and cataracts in the eyes We’ve been doing testing on our dogs since day one as a whole gold retriever breeders have been trying to test for about [Thirty] [five] to [Forty] Years we’ve been attempting to eliminate as much as possible Those genetic defects out of our lines the other big issue with gold retrievers is they are definitely prone towards cancer Current numbers estimate about 60% of all golden retrievers will die of cancer or some form at one time or another Which is really devastating for us as owners The the only kind of positive note out of that is that those cancers have not really affected their overall age At which we lose our [Golden’s] When you first bring your your puppy home with you? You can definitely expect a dog that’s going to want to give you lots of kisses It’s going to want to nibble on everything and anything it can reach your shoes a table leg your ears nose hair It doesn’t matter they love to chew and nibble. They’re very energetic at this age. They love to chase balls and play They also sleep a lot they are awake for probably about six or eight [hours] during the daytime and other than that they were taking naps and in bed and sleeping their Little babies, and they do grow quickly, but they do need lots of rest the difference between [junior] who is our one of our cream boys? He’s almost exclusively from European stock We’d originally brought some european cream colored gold was over about 15 or 18 years ago now [very] traditional European look to him gorgeous headpiece real great cream-colored coat on him [the] other boy Maverick is very traditional American look a Huge box he had great big deep chest just tremendous bone structure on him and just that full thick thick gold coat Golden retrievers are just an amazing dog in our opinion. They’re great. They’re family order and so sweet and gentle and loving They are one of America’s favorite dog breeds [they’re] just great great kids and Wonderful amazing companions for your home and your family if you’re interested in more information on Golden retrievers in our breeding program you can visit our website at Golden Meadows retrievers [comm] Thank you for watching and let me talk about my dogs


  1. I owned three golden retrievers I would never own any other breed all true what they say about them their personality temperament loyalty playfulness and lovingness. All three of my dogs absolutely love the water they would dive in a wet washcloth if they could.

  2. Help! Need advise with puppy Golden retriever. She's 12 weeks. Breeder wasn't quite honest and now we see the results of puppy mill-possibly? Very wild. Was sooo sick! Parasites/worms/STAPH!
    She has AKC papers, but puppy life was not good. Now we have a very bad biter. She's biting smaller dog and shaking him by the tail!
    She's a great dog otherwise and will stay the night in crate. With potty break. It's very hard in the day to protect the other dog.
    Any advise is appreciated!!

  3. I grew up with a golden retriever, he sadly passed at the age of 12 in 2015. He was a very good boy. Love this breed so much.

  4. Everyone I think has had that ONE dog that could never be topped and mine was a Golden . He was smart well mannered , loyal and loving.

  5. I've had 2 Golden females, each I got as puppies. They were both just bundles of love, my second one served as a therapy dog at the local hospital for years. I agree the training challenge with Goldens are 1) jumping up on people (because they are so excited to meet everyone), and 2) coming when called (simply because they are focused on something else). As people pleasers, Goldens are quick learners but I've found these 2 issues to require the most patience. Another good point on Goldens is shedding and grooming. Your house, clothes, and car are likely to be covered in golden hair especially if you are not diligent on brushing them out daily. My advice, wear khaki, the hair is not as noticeable. One other thing to mention, Goldens are very people/family/kids focused and I think it somewhat unfair to them if you don't fully accept them as members of your family (i.e. live in your house, play with them, take them places, etc.).

  6. I’m never ever getting another dog… as much as I want one , I’ll never get one . I hate that everytime an animal dies it’s always my fault Nd ion wanna see no animal suffer. :‘(

    i don’t deserve animals 😭

  7. My Golden retriever just passed away 4 weeks ago from cancer ( she was 6 😭 miss her) but I'm about to get another one in two days 😁

  8. Makes you wonder why anyone would want a pit bull? You can hunt the edge of a marsh for ducks, and never need a canoe or boat. You can't beat that nose. Many a time I dropped a fat mallard into beaver hay and bulrushes, my Golden Retriever would always sniff it out when it would have otherwise been impossible to find. There was never a more friendly and compassionate breed. Kudos to the Golden Retriever.

  9. I have a golden named max I call him Maxie poo and he’s so sweet!!!!! He’s super smart so I can’t really play tricks with him or teach him cuz as soon as I do it once HE DOESS IT! He has a potty bell and he uses it when he needs to actually go potty

  10. 8 to 10 years oh my 🙁 i hope my baby lives longer. That's so short! I will love every moment with her. I love my golden. She's beautiful and loving♡♡♡ and cuddly. She loves my son

  11. I've always owned "tough breeds" Staffordshire terrier, Game Pitbull, and doberman. I purchased a female puppy Golden for my daughter, and she has exceeded my expectations. She is spectacular.💪🐶

  12. I had a golden retriever in my childhood, she was the sweetest dog ever. She lived 13 years. She got a tumor in her spleen. We had it removed but the Vet said she may hemorrhage internally after surgery. Thats what happened. She lived 6 days after surgery. Saddest day of my life

  13. While installing a bannister in my house, a craftsman mentioned that he had recently been hunting with dogs. When I inquired about what breed, he said that, between his buddy and himself they were with three labs and three goldens. "Did you notice any particular difference in how they behaved?," I asked. "Yes I did," he replied. He said that every hour or so of the hunt the goldens had to come over to the hunters and get reassurance that they were doing okay, after which they were good to go. The labs just enjoyed themselves among themselves. Also, there was a time when his buddy had to scold all the dogs at once. The labs actually became upbeat, "because they knew there would be no other consequences," reported the owner. The goldens, OTOH, were crushed for a time, for having displeased the humans, until later reassurance restored their grooves.

