All About My Bracelets!

All About My Bracelets!

Hey guys! It’s Libbey. And first of, yes I have new hair. If you haven’t seen it on Instagram or whatever. Yes, it’s new. And it’s exciting. And I really like it. I hope you guys like it too. But, if you don’t – I don’t really care. Um, but that is not the point of this video. Um. This video is me talking about my bracelets. Because I told you guys that I was going to, but then I never actually did it. So. *giggle* I’m going to now. I actually already tried making this video, but it turned out really bad. Because I was trying to use some fancy editing things. And – like. Hum. *sight* It looked bad. So I’m here again. Hopefully, this will turn better and if not, sorry. But, onto the bracelets. I guess I’m just gonna like show them and then explain it. I don’t know. Okay. Well. The first one is right here. And it has this. So. Um. That one is from the brand “Never take it off”. From the Kellin Quinn line. Um. It’s just a bunch of black string and a rose. And I like it. So. Yeah. And then, my next one is this one. It’s from “Anthem Made”. Which is another Kellin Quinn thing. And I’m not like obsessed with him, but I have two of his bracelets. I don’t know. It used to have like “Anthem” written on it. Like on the bar. But it faded away. So, now it’s just a silver little bar. But the silver is turning pink. Like turnish or whatever. So. Yeah. But it’s like shiny. So I like it. “Anthem” is supposed to mean like “Live your Anthem” like “Live by what you believe in”. Kind of thing. And that’s why I liked it. In the first place. But obviously it doesn’t have that anymore. The next one is the red and gold one. Which is.. that one. It has “Corpus Christy” on it. And that’s just. I think it’s a catholic – maybe christian – celebration. I went to a parade – when I was in Spain – for that celebration. And I bought the little ribbon from a couple of little girls on the street for a couple of euros. Is that what it was? I don’t know. Um. Yeah. And yeah. So. Yeah. It was really sweet and cute and I like it. It reminds me of Spain and God so. Cool.Yeah. And now, I’m gonna show you 4 bracelets together. This one. This one. This one. And this one. So the green and yellow, the brown and black, the blue and red, and the red and yellow. Those are all from Spain as well, but I just bought them in some random store that I went to. They’re all like – I think they’re leather. Maybe they’re fake leather. I don’t know. But, they’re cute. In between all those, there is a black and white one. Which is right here. Can see that? That one is just from “J Crew”. Also in between all of the bracelets from Spain, there is a chain. And it goes around my arm 2 times. And it has like Pop Tabs on it. So here is the chain and then all of the wonderful Pop Tabs. Those are all from Monsters that I drink. And no. I do not drink them often. They’re not really good for you. But when I do drink them, I had them onto the chain. I like it a lot. Because it like jingles. *jingling sound* So whenever I’m signing you can hear it. And I like that. And it annoys some people. I think it did annoys my sister. And I think that that’s fun too. But moving on. There’s what appears to be like a bunch of yellow, orange and blue strings. Right here. That is one bracelet. And it’s from a brand – I think called like “Pura Vida”. Or maybe it’s just “Pure Vida”. I don’t know. I don’t remember. I didn’t buy it myself. Actually my sister gave it to me. Because she has a ton of them and she just gave me one. Actually she let my cat Henry pick out which one I would have. So. Like he like – I think – sniffed the one I was going to have. I don’t know. But he picked this one so. That’s cool. And then I have two like, hair ties. And I know it’s not very exciting. But you’ll never know when you will need one so. But then the next actual bracelet that I have is this one. It’s just red and black. It’s like one of those like friendship bracelets that you can make. But it’s a lot fancier than I can make. Definitively. I bought it in Mexico. Actually in the mexican airport. It’s not that exciting. There is not really a cool story for it. But. Yeah. It’s from Mexico. Now there are only 2 more. And they’re both rubber. I hate when bracelets slide up and down your arm. It’s super annoying. So this is why I wear them like slid up my arm. Like they are. Because when they move it just drives me crazy. That is why they’re up here like you can see. The first one, which is one. The black one with blue letters. It says “Swim for the music that saves you when you’re not so sure you’ll survive”. Reason it says that is because it’s a quote that my best friend – Ashton – and I really like. It’s actually a lyric – I believe – by Jack’s Mannequin. Yeah. So. Where was I going… Oh. I have them made for Christmas a couple of years ago. For her and I. So it’s like our friendship bracelet kinda of – I guess. And finally, the last bracelet is my own. Right here. It’s black and has red letters saying “The daily sign”. That’s the bracelet that I gave out to everyone that I meet. I think that I given out like – maybe – 20 or something like that. I started doing that this last summer and I’m going to continue until I run out. But I have like 200 so I’m not really worried about that, It’s like a friendship bracelet for the “Sign Squad” as you guys have named yourselves. That’s like the fan name now, I guess. And actually the inside of the bracelet says something too. So if you have one you should look at it. But I will tell you guys here now too. It says “So… Yeah.”. Because I say that a lot and you guys always say that I say it a lot. So. Yeah. I put it on the inside and I think that it’s cute. So yeah. Like I didn’t even plan that. It just happens. I told you guys. It just happens. I can’t help it. It’s what I say. I didn’t mean to say it just then. Whatever. So. Yeah. Um. Just like a fun fact is that, yes I have a really bad tanline. From – What the? Um. From all of these bracelets. Even in the middle of December I will have that tan line. It sucks actually. I took off all of these bracelets last winter because my mom wanted me to. So I did and it was bad. It was not cute. And actually this wrist was a lot thinner than this wrist. So I think that I’m killing this arm accidentally. But. You know. I think it’s like how women used to wear corsets and be weirdly squeezed thin. I think that’s the same thing is happening to my wrist. But I don’t think that the bracelets feel thight. But I guess that they are tight. I don’t know. I don’t know. Beauty is pain, though. So I’m not gonna stop. I think that the only reason I would stop wearing all these bracelets is because. Like. If I had to for an intrerpreting job or if I grew up and I realize like “Hey, this is weird. I should stop”. But, until one of those 2 things happens. I’m just gonna slowly kill my wrist. It’s alright. And one last thing that I wanted to say is that, no I do not cut my wrist. That is not why I wear bracelets. Okay? I just wear bracelets because I like them. I think they’re cute. And I think they’re fun. And that is all. The amount of people who like ask that – I’m like “Who asks a person that?”. Number one. And then, numer two. Like. So. Yeah. I said it again. I’m just so like aware of it now. I can’t help. Sorry. Yeah. I didn’t say “so”, that time. So. That’s an improvement. I guess. I don’t know. Okay. I’m like all over the place today, I’m sorry. But I hope you guys liked the video. And liked the little stories that are kinda boring about my bracelets. I don’t know. Whatever. Thank you for watching. Bye. Yeah.


