All that Glitters is not Gold – The Truth about GE ‘Golden’ Rice

All that Glitters is not Gold – The Truth about GE ‘Golden’ Rice

These terraces were built a long time ago,
by our ancestors. Before the time of Jesus. For us, rice is life. It’s the first food we have. We grow everything organically here. We also run a health program… …and it doesn’t seem appropriate that we would run a health program,
but use poison in our farms. We have apprehensions about Golden Rice because we are an organic farm, and we are concerned about the contamination of our seeds. We also eat the rice ourselves, and we are concerned for the health of our families. And if we sell the rice, we have to be really sure of the product. We have pumpkin and squash, which are perfectly adapted to grow here… …as well as lots of leafy vegetables, like ‘moringa’. Vitamin A is all around. There are many alternatives. Not just engineering and eating Golden Rice. As a Sharia scholar, I do not believe that GMOs are the solution to world hunger. As Muslims, we should only eat halal food. When we say ‘halal’, we mean it has no impurities,
and will not cause harm to our body and health. So what we are saying is that GMO food should be avoided. That is what we classify as ‘masbu’ – food that should be avoided. What we should do, is bring back the food of our forefathers.


    that lady is saying," oh if you create it, oh well" "if it effects people, oh well"
    How can people be so clueless and naive.
    i say its money.
    the Philippines are an experiment!! GMO companies dont give a flying fuck other than creating something that is already nutritious. YOU DO NOT ALTER FOODS because in the end there's ALWAYS complications.

  2. I will never trust laboratory created high tech frankenfoods sprayed with pesticides, glyphosate, heavy metals, Chemtrail fallout and God knows what else. Thank you Greenpeace!!

  3. If the sharia scholar doesn't support GMOs because it's haram… It must be good! Nice try on dragging third world countries back to the middle ages, guys.

  4. Greenpeace to Nobel Laureates: It’s Not Our Fault Golden Rice Has ‘Failed as a Solution’

    Lorraine Chow

    I'm posting this as information. I am neither for or against.

  5. Since there are other foods available to make up for people's Vitamin A deficiency why manipulate the genetics of rice? The other foods would also allow for people to diversify their diets.

  6. What do the Catholic church and Greenpeace have in common?

    Both (the church with condoms and GP with GM) chose to put their sanctimonious ideological BS agendas before the well being of vulnerable people.

  7. "The problem is they are promoting a technological fix for a social question"

    I think I may have permanent scarring from that facepalm. THAT'S WHAT HUMANS HAVE BEEN DOING FOR MILLENNIA YOU TWIT!!! We invent things to overcome the issues that we face! That's how we've survived this long!

    Seriously, if we listened to these fuckwits we'd go back to the stone age within a decade. Which I'm sure these people would love. After all, living as hunter-gatherers is a very natural lifestyle.

  8. The current "anti-poor" stance of Greenpeace is highly disturbing, and the use of pseudoscience to justify this inhumane stance should be condemned

  9. I'm glad that more and more folks realize what kind of monster this NGO is. Pure fearmongering and ignorance in a pathetic attempt to cash in on our world's problems. No facts or authentic peer-reviewed research that shows no clear evidence of serious harm from GMOs.
    "What did you say? ~2 million people die in poor countries every year because of the lack of cheap food and vit. A while we campaign against GMO while living in affluent states with our bellies full? F*ck these people, f*ck your rice: a tree is not the only that's green, dollars are, too!"
    The more you know:
    – Protesting against climate change by permanently damaging a world heritage site and using huge plastic banners that are made of oil.
    – Protesting against decreasing biodiversity by dumping paper posters all over the place right after a city-wide cleanup.
    – Protesting offshore oil drilling by maneuvering fuel guzzling boats and yachts.
    – Protesting against nuclear energy by breaking into NPPs and disrupting their operation as well as choking on fossil fuels bought from Russia.
    – Protesting oil and gas fracking by burning oil byproducts in Downtown London and creating noise pollution.

    And I personally saw one of your yachts in Zadar (Croatia) in 2014. Can't buy one of those babies with your lunch money. And this heavy thing certainly requires lots of diesel to move during a windstill. I'm sure the fuel's not fractionally distilled virgin piss, Greenbills.

