Allan McCollum: “Shapes Copper Cookie Cutters” | Art21 “Extended Play”

Allan McCollum: “Shapes Copper Cookie Cutters” | Art21 “Extended Play”

The first e-mail that I got from Allan McCollum, stating that he was an artist in New York City, I really didn’t know who he was. And then after we got into the process a little deeper, where he ordered some custom cutters for a test, Oh, that’s an interesting shape. I went on his website and I found that he was little more involved in the art world, Than I had imagined to start with. Holly, who the company is named after, She had a collection of tin cookie cutters. Then, she decided she really would rather have copper, a which is a lot nicer. She went to a local coppersmith, they were very expensive. And she decided that I should attempt to make her some copper cookie cutters, And save her some money, so I investigated for a couple of weeks, Procedures, how I might be able to do it, played around with a few things, And we’ve been progressing on, ever since. One thing about copper, it’s pretty pliable. You make mistake or have a problem, you can usually straighten it up pretty easily. Just keep following the pattern of the tags. I don’t know if this process is the standard of the industry or not. Just a process I came up with, and started doing, and it’s the way we’ve always done it. I’ve never checked on the internet to see if it’s the right way or the wrong way. Seems to work for us. Make a sweeping turn. And at this point, we’re actually gonna lift it up and forget that for right now. This is an automatic center punch, I’m locating the spots where I intend to put my rivets. [Tapping noise] And then we take the completed shape and we put it in the polishing machine. Which is a vibratory polisher, and we use walnut shell media. And the walnut shell media, it stays in there for three hours, and it becomes really bright and shiny. [Vibrating noise] The final procedure is to put it in an air-tight container and sealing it. And we have an identification tag saying it’s for Allan McCollum’s “Shapes Project,” And telling people not to touch it. [Laughs] When he puts the pieces together, it becomes a huge work of art. It’s gonna be in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. I mean, I’d like to see the show of course, but I don’t think I can make that trip. Oh, you guys are gonna tape it, aren’t you? [Laughs] And we’ll have our tape.


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