  1. Hey can I have a daily sign rubber bracelet? I would very much appreciate it if I could have one! Plus I collect rubber bracelets and right now I think I have way over 100 of them including the thicker ones. I have about 50 of those ones! So how about it?

  2. Hello)
    I want to ask something. Is it hard to wear so much bracelets? Does it take a lot of time to dry them after being in water and so on?
    I hope you will answer me. Greetings from Ukraine )πŸ˜„ I wish you good luck! )

  3. Will you ever start selling your own bracelet? cuz i live in The Netherlands and I Will never meet you because of that I guess πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

  4. Kind of strange but its actually the first time i think a YouTuber is like a good friend to me.
    Just wanted to say that. So… yeah ;D
    Stay cool πŸ™‚

  5. I think it's cool that u do sing language because for the people who can't hear they can see and u let them see,see words this makes u very kind and cool❀️❀️❀️❀️

  6. pura vida is an awesome brand! some of the bracelets' proceeds go to charities or causes. The company also provides jobs to artisans in costa rica (I think, I don't remember the place, but you get the idea) look into them more! they're San Diego based (where I'm from)

  7. I'm from Spain, I really want you return here, I need to meet you in person. I really appreciate your sing language and the motivation you gave me to learn it ;-; I'm from Barcelona and some friends and myself like your videos a lot

  8. I want a daily sign one!! I live in the uk though… Yes, I live in the uk and learn asl/pse. Don't question me. πŸ˜‚

  9. After watching this I went back and counted all the bracelets I have. I straight up have 45. No joke. I LOVE wearing bracelets as well! I started collecting them a while ago, because they just fascinate me. I try to get them especially when I visit somewhere new like a state, country or even a far away city. They're fun to wear (:

    Edit: I even have a bag to hold them all so they don't get lost!

  10. I think your GREAT. I love how your personality is in your videos an how engaging you are. You inspire me. Keep being you

  11. I wear I wrist full of important beaded bracelets and I think its cool about how you how the pop tabs, I have a necklace full of them very me a d all my friends they drink monster then give them to me

  12. I wear easily 30 rubber bracelets on both of my arms everyday 🀣 and my entireeee forearm is white af and both of my wrists are really small too! Idk why but It’s interesting that happpens to you too lmao

  13. I love all kind of bracelets and even better when they have a signification to you or holds some memories. Lately I discovered the Zox bracelets. Maybe you should check them out. They are colourful and reversible and very comfortable. (I get nothing for telling about them, im not related to the company, i just really love mine πŸ™‚ )

  14. Its called a verbal tick. I have one too and so do a lot of other people who say um.. or…so…It is completely normal.

  15. One of the high schools in my state (in Australia) is called Corpus Christi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it’s a co-ed catholic college

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