Hey everyone! My name is Masha Knots and in this video I’m gonna teach you how to make this beautiful bracelet So this tutorial is a little bit more advanced than my regular tutorials and before
watching this I would really recommend that you watch my video on how to keep
the edges of your bracelet straight so that you don’t feel lost. And if this is
the first bracelet that you’re trying out, I would recommend maybe trying out a
different one first because this one is a little bit more difficult than all the
other patterns that I’ve shown you thus far. But if you think you’re up for it,
then continue watching. So I decided to go with six colours and these are the
colours that I chose. But you can choose however many colours that you like and
whichever colours that you like. So I often get asked what kind of brand or
colour that I’m using and obviously, you don’t have to use the exact same colours
or brands that I use, but for those of you who do want to know: these are going
to be labeled from 1 to 6 and in the description I’m gonna leave the brand name
and the colour code if you want to get these particular threads. So before I get
into explaining this bracelet, I would just like to explain why I make videos on
some bracelets and I don’t for others. So for some bracelets, like these ones, there
is a very clear and simple way of segment knotting them, which is somewhat of a shortcut that lets you make the bracelet easier than you would row by row, but
this isn’t the case for all the bracelets. Bracelets like these are more
than exception than the rule so when you guys send me patterns and you want me to
make tutorials and videos on those specific patterns, it’s pretty much
impossible for me to do that because bracelets like these that are easy to
make are very rare. So please don’t take it personally when you send me a
bracelet and I have to decline making a video on them. I try to make videos on
bracelets that I think are very easy and cute so that you guys can have a
chance of making them as well, but it’s not possible for me to do that for every
pattern: both time-wise and also it’s literally not possible to segment knot
all the bracelets very easily. So now that I’ve said that, I also want to
mention that I’m using the straight edges technique for this bracelet which
is where I have two extra strings on the side. There’s going to be a card and a link in the description for that video because I’m not going to go into extreme
detail in this video of how to do that. So now let’s get into making this
bracelet. As you can see, I did the triangle end at the beginning.
You could also do that if you’d like to or you can entirely skip it and just
start from this point. It depends on what you’d like to do. So now that we’ve done
that, let’s start making our bracelet. So as I said, I’ve already started the
triangles, but if you were to start at this point, you would arrange the strings
symmetrically in the order that you would like to see them in the pattern. So,
looking at our pattern from row one to row six, we can see a very clear-cut
triangle that is going outwards to inwards and that’s what we’re going to
be doing first. We’re going to start by taking the two pairs of strings that
we have in the middle, separating them from the rest of the group and
separating them between each other as well. And we’re gonna make a forward knot
on these ones and a backward knot on these ones bringing the strings into the
center in the form of a triangle. Once we’ve brought these strings into
the center, we’re going to close the triangle by making a knot between these
two strings. Next comes the next triangle with the next two pairs.
So we separate the next two pairs: we take the string that’s on the left on
the left side and the string that is on the right on the right side. Those will
be the main strings for this triangle. And on this side we make forward knots,
on this side we make backward knots until we reach the center. And then once those strings have reached the middle, we do and knot between them. So as you can
see for the first few rows we’re literally just doing triangle V shape.
