Allison Janney Wins Best Supporting Actress at the 2018 Golden Globes

Allison Janney Wins Best Supporting Actress at the 2018 Golden Globes

-Oh, my gosh. Thank you to the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press,
indeed, for this. Um, oh, my gosh. You know, none of us are here if
it weren’t for great scripts. And I certainly wouldn’t be
standing here tonight if it weren’t for a great friend
who wrote a great script and insisted I be in it. Mr. Steven Rogers,
thank you for this. [ Cheers and applause ] Very distinctive, unique mother
of a character. [ Laughter ] I thank you for that. Margot, I thank you for your unbelievable, brave,
fearless portrayal of Tonya. You set the bar for everyone.
I love you. Craig Gillespie,
your sense of humor and your passion for what you do
is infectious. Nobody else could’ve done
285 million scenes in 40 days. You’re a genius.
I love you. Tonya Harding is here tonight,
and I just — [ Cheers and applause ] I’d like to thank Tonya for
sharing her story with Steve and allowing him to tell all the
different sides of the story, and what I love about this
movie, this entire — Sebastian, Julianne, everyone in
this movie did is tell a story about class in America, tell a
story about the disenfranchised, tell a story about a woman who was not embraced
for her individuality, tell a story about truth and the
perception of truth in the media and the truths we all tell
ourselves when we wake up in bed every morning and go out
and live our lives. It’s an extraordinary movie.
I’m so proud of it. Thank you to Neon and 30 West
and AI Films and Tom and Brian and Margot — my God — Margot
and Steven produced this, too. It’s ridiculous.
She’s a quadruple threat. I don’t even know. I want to thank my team —
Chris Henze, Alana Rice, Leslie Siebert,
Karen Sanfilippo, and Peter Nelson,
and, of course, I owe this all to a little bird named
Little Man in Smyrna, Georgia. And I thank you all very much
from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ]


  1. Any chance she'll become an Oscar winning actress? That would be great. I love when actors and actresses known primarily for their television work succeed at the Oscars, even with just a nomination.

  2. I've been a fan for many years. You're in for a treat whenever she appears onscreen. Allison is the real deal. Congratulations, Madam.

  3. I, Tonya was incredible!!! And Allison's portrayal of Tonya's mom was legendary. She absolutely deserved to win. Go see the movie! Forget about Tonya. It's bigger than her! It's about class discrimination, domestic violence, child abuse and media biased. It's also about the advent of the 24 hour news cycle and our reality obsessed culture. It's SO well done!

  4. Tell a story about a woman who wasn't embraced for her individuality? TONYA HARDING was in on the plot to injure Nancy Kerrigan to boost her chances of medaling at the 1994 Lilehamemer Olympics. She does not deserve any special recognition for her attitude and behavior that transpired during that event.

  5. She deserves every accolade for her brilliant performance in the movie I hope she gets that Oscar as well, it's really about time right

  6. Well deserved, she was a complete knockout in the category and gave unequivocally one of the best performances of the year

  7. It's about time that one of the finest actresses of our time gets recognised for her film work as well , she was so brilliant as Lavona Golden really deserves all the awards , I hope she's winning the Oscar

  8. She gave one hell of a powerful performance and as a big fan of her's I could have been more happy and proud, she deserves every award for that brilliant performance of your's and it's really about time I guess #janneyforoscar

  9. Why the hell are they making Tonya Harding out to be some sort of hero?? I mean, I do think that we should get over what happened but why the hell are they applauding Tonya??!

  10. Doesn't make sense that we give any praise whatsoever to people who harm people or murder them. I don't mind movies made up but we don't need to glorify them. Tonya messed up and she needs to own that and deserves no sympathy.

  11. Deserved! She was amazing. When she was on I felt like she wasn’t even acting. It was just natural. Good job HFPA

  12. 0:12 ann was US gergien 08 and NYE zeland 09 SASSA FIRCE … 09 i assume … and WITH "if i was a cop" we only ride POWDER ,,, no ice att all .. no claizure RUNS … sommer jobb trucking …. EMIENEM MADE you MANUS ….

  13. The only thing that makes me emotional about harding is her abuse story only that

  14. She just recognized there is CLASS privilege, and not necessarily WHITE privilege. As well as how the MEDIA forces THEIR narrative on to the people. I love her for that! (Before you jump down my throat, I'm not an American, I'm not a trump supporter, and I'm from Brazil)

  15. Allison Janney's Performance was the most Unforgettable Performance of the past year, I even remembered the dialogues weeks later

  16. Allison Janney is one of the greatest actresses of all-time, the strength and range she has as an actor is undeniable but still she's shockingly underrated, thankfully stage and television were there to make her the legend she is but I'm glad and ecstatic that she's finally got the film recognition she deserved like forever, she isn't that typical confident speech bantering actor like Frances McDormand, Viola Davis or Meryl Streep but damn she's one brilliant actor who deserves all the great things in the world πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  17. Funny fact: Allison Janney beat Saoirse Ronan's mum Laurie Metcalf and Ronan beat Janney's daughter Margot Robbie.

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