  14. The absolute best dogs ever, hands down. We have 4 Golden boys, ages 9-1/2 years, 2-1/2 years, and 2 puppies, ages 9 months and 3 months. Sadly, we just recently lost our 11-year-old Golden, Tucker, to hemangiosarcoma this past January, which was very devastating (hence the recent arrival of our new 3-month-old puppy). We show our Goldens in conformation and they absolutely love to work. They will do anything to please you. We've owned other breeds, but there is nothing like a Golden…or 4 or 5. We will never be without a pack of them. Life is much more fun with them in it and I can't even begin to imagine living without them.

  15. My cousins got a Golden when I was six. He was my best friend, and sometimes my only friend. I fell asleep with his tummy as my pillow many times.
    He was loyal and loving to the very end.

    You cannot ask for a better companion than a Golden.

  16. Love the golden retriever! Thanks for sharing. We got our first golden retriever last fall 2018 and sure do enjoy him. We started and channel call Triever's World.

  17. Our Golden is big into having something in her mouth while she howls/growls from excitement. She is extremely vocal. Anyone else’s do the same?

  18. Hi sir, I have a golden retriever and she was brought to me by 8 month old and she's a really large dog but that day she was so behave and she didn't want to bark but when I put her on her cage that night she barks so loud and I just slept 7 hours but I should sleep at 8-10 hours and she is so stubborn now she runs if she's not on the cage and she's so very naughty and I don't know how to stop her biting, running escaping. But I promise to her I will keep her in my room now when we moved house at may 18 but we don't have a backyard infact my front yard is so small so I'm just getting her for a walk. Pls don't hate but please tell me how not to bite

  19. These dogs have an instinct for doing the right thing. In fact, a Golden Retriever is ALWAYS the grown-up in the room. Except when it's being affectionate. Then it's a big baby.

  20. I need a question answered. I want to be a cargo pilot and the work schedule for one is generally 1 day all night work than 3 days of break. With a lot of breaks is that a good schedule to take care of a Golden?

  21. I had a black Labrador he was a great intelligent dog so loyal it’s true in what he’s saying my dog passed 8th October 2018 he was 15 years old name champ 😢

  22. One of my favourite breeds. If trained for guarding they actually make pretty decent guard dogs. We usually tend to have one for guarding and then one super friendly one that compliments the personality of the other.

  23. I just got a golden retriever puppy yesterday! We’re so lucky to have him because he almost died because he had a heart disease and his ribs didn’t grow well, but now he’s doing great 👍

  24. I'm an adult on the spectrum and I love Golden Retrievers. I struggle with a lot of things, and even just the presence of a big dog is helpful to me. My last Golden passed away last year. I am struggling, but am looking forward to the next generation my family will get later this year. I grew up on Golden Retrievers and love them. The longest I had a Golden was 14 years, and he was such a good boy. He could've been trained as a therapy dog, he was so calm and intelligent. I know this video is an older one, but I enjoyed watching these dogs and hearing this gent talking about them. Makes me excited for my next Golden, even if it'll be from a more local breeder for us. Goldens do require decent exercise, care and lots of grooming, but it's worth it for a happy, healthy, derptastic friend 🙂

  25. I’m looking to get a little more of a reddish golden retriever female puppy this September. I live in PA, any recommended breeders?

  26. We just lost our 12 year old Golden this morning to cancer. She was our 4th Golden. Everything this guy says is totally true.

  27. Golden Retrievers are great dogs indeed. Thank you for the nice video. Love Junior and Maverick a lot. Thank Mr Hoke and Mr Zeke.

  28. My sister has been begging for a puppy for a long time and we just recently got a purebred golden retriever. This is an amazing video. I can’t wait to learn more about them.

  29. mine is a 5 month old female that likes to be a bit crazy in the house lol but took almost no training to get her to settle down when we're out somewhere.

  30. Good video here I'm a long time dog owner and have lost several dogs to cancer way too early in my research I found that the average age of a golden retriever at death in the 1970s was 17 years currently it's 10 years I put my current dog I'm a ketopet sanctuary raw food diet and I'm hoping to get many more years out of him ketopet sanctuary has documented many cases of dogs diagnosed with cancer who were then put on the keto raw food diet and survived 😉

  31. This kind of dog 🐶 is my favorite and if they will not growth I’d buy it immediately, i love little cutie of them.

  32. Hi I am about to get a dog and mt family is not sure which breed I am very keen on a golden retriever i love them but I have a few questions if any golden retriever owners could help me out?

    We have a 3 bedroom apartment medium sized hall not small not big just right it has quite a bit of space and we have one balcony with also a hallway leading to the 3 bedrooms i wanna know if a golden retriever need a lot of space because we wanna get them as a puppy but when they grow up do they need frequent walks or just once a day and do they need a big house with space and and a backyard?

    and also do they eat a lot?

  33. Guys i need answers in the future im planning on getting a buddy and my pic is German shepard, Greyhound or this, im kinda of a begginer, so i dunno what friend i should get, im in an apartment and i have allot, ALLOT of free time, i play allot of videogames but i will sacrifice my time for my dog, so please gimme some tips

  34. Hi really enjoyed your video have a golden retriever ourselves please check out our first video of Blu from puppy to 1 year old

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