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Hello. Hello. [hi]. What’s your name? I’m told you. I’m how are you boy and are you married? Is that a proposal? No, not married not to my knowledge, and what is it that you’re [doing] for us today? stand-Up impression Brilliant Wish your the best. Yeah. Thank you [I] Love TV man. Anybody here, remember blind date ladies and gentlemen [it’s] flying today and beautiful miss Bella [flag] We’ve got three funny laughs see on that screen [television] Philip And is the gorgeous girl has gotten eaten [her] name’s Amanda come in Amanda You know luckily the screen goes back. She doesn’t like a look [at] [the] guy. [she] makes it clear good it due diligence Way women why do you always come to the club with a friend that doesn’t look as cute as you? Yes, and guys just like you about to get the cute ones number the friend comes along and messes it up completely Yeah, let me set the scene Alicia how [you’re] kind of cute. Oh, you’re cute too. Here comes the friend Then I come to their friends hello say hey miss hey harry, Payne Are you in that past? You look like a [now] [pop] you act like an [illusion] on that up exactly awful. You are enough now If I’m not getting the man no one’s getting the man Total Recall Predator commando action films I love them fave action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger Yes, because swartz [Nega] is always asking [questions], huh? [um] what the hell is going on? [wrong] And he’s always fun explaining drama to other people that don’t care some men just [tried] to kill me [I] Think [they] were spies or something heavy from work. He was the boss Not on my hand blood on my knife he tried to take my life get down I really like it. I’d be writing funny [lay] that time you the fool [ha] ah that Yes I can work to say that [here]. [you] lose me only on context. [thank] you so much All right Yeah the Fireman Too hot you what’s your name and My name is Jasmine Alcott Jasmine Howells you and Asha 10:14 two days ago. We birthday Here’s you brought with you, and I thought my [dad’s] with me here today, and my mom brilliant well This is two minutes that could really change everything so good not very much like It hey hard to believe Love is better done You gotta be the lonely one oh me Gonna win, no sing-Songy a nice I Don’t need you anymore They’re like me [they] don’t [think] you oh Oh really emotional she deserves that [oh] You know what I? Was one point losing the will to live thinking maybe all the [talent] and gone and now [you] come back Little thing with such a great voice so charming So many reasons that audition moves me so much I’ve never [been] this much of a mess [on] the show literally, oh my goodness [I] Hope your dreams come true Deserve it This is illusion [while] akaka. That’s Wonderful cousin I see you in the studio for the live semi-finals you said Super Sam oh

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