Aluminum Copper Wiring Method To Prevent Fire Hazards, Fort Collins Electrician, CO

Aluminum Copper Wiring Method To Prevent Fire Hazards, Fort Collins Electrician, CO

Joshua Peterson with Peterson Electric. Here
again at another house doing some more work. A lot of complaints I get through the year
is “I have aluminum in home, do I have to re-wire my whole house”? The good news is
no. You could and it would be great because you would definitely have copper throughout
your whole home, but you don’t have to. They have safety procedures, we can do, in order
to protect a general customer in a residential situation from a fire happening. The parts
have to be UL listed. They also have to be city and state approved to have that device,
in what we call the white book, to use that part. The parts we use are aluminum and copper
rated and they are UL listed. Not going to tell you what it is because that is my secret.
But here is the thing you got to know, as your home ages, and if you were in the 50s
and 60s, the home does age. Your devices are going to wear out. Here is an example of a
new switch and old switch and an old receptacle and new receptacle. Keep in mind, that in
here are plastic tabs. This is called TR, tamper resistant. This is a new code as of
two years ago . We have to put these in. This tamper resistant means that a kids cannot
put something in here and get electrocute because you have to move both tabs at the
same times. So you no longer need those plastic caps or those big ugly face plates that twist
and you shove in your lamp cord and it doesn’t work and falls out or arc. You can now replace
them with a proper device. Keep in mind, as your home ages, we can do it, but some of
the devices back then actually said they were aluminum rated. Just so you know, they don’t
make that any more. I don’t care what people say, that my device says Josh say ALR. That
means nothing to me. ALR doesn’t mean anything. It has to say aluminum rated only. Most of
the devices to my knowledge, switches and outlets are not rated that way. Since, we
are putting our name and our insurance on this and we want to sleep at night, we pigtail
everything. We have to use proper pigtails, in order to make this work. The bottom line
is you don’t want this spark going on in your home. We will give you copper pigtails, that
way you don’t have to worry about your aluminum splicing any more. Thanks for having us!


  1. not to get involved in the argument fellas… I'm just curious,,,, when you say copper pigtails, you simply spliced the aluminum and using a wire nutt, you connected it to the copper. correct??? thence the copper intithe new receptacle?? correct??

  2. Please drop us if you do not care for the video, we have put out hundreds of videos for FREE to help people and see if our customers have a need, we do not need people follow us that are being critical about petty things thanks !

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