Altın İçin Yeni Alım Seviyeleri

Altın İçin Yeni Alım Seviyeleri

Hello everybody. Gold prices started to move Those who want to buy gold or gold
I will explain the new target prices. For the new subscribers to the channel,
reminder When you check the subscribe tab in the lower right corner
support for new publications as well as new publications. Also if you mark the ringtone broadcasts
the first to follow and the first to catch the opportunity. Firstly trading on forex and viop markets
I’ll examine the price of gold ounce for those who do. Then, those who process under the gram
I will give you new goals. If you just look at the bottom of the gram
referring to the description in the video You can go directly to the gram gold section. Let’s examine the prices through the chart. We’re going to be a little technical, but curious.
Do not be short. Gold from November 2018 upwards
He turned. It was about $ 140. Daytime rises with the new year
and declines up to $ 20 seeing that it results in
We started. President of the US Federal Reserve, Powell
descriptions and social media phenomenon Twitter Comments from US President Trump
began to affect markets. USA – China
limited impact of trade wars Britain from the European Union
Brexit process to break down slightly started. A poll may appear above the track
I would appreciate it if you mark the gold for your expectation. If you are watching from phone,
you can see it. First look at the daily chart and then the day
buy and profit points let’s see. In the meantime, registration via phone
I am doing. There may be a technical error or delay. Trend channel starting from November
Let’s draw. Outside this canal in early March
questions about whether the trend is broken or not brings to mind. 4 hour chart for a closer look
let’s see. As shown in the graph 1280 – 1295
you can see what it is trying to stand on. My expectation is that these levels support point
continue to determine the direction of 1305 -1315 on the shape of the throw. Here are the levels that can be traded
I write as the point of support and resistance. But the point you will follow closely is as long as it stays above 1305 1330 and 13340 can be targeted in the upward movement. In this period, I would recommend you to follow the data and news about Gold Ons. Our most important investment tool
physical gold operations. Gold for those who cannot watch the other broadcast
how this operation is done I will add to the end. But we’ll look at the bottom of the gram today. I’ll tell you again through the chart. Meanwhile, with gold investments
I would like to put up the relevant survey. I wonder what you guys are getting. Two elements affecting the price of gram gold
there is. One dollar and one gold ounce. I explained the price of the golden ounce
rise. Dollar $ 5,47 and the new sub point
started to determine the level of 5.4. So we have the levels of 5.50 and 5.55 above
We can see. Let’s look at the chart again. If the dollar raises at the target of gramtl
as you can see from the chart Turned up over 220 pounds
and as you see, 237 – 245 and 254 TL I can wait until the levels can rise. Grams in the hands of gold price 214 TL
they can protect their gold until they come. If it comes back to 226 -225 for new receivables
You can take. In the meantime, your purchases are not at once. part of your money
Try to get the piece. General expectation for 2019
gold on both ounces and grams will continue. Questions and comments in the comment section
Remember to write. You are already subscribed to my channel
thank you. Plenty of earnings for all of you.


  1. Teşekkürler Mehmet Bey, bu dönemde #altın ile ilgili verdiğiniz tavsiyeleri dinleyeceğim ve ons-gold takip edeceğim

  2. Merhabalar Mehmet Bey , altının ons fiyatı yükselirken TL Gram fiyatlarının aynı kalmasının sebebi nedir?

  3. Mrb Mehmet bey gün içinde gram altından acaba nasıl kar elde edebiliriz birde tekrar gün içinde gram altının belli bir iniş çıkış saatleri varmı

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