So essentially, just the chevron. So again, we take the next two pairs and we
do the same thing: we take the outermost strings either side and we bring them into
the center and then we make a knot between the two. So now that we’ve
finished with the arrows, the chevrons, the V shapes, however you like to call
them, we’re gonna have all the other rows catch up with this one. So we’re not
gonna knot further than the last row that we’re doing, which is row six for us
right now. We’re going to take the outermost strings and the first thing
we’re going to do of course, is we’re going to do backward-forward and forward-backward knots onto the edge string that we have, which is extra, which is the
straight edges technique. It’s not part of the pattern, but it is something that I
like to do to keep my edges straight. So I’m just going to do that real quick. Right, so now that we’ve sorted out the
edges, we’re gonna take these outermost strings and we’re going to do a chevron as
well. But we’re not going to complete it, we’re going to do the chevron up until
the last string that is here, but on the last string we’re gonna do a forward-backward knot and a backward-forward knot on this side. So again, taking the
outermost string, we’re doing forward knots on each of these, except for the last
string, onto which we’re doing a forward-bakcward instead And the same on this side,
we’re going to do backward knots with the outermost string onto each of
these strings, except the last one, onto which we’re going to do a backward-forward. So now you can see that the red string
has approached the blue string. They’re on the same row now. So that’s what I
said we were doing, right? We’re catching up with all the other strings to this
row. So now we do the same thing, but with the next one. So the blue one that’s
in the center – we’ve already done, the deep red – we’ve already done, so I
separate those and put them off to the side so that you have a clearer view. Now
we have these strings left over. We take the one that’s on the outermost edge and
again: backward-forward on this side, forward-backward on this side: this is
just to stabilize the bracelet to keep the edges straight. And now doing
the same thing again here. Do we’re doing a forward knot and then, since this is
already the last string, I was going to say we do forward knot until the last
string, but this is the last string already. So we do one forward knot, one
forward-backward and then on this side we do one backward knot, one backward-forward. So now that we’ve done that, we can
clearly see that all the strings have evened out and they’re all in the same
row, except for the last one and for that, again, for these ones we just need
to make stabilizing knots: backward-forward, forward-backward. So from this point
we’re going to start with the outermost edges, so we’re just going to separate
the two outermost threads, plus the edge thread to the right and on the right
side we are going to do a forward knot and then the forward-backward knot onto
the edge thread and then the same thing for the left side: we separate the two
outermost threads plus the edge thread and then we do a backward knot plus a
backward-forward onto the edge. Now we separate the edge string and the string
that we just did the backward-forward knot with. We’ve put them off to the side
because we’re not going to be using them. And we take the next thread that we’re
going to be working with as the main thread, which is this pink one for us,
because like what we’re doing we’re following the pattern, right? So we went
in with the pink thread and then we’re going out with the pink thread and we do,
on the left we do one backward, one backward-forward. And on the right we do one forward, one
forward-backward. And now since we’ve done all the outermost strings, we just
have the ones in the middle left. This is the point where we start making the
little diamond in the middle. So you see the light blue diamond on this row, we’re
gonna have another diamond here, but with the darker blue, so the strings in the
middle, the dark blue strings, we already have a forward knot at the top because
when we were doing the v-shape we did the one connecting the two, so right now
we’re going to have the dark blue thread going out to those sides. So sort of a
reverse v-shape. We’re gonna do a backward knot onto one of these and then
a backward-forward, so we’re taking this blue string, right? The dark blue. We’re
bringing it to the left and then reversing it, so we’re doing a backward-forward.
And same here, but the other way around. So we’re doing a forward knot onto
this one, so bringing this string to the right and then a forward-backward onto
this one. So we bring it to the right and then reverse it So what we’ve done now is we’ve sort of
brought all the strings out, that way, so we see that we did the v-shape, bringing
one of them in. Now we’ve started bringing them all out so with the little
diamond in the middle we brought the diamond bit out and now – see we have a
diamond here? We’ve got a dot in the middle, the pink one here, we’ve changed
colours so the dot is going to be a different colour on this one. And we’re
just going to do the dot by connecting the two inner threads. And at this point
we’re going to start bringing all the threads back into the center and sort of
closing the diamond off. So we’re going to start with the dark blue thread that
we had here. We start with the inner diamond and we just make a forward knot on this side, a backward knot on this side, bringing the dark blue into the center. And then you connect the two dark blue
threads. So by doing that we’ve closed off the first diamond and so all the
other threads we’re going to also bring them into the center, but we’re not going
to close them off completely. So we’re not going to make a full V-shape
because we have another diamond and then another diamond coming after this. So
what we’re going to do is we’re going to bring them in and then reverse them
again because they’re going to go back out once the next diamond starts to open up.
