1. Great video as always Dr Gregor. I drink 3 cups of Hibiscus tea a day, large ones that is for the antioxidants. I did a 40 mile bike ride at the weekend in the cold and my legs were killing me. When I got home I made sure to have a lot of hibiscus tea (food as well) and noticed my legs felt really good the next day. I think the hibiscus helps with the recovery basically. I've started having hibiscus tea while riding my bike as well so I have a steady stream of antioxidants coming in while I'm inducing oxidative stress through the exercise to try keep on top of it.

  2. So is it save to eath wilde stinging nettle if my blood cholesterol is elevated? That plant is rich sourse of Iron.

  3. I like to eat peanut butter (organic 4x table spoons) daily and same goes for almond butter, also i eat a handful of nuts almonds and brazil nuts on a daily is that a problem?

  4. I have been reading your book How not to die and I LOVE it. Not finished with yet but I can't put it down. thank you for writing it 🙂

  5. In all of your videos when you refer to saturated fat, are you also referring also to plant based saturated fat, like peanuts and avocados? It's really important that I find out. Thank you.

  6. I wish more people would find this channel and subscribe. Priceless information. Thanks for taking the time to produce this Dr Greger.

  7. So is this saying… Lower saturated fats, don't overdo copper and iron, and increase diets high in anti-oxidants? That is what I got from this.

  8. The ketsa he said copper is only a problem when mixed with saturated fat dont avoid copper in vitamins or in food just avoid lots of saturated fat

  9. Pivo prase sat fat in coconut is not the same as animal sat fat which is worse for the body its more unnatural and is harder for the body to process that said you dont need a lot of fat in your diet whatever type it is.

  10. There's also a lot of evidence out now that eating lots of fish (dha) prevents Alzheimer's disease. But of course you will never hear Dr. Greger mention these studies. That's what's disappointing about his channel. Good stuff, but cherry picked.

  11. Lots of ifs and buts. God only knows how they can conclude such studies with so many variables involved. Eat your coconut oil! Just include spirulina, berries or whatever else you fancy to boost antioxidants. Note: For the record, coconut oil in therapeutic doses has been linked to improved cognition. The moral here: such studies are all conflicting and are definitely subjective. And…. more often or not, they are cherry-picked to suit the seekers own views i.e saturated fat often linked to animal meat and surprise, surprise…. Greger is a staunch veggie and seeks to dig at meat eaters with the vast majority of his videos.

  12. This video is proof of Dr Greger's vegan bias. If you Google the top 10 foods highest in copper, number 1 & 9 are meats, the rest are plants. From other sources, both animals & plants have copper. Thumbs down on the video.

  13. You're the best Dr. Ever. Thank you for all the great information and especially for the video format. It's makes it easy to understand and pass along to those in need. The attached study materials are amazing too. Your a saint for giving your time and expertise freely to us all. Bless you and all the important things in your life. You are a gift to humanity.

  14. I'm curious if there is evidence to support plant-based saturated fats being harmful, even in higher doses? I cannot imagine they would be comparatively speaking to animal-based saturated fats. Most plant-based saturated fats are smaller molecules than their animal counterparts and liquid at room temp. I LOVE peanut butter and almond butter. My labs are great. Anyone have any studies on this?

  15. This is why I don't take multi-vitamins anymore and limit my saturated fat intake. I take a calcium, magnesium, D and zinc supplement though.

  16. Why do vegans insist on perpetuating the myth that omnivores and carnivores can't develop atherosclerosis? Utterly false. Do your research without confirmation bias maybe?

  17. Thanks again!! Will you do a video on Lyme Disease? Can it be helped with diet and raw food?A friend who has it says she can only have protein and greens as her entire diet based on Dr. recommendation…. is that really what people with Lyme disease have to eat?

  18. hmm how does this fit in with everything else we know abut Alzheimer's like how its been linked to being triggered by the herpes simplex virus and accumulation of blue green algae concentrations in the brain?

  19. My Father wears a copper bracelet to help with joint pain, and he has done so for as long as I can remember. Do you think this could contribute to Alzheimer's Disease?

  20. isn't it ethical to decline participants cognition so quickly for experiment? The experiment should have been terminated earlier.

  21. Does this have to do with copper pipes and drinking water? Also, what about aluminum? I've been trying to avoid that for the longest time now and there was no mention of it.

  22. If a person's cholesterol levels are in the 200's should they go ahead and start on statin drugs while they wait for the Vegan diet to lower their cholesterol levels. I've seen on YouTube where stating drugs have a lot of bad side effects. But a lot of people take statins with no problems whatsoever.

  23. I got me a zinc and copper supplement.  Who needs that assisted suicide doctor?  From what I've seen, copper can be a problem if plasma isn't taking it places to organize iron and do other things.  I saw citrus eaten at the same time can inhibit proper digestion, which can cause a problem.

  24. I found this out accidentally while researching a genetic mutation. There is something called ABCB1 transporters, they are like cellular garbagemen and responsible for removing toxins from cells all over the body. In the brain one of their jobs is the removal of amyloid placque. There are a number of drugs and substances which inhibit the transporters from doing their job. Drugs like Statins, Verapamil, hormones like progesterone and testosterone, and substances like cholesterol are on the list of known inhibitors of ABCB1 transporters. https://www.drugbank.ca/categories/DBCAT002667

  25. It was (is?) aluminum. Now it's copper and slightly iron. Are silver and gold next? Come on! We do not know but hold on to anything possible as if it was the truth. This is not Science; this is fishing for whatever one can catch with various associations, with the absurd ones hidden as if what is presented is any better. No wonder religion seems to creep back. Science is not longer the harbinger of truth. Greed and lack of decency and shame are bringing back tyranny and fascism. Yes! All this from copper, Alzheimer's and saturated fat, which, by the way, may not be bad for us, after all. Do your research! There are very few authorities in the 21st century and none of them in medicine or nutrition. For example, two very large studies from Australia and Sri Lanka showed no associations between saturated fats (i.e., coconut meat, oil, milk and butter) and heart disease or cancer, whereas a few very little studies showed some association. I am not part of the coconut lobby, if there is one (there is probably one). I simply love Science because there is so much to love about it. So much! But these so-called scientists (I mean the physicians that present and/or pass themselves as scientists) are reprehensible (some of them are criminals). Greed and/or ignorance has clouded their boxed brains.

  26. I have now been vegan 3.5 years and have been fighting brain disease all my life and diagnosed twice with Borderline Personality Disorder which also have affected amygdala, so what else can i do to prevent and slow down the hyper activity inside my mind? it is often inflamed on its own. I do all I can to include turmeric etc. I also take cbd oil.

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