  10. Wait, your going against something which was designed to help people in humanitarian issues?! I think your the ones that need to get your facts straight!

  11. Good for the Philippine Farmers for taking a stand against GMO food. Look what happened in India to the farmers over there. What it really comes down to is corporate greed, and control of the food source. When you can not grow your own seed that is where the big concern would be. With GMO seed you are forced to buy your seed directly from the corporation, use their weed killer..etc….etc… The farmer will not be able to save seed for the next years crop from the GMO seed. For you people who say: " Shame on you Green Peace", no shame on you people who even think that GMO is safe, and effective. Shame on you for thinking the corporations are out there concerned for public health. The only concerns the corporations have is about their own bottom line.

  12. a lot of folks commenting are crazy hurrying up to eat poison. gmo are resistant to bugs, worms,etc. even nature's small species refuse to eat these stuff. no problem if folks want to invest on farming pesticides foods whose seeds are not sustainable ( nothing natural about plant's seeds refusing to grow after 1 harvest ). PH is naturally rich in resources… they should plant non gmo foods that cater to folks's deficiency. PH has gazillion demography that can easily take time to grow their garden. all these $ MUST be invested in providing clean water that they PH have long overdue neglected since WW2!!!!

  13. Shame on you for causing preventable blindness in children and for perpetuating the false claim that GM foods are bad.

  14. Anti-science liberals that often attack anti-science conservatives. Why can't we have pro-science environmentalism?

  15. If you don't "believe" in GMOs, does that mean you should be allowed to let your own children starve? So why would do let poor 3rd world children die from food-related problems for your "beliefs?"

  16. The people in the comment section that support gmo are not real people, they are paid to support gmo and downvote gmo related arguments.
    If you people of the west don't stop pushing your corporate greed and backwards way of thinking on these healthy people you will end up killing them with the same heart problems that are now killing the west

  17. nothing against Greenpeace, but they really should do more research on the pros and cons of gen-engineered food. GMO allows people to plant more and prevent disease on crops.

  18. Green Peace, I'll offer a friendly tip. Next time you want to tackle an issue that requires deep scientific research and evidence, perhaps try including some deep scientific research and evidence, not just interview people with strong opinions who have no understanding of the science. I watched this video to get your side of the argument because a friend of mine told me to. This video was propaganda garbage. No wonder I'm so skeptical…

  19. This video is fucking dangerous. I used to donate to Greenpeace, but now its been taken over by insane politics. I hope Greenpeace feel thoroughly ashamed of the deaths that this video will actually cause. Theres blood on the hands of anyone who continues to support Greenpeace.

  20. Greenpeace should be ASHAMED for their stance on Golden Rice. It is completely safe, it is much more nutritious, farmers can replant the seeds, and don't have to pay any royalties if they make less than $10,000 from it. It's a humanitarian effort that will literally save hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives over the next decades.
    Yet Greenpeace for no other reason than their anti-GMO stance condemns it and tries to rally the people who would benefit the most from it against it. Shame on Greenpeace, shame.

  21. GR2 is now approved by AU, NZ, Canada and just today, the US. Soon it will be grown commercially and/or for famine victims. Golden potatoes are next!

  22. Someone just get shot through the chest. He's bleeding from the chest and has a sucking chest wound. Obviously, he need to be:
    – the correct first aid to stem the bleeding, prevent shock, and his lungs from collapsing and he suffocated to death.
    – Quick transport to a medical service.
    – Competent surgeons who perform life-saving operations for him.

    The fact that he got shot points to a social problem: whether it's gun control, violence, crime, drugs, mental health, loneliness, etc … Yes, we should find a social solution to the social problems that led to this man getting shot. But at the moment, he's dying. Are you going to say: "giving him bandaging, first aid, triage to the hospital, and operating on him is applying a medical/technological solution to a social problem?"

    Shame on you.

  23. JESUS Wept Green Peace once defenders of life are now Officially Fat Lazy upper class cunts who think everyone can just pop into the nearest 3 star restaurant an eat well NO their are people starving on this Planet and GE rice Helps them and the people who grow and sell it do so to help them eat Not make money this video from start to end is PURE BULLSHIT "OH their starving well why don't they eat right?" BECAUSE you fucking Morons they can't afford to because cunt like you live in the lap of luxury doesn't mean the entire world does just becase when you've spent you're entire Student grant and loan on drink and drugs you can ring mummy for a food parcel doesn't mean everyone can Green Peace? more like taking the piss!