So this time the next colour we have is this deep red and we’re not touching the
dark blue as that is also one of our leading colors. But with the deep red on
either side, I’m just going to focus on the left side for now,
we’re going to do a forward knot and then a forward-backward so bring it in
and then reversing it back out. Same on the other side: we separate it and we do
one backward, one backward-forward. So again: we’re bringing it inside and then
we’re reversing it back out. And we do the same thing with
the next colour, which is this slightly lighter pink. We do one forward, one
forward-backward again, bringing it in and then reversing it back out. And same
thing on the left side: backward and then backward-forward. And the last step for this row would be do the stabilizing knots on the edges: backward-forward on the left,
forward-backward on the right. So we-ve done one of the diamonds – we’ve brought all the threads out and then back in. So for the next time we do the exact
same thing: we start bringing all the threads back out again, just as we did
when we finished the triangle here. So essentially, from this point, from when we
finish the triangle. We just repeat this entire section once again. So starting
with the lighter pink that we have here. And I say lighter because it’s lighter than this deep pink, not because it’s lighter than this one. Obviously, this one on this is like the middle one.
So we start with this one and we do forward and then forward-backward on the
stabilizer. So now that we’re bringing them all out,
we’re starting with the outermost ones. When we’re bringing them in, we’re starting
with the innermost ones. That’s usually how it works. So again, for this side
backward and then backward-forward. The next colour we have is the deeper
pink for which we also have a backward and a backward-forward. And on this side a forward and a forward-backward. And now that we’ve done the pink, it’s time for the actual blue
diamond that’s in the center. And again we’ve done the knot in the middle, so
we’re just going to bring the blue out and back, on this side to the left and
then out and back on this side to the right.
So again: backward, backward-forward and forward, forward-backward on this side. Now time for the dot in the middle. So I
connect the two strings here. And now we’ve done bringing them all out, we start
bringing them all back in again. And starting with the center, we’re gonna
bring the blue string, the dark blue string back into the center. Forward
knot on this side and a backward knot on the right side and then connecting the
two as we close off the diamond with the blue. Now again, since we have another
diamond, we have three diamonds of each, for each colour. We’re not going to be
closing off these colours completely as we did last time, we’re going to be doing
there and back, so we’re going to be reversing the colours. So starting with
the colour that we need next, which is the deeper red, the deeper pink. Once again,
bringing it to the center and then reversing it back out since it is going to
be coming back out again for the next diamond. So forward, forward-backward. And then the same but in reverse on the
other side, which is backward and then backward-forward. Then the next colour we
have is the slightly lighter pink, and again, you guys already know the drill,
forward, forward-backward on this side and backward, backward-forward on this
side. And once again, just the stabilizing knots. Bringing everything back out, we’re going
to start with the edges as usual. We’re going to take the middle pink and we’re
going to do backward, backward-forward. Same on the right: forward, forward-backward. Then the next colour is the darker pink. So again, forward, forward-backward on the right and backward, backward-forward on the left. And now we get to the actual diamond for
which, again, we’re bringing the blue thread out. So on the right side we’re
gonna do forward, forward-backward and on the left side we’re doing backward,
backward-forward and we do the dot in the middle. And that’s it. This is
literally the point where the pattern starts to loop again. So ignoring the
triangle ends that we’ve done, this is the entirety of the pattern. So you have
to loop this exact thing. Obviously, the colours change because the colours change in this pattern, but as you guys know, if you’ve watched my “How to Read Normal
Patterns” video, you ignore that and just do the pattern as normal. If you want to
follow my tutorial, you can start it from the beginning again at this point. So you
start with just the triangle ends, bringing everything to the center and
then you start again with the three diamonds and then you bring everything
back into the center again and then you do another three diamonds and you do
that until you reach the end of your pattern. So I’m gonna continue making
this bracelet and I’m going to check back in with you once I’m done. So this is how
the bracelet turned out in the end. I think it looks really beautiful and I
definitely love it quite a lot and I think that it looks great with different
colour combinations. For example I made this bracelet before with this colour
combination and I think it also looks pretty cool. Anyway, I’d like to thank you
guys for watching. The pattern for this bracelet, if you want to use it, will be
linked down in the description along with some other videos that might help
you make bracelets in the future. And if you ever make anything based on any of
my videos, I always like when you guys send me pictures on Instagram,
whether that be a DM or a post, I always love seeing your guys’ creations
and I love interacting with you guys on there. So thank you guys for watching, I
post videos every Tuesday and Saturday and I will see you on Saturday, bye!

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