“All You Can Eat” Mexican Brunch Buffet | Red O – Taste of Mexico in Newport Beach | FreakEating

“All You Can Eat” Mexican Brunch Buffet | Red O – Taste of Mexico in Newport Beach | FreakEating

what’s up everybody! I recently went to
read Oh taste of Mexico a Mexican American restaurant with scenic dining
areas and delicious cuisine they offer a $40 Sunday brunch buffet and I wanted to
see what it was all about with no fanfare no BS and no Stalin let’s just
dive right in the buffet stations are stuffed is virtually every flavor you
could imagine there’s chili chilies plenty of salad variations ceviche that
isn’t too spicy and one of my personal favorites shrimp cocktail
as a friendly ambience inside the restaurant and the food stations seemed
to stretch on forever there are vegetables like steamed green beans herb
mushrooms and sweet peppers you’ll also find local favorites like Spanish rice
refried beans chips for makin nachos and melty cheese to boot there’s also a taco station and fresh
carne asada and homemade tortillas that will make you tacos to order complete
with cotija cheese one of my favorites was the omelet station staffed with the
chef who makes omelets by request I went for an all vegetable omelet and
requested extra jalapenos for a little kick in the taste buds now let’s watch
that sweet sweet cooking process take effect now it’s time to eat so bone Appetit
nothing is as delicious as those first few plates at the buffet read oh isn’t
all-you-can-eat during the Sunday brunch buffet so I wanted to get my fill of the
variety that this place had to offer I started with a sensible salad plate
complete with ceviche but then I moved on to a hearty omelette that combined
cheese with a day’s worth of vegetables and then steak tacos that featured some
of the freshest flour tortillas I’ve eaten in a restaurant the cotija cheese
melts nicely and makes it a nearly religious experience I think one day I’d
like to come back and see how many of these tacos I could eat in a sitting the
shrimp cocktail with a special treat and a nice way to cap off my first round
that’s enough protein and cholesterol to get me through a hard day and I savored
every last bite seafood lovers will have a great time here for round two I headed back to the
buffet for some breakfast potatoes which looked appetizing there’s really
something for everyone here I got a generous helping of enchiladas
cheese and chicken some cotija mashed potatoes which sounded divine and very
original baked salmon herb mushrooms and it took a long look at the carnitas Pig
it’s not something I’d ever seen up close before
definitely some food for thought here I grabbed some roasted sweet peppers
before settling down for my second round roasting is probably one of my favorite
ways to eat vegetables batter the air fryer the breakfast potatoes didn’t
disappoint although I was a bit late for breakfast the chilaquiles had a slight
spice to them in all I’d said the enchiladas were flavorful and well done
I definitely preferred the red sauce cheese variety to the chicken one the
rice and beans were nicely seasoned and cooked perfectly there was not a trace
of them being overdone or burned and they had a bold flavor that jumped out a
little bit the salmon was my ode to the ocean on this second round even though
they seemed out of place with everything else on my plate my favorite thing from
the second round has to be at the cotija mashed potatoes mashed potatoes are one
of my favorite things to eat during holiday time which is coming up and this
cheesy variety does the job with a crumbly sharp cheese that’s rarely
represented in American foods I don’t know if this was meant to be fusion food
but I’m counting it so for round three
what’s more fitting than a solid helping of dessert the dessert table is
plentiful stocked with sponge cakes cheesecake cream puffs cake squares all
kinds of donuts churros tarts and flan dessert would be its own meal if I had
my way I did my best to select one of everything on offer at the dessert table
and head back to the dining area to begin the last round it was truly the
sweetest round the chocolate cakes were my early favorite but those strawberry
shaped cakes filled with fruit jelly won me over the churros were crunchy and
filled with delectable cream but they couldn’t distract me from those
strawberry shaped cakes the donuts were passable but she really shouldn’t be
eating doughnuts when you come to a Mexican restaurant let’s be serious for
a moment you should be eating flan which is more or less custard the fruit Cup
was a nice option especially for those who aren’t into all the sugar and want a
less creamy way of ending their day at the buffet – the fruit cups I salute you needless to say red Oh has plenty of
options there’s wings there’s marinated chicken
there’s chorizo sausage and we can take another look at the salad tray because
you can never get enough salad I observed lots of people eating here
sharing good company with excellent food the architecture inside is beautiful and
ambitious with strong themes of Spanish and Moroccan influence to give your
breakfast that exotic touch red Oh has locations in Newport Beach La Jolla and
Santa Monica so it feels like as long as you’re near the beach you can find your
way to the to an interesting restaurant I enjoyed eating here and I’m sure you
will too thank you for checking out this very different style of video here on
freak eating I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it hit that
like button and I’ll see you all in the next one until we eat again stay in
school don’t do drugs and eat like a freak


  1. Definitely dig the format. Anyone commenting that $40 is too much for a buffet of that caliber…hasn't been to a quality buffet. But I think that's an oxymoron πŸ˜‰ Either way, nice.

  2. That place looks amazing! That dessert round would have pushed me over the edge into sickness though. Too much sugar does that to me. 🀒

  3. Loved every plate though I'd pass on the donuts n grab more of the other tasty treats πŸ‘πŸ‘thank for sharing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘!!

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