  24. Why hasn't this video been taken down? It's nothing but lies slander misinformation and general ass-hattery. Genetically modified foods have started being used in poor 3rd world countries to great success not only are they cheaper and easier to produce and get be grown in places with a lot of heat and very little water like say most of the countries in the middle east were people fight constantly over food and resources. And here in the rich countries we have fuckers like green peace making up complete bull shit against something that may stop earth hunger because they have their head so far up their ass its in the stomach keeping them full fat and IGNORANT AS FUCK. why not spend 30 days living in one of those counties with nothing but the clothing on your backs about 5-10 dollars of money and no help anf then try to fucking tell me they're not eating healthy by fucking choice you FUCK!!!!!!!

  25. Once I would have supported greenpeace, but clearly they are not the organization they once were. What happened? When did they degenerate into this anti-science social movement, bent on peddling disinformation?
    Shame on you greenpeace.

  26. you used to be fighting for a good cause green peace. Now you claim people are deliberately starving themselves in the Philippines.

  27. Almost all of the food we eat is GM weather its in a lab taking several years of out in the field taking hundreds of years. Either way the movement against GMOs is misinformed. GMOS are both bad and good. Its what you do with it is whats important. Shame on you Greenpeace for not doing your research.

  28. I am curious. What does Greenpeace, "Dr." Seralini, "Dr." Mercola, "Dr." Tenpenny, "Dr." Wakefield and others gain from these anti-GMO, anti-vaccine and other anti-science scams? Surely they know themselves that GMOs are harmless and vaccines don't cause autism, because otherwise they wouldn't need to lie. They could simply tell the truth if they really were dangerous.

    But since that is not the case, they need to have these incredible lies. Why? What do they gain from it? Since Greenpeace is against poor people having eyesight, their motives can't be for the good of humanity. It must be monetary gain. I get that those "doctors" are selling books and herbal remedies to get money from fools and anti-GMO and anti-vaccination are lucrative scams, but what does Greenpeace gain? They are not selling colloidal silver or homeopathic vitamin A to the Philippines, are they? What's their angle? How does this scam profit Greenpeace?

  29. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. Despicable humans. Golden rice saved millions. Go take your anti science views somewhere else. Wait even better. Stick them up your arse.

  30. 1000th dislike! I believe that these beliefs are inaccurate and misguided it seems as if they haven’t done any research and this video is just infuriating

  31. Wow that female "Scientist" did you just pick a ranom person of the Streets and told her to lie ?
    Even with just Google you cant find hundreds of Artikels that disagree with her.
    Good Job Greenpeace youve done it:
    You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain.

  32. Most of the foods we eat have been genetically modified for centuries. They took select plants that exhibited the traits they wanted (disease resistance, ability to resist drought, grow larger, or resist certain insects) and cross bred them to enhance those traits. This took many generations of cross breeding to do but in the end we had a genetically modified plant. No different than what they are doing now really except they can speed up the whole cycle by gene splicing.

    A great example of this is the corn plant. What we know of as corn today is a much larger and heartier vegetable than when it was first cultivated. Why? Because only seeds from the best plants were allowed to be grown, an enhanced version of natural selection, but also genetic manipulation of nature.

  33. Shame on you greenpeace!!! Dont go around causing malnutrition and possibly death of impoverished, vulnerable individuals, while spouting nothing but lies.

  34. Wow, this is biggest waste of 18 minutes of your life. The reason why golden rice was made was to help those who are in place where it is hard to get vitamin A. I have never actually said this to anyone but check your privilege.

  35. Wow it's not about eating appropriately at all- it's about just being able to eat and have something with vitamin A. Why don't you get one of those mom's up there that has lost a child and you'll get the truth!

  36. Please don't listen to Greenpeace propoganda, they don't do any research and this guy proves it 100% they are full of complete and utter bullshit. Shame on you Greenpeace, shame on you for being retarded and mentally fucked so much that you would let nations die just to nut. Fuckers are just like Nazi's now.


  38. This was in my recommended list. What a bunch of self righteous a-holes, that fat fuck chef pontificating in his trendy kitchen claiming that all the ingredients are "readily available'! Try saying that while working in an aid camp, deciding who gets 1 meal that day, and who will die!

