Amalgam dental fillings release toxic mercury vapors

Hi I’m Dr. Griffin Cole, a mercury safe
dentist practicing here in Austin Texas have you ever had concerns about the
mercury amalgam fillings that you may have in your mouth?
you know the silver fillings that contain about
50% elemental mercury. Well in dental school we’re taught
that once you mix the mercury with the other components of the
amalgam filling it becomes inert so today we’re gonna try to put
that theory to the test a key question is whether the mercury in silver fillings gives
off vapor that would become mercury in the bloodstream this is an amalgam capsule it is unmixed here The amount of mercury vapor that’s released
from amalgam restorations is so minute This is an unopened sealed jar of
pre-encapsulated amalgam capsules we’re gonna open this jar in just a minute
to test to see if there’s any mercury gas coming off a a brand new sealed jar. And to do that, I want to introduce the expert Hello I’m Alex Hummel with
Mercury Instruments USA we specialize in mercury specific
testing equipment Today we brought mercury instruments
VM 3000 mercury vapor analyzer which is designed to measure
elemental mercury in the atmosphere It’s a very sensitive instrument and measures down
to 0.1 micrograms per cubic meter before we get started we put on some
protective equipment just in case so as you can see those numbers rose
significantly. Alex what does all this mean? I actually can’t believe it,
considering these are sealed capsules and it was almost 500 micrograms
per cubic meter. if OSHA came in here we’d have to leave for the day and if this was a like a public building the EPA would evacuate it completely Wow. Seriously? Then I’m really interested to see what happens when we actually mix
one of these things up this is an amalgamator this is the instrument that’s going to
mix the mercury with the other ingredients to form the amalgam filling
keep in mind that we’re taught in dental school that once they combine the mercury
becomes relatively inert at that point so let’s try this and if we see residences or buildings
that have ten micrograms per cubic meter or more of mercury then we consider that
it poses a health risk and we recommend that people don’t they in the building
or the residence ten micrograms is generally considered
inhabitable, they shouldn’t be living there without some kind of
respiratory protection and the cleanup goal to make sure everything’s
completely removed to the point where it could never pose a threat to anyone even
small children with health problems is 0.3 micrograms we’re turning now to the
OSHA hazard communication standard it is a final regulation and there is no
escape for it for any of us everyone working around hazardous chemicals and
other toxic substances has a right to know of possible dangers and how to
protect themselves ok so to recap a freshly made amalgam filling is off
gassing huge amounts of mercury vapor that exceed OSHA safety limits and it makes total sense remember the amalgamate violently
shaking the amalgam capsule back and forth? Well that shaking was creating friction thus creating heat, which is the last
thing you want to do with elemental mercury Why? Because the more you heat
elemental mercury the more mercury vapor it releases it’s simple science this large exposure of mercury
to the patient is one of the reasons why I decided to
become a mercury safe dentist 23 years ago unfortunately dental
schools all across the country incorrectly teach students that the
mercury is contained within the amalgam thus putting them and
dental patients at risk this experiment was extremely
easy to do and it’s easy to reproduce,
but also dangerous so for those of you out there
who are considering trying this please be sure to utilize proper protection
equipment to keep yourself safe if you want more information about the
hazards of mercury amalgam dental fillings to patient’s, dental staff
and the environment then please go to the
IOAMT website for more information WWW . IAOMT . ORG

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