Allianz Arena shines in black, red and gold

Allianz Arena shines in black, red and gold

Who’d have thought it. Germany’s second group match against Sweden tomorrow night has all the characteristics of a final. One of – hopefully many – finals at the World Cup in Russia for the team led by captain Manuel Neuer: They’re all like finals for us now. We can’t make up for the result or the way we played. And that includes the friendlies before that. Of course, it’s down to us as players now. We’ll have to perform in the way that made us so strong in the past. And we’re absolutely convinced we can do it. So Neuer is cautiously optimistic. Not without self-criticism but also with belief and the knowledge the team is capable of much more than they showed in the game against Mexico. Mats Hummels shares that assessment: It’s a bit like after an injury. First of all you feel really down for one or two days but then you really concentrate on making a comeback. And then you’re really keen to get fit and play again. I think we’re in a similar position now. Everybody’s been gloomy for two or three days but now we know we have everything to play for. For the first of Germany’s finals tomorrow night against Sweden, the Allianz Arena will again be lit up in black, red and gold between 9 and 11 in the evening. And it will be the same procedure for Wednesday’s game against South Korea. On to FC Bayern II. The reserves won a second pre-season friendly against league rivals Ingolstadt II. All four new signings, Kilian Senkbeil, Mert Yilmaz, Paul Will and Maximilian Welzmüller, were in the starting line-up for a convincing 4-1 win. Welzmüller scored his team’s second.


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