  39. Golden Rice is pure Satanic Evil – just wondering why Greenpeace – which was infiltrated and co – opted by the psychopathic elite long ago – is talking about the Golden Rice / GMO Genocide???

  40. I'm from the Philippines where Vitamin A is a REAL clinical deficiency. You guys spreading anti-GMO actually stopped it's production from happening and only now in 2018 is the Philippines 'considering' applying for it. Stop preying on people!

  41. Wow.
    I'm cancelling my Greenpeace direct debit. I suggest others do the same until Greenpeace get back on track and stop false propaganda videos like this.


    Well of course. When you can't afford nor have access to food you're obviously thinking "I must create a Michelin star worthy dish to get all my essential nutrients!"

    Use your money to fund research to create crops that grow in arid climates that contain important essential nutrients.
    How about you actually fund research into golden rice to make sure it's safe, that would make far more sense.

    You guys suck right now.

  42. This video is incredibly misleading and factually incorrect, at most the 'scientists' are incompetent, and the very least lairs. This has been reported for spam and misleading content.

  43. Greenpeace…
    More like
    Green-minded piece of shit!
    (note: green minded as it would think and act like children whose fearful and often ignorant, not as it like loving nature or something)

  44. "‘Golden' rice is a genetically engineered (GE) rice variety that has been developed by industry to produce pro-vitamin A. Its proponents have hyped GE 'Golden' rice as a quick-fix solution to vitamin A deficiency which is prevalent in developing countries."
    You know Greenpeace, you're right! The impoverished people who suffer from vitamin A deficiencies should solve it by eating in the restaurant of the Chef you featured, where they can't afford to eat; and use the ingredients he recommends, which they don't have access to due to being impoverished.

    Shame on you fucking spoiled rotten sacks of shit. This is an emotional jerkoff session for you trust fund turds, and nothing more.

  45. I will give you a reason why these farmers oppose golden rice: It ruins their business.
    They have an interest in keeping things backward. GMO uses less land , less water, and is generally packed with more nutrition….Economies of scale
    These farmers only care about the subsidy they will receive.
    You see in most first world countries, less than 2% of the population is in agriculture business, they use machines to make up for the cost. This is not the case in these third world countries , everyone is in the agriculture business.
    As a politician if you oppose these people, then you will be at risk of losing votes….
    You can see it in the beginning the way they run things. They are using their hands to process rice, if you compare this to say Japan , then you see machines and stuff processing them.
    In a way , they are right, it is socio-economic problem which has long term impact….But the short term problem is that most of them are going blind.

  46. this video is just total crud.i lived in Thailand for 4 years up until 2010.why don't the Filipinos do what the Thais do,by supplementing their diet with naturally growing plants native to the area where they live?they eat all manner of plants we consider weeds in the western world,i traveled all over Thailand,got away from tourist traps to see the real Thailand,into villages of absolute poverty,walked through the slums of Bangkok and stopped and spoke to those people living there.i have spent a lot of my life working i the rural sector of Australia,worked on sheep and cattle stations,worked on grain farms,i'm no scientist but i'm no idiot either when it comes to agricultural i said there would be a lot growing around them free of charge to supplement their dietary deficiencies.but i guess that would require a bit of effort to get of their arses and go for a walk and forage,just like our aborigines did for god only knows how many thousands of i think GMO are the answer,yes and this case it may be a short term solution,but then again education on how to forage and self sustainability would be a better longer term solution.just my opinion

  47. Greenpeace would lie because they been telling that gmos are bad for years, they won't admit or they will lose credibility.
    Fuck them

  48. Many trolls denying the danger of mass murdering humanity and posing as charitable technicians.Even Jesus would never forgive what you do.

  49. WTF have you become? Really, this has to be a joke. A bunch of damn sudo hippies dreaming & not seeing the benefits from a changing & evolving word.


    For those that still think that GMO is the best game we can play …

  51. Are these lies still posted in 2019?

    Greenpeace is in it for their ideaology and not for Green or Peace. GMOs have been the best thing that has happened to humanity outside of vaccines and antibiotics. GMOs will eventually bring is to the post scarcity era, as soon as they get out of the way.

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