hello you guys are welcome back to whatever amazon reviews with billion today we’re going to verify the reviews for them better gone on the red copper pant or my favorite products ever that I’ve tried on Vivian tries I know that they have a lot of reviews on our bond and sometimes you question it when you see a product that has hundreds if not thousands of reviews on Amazon do you not sometimes think are these real or fake I certainly do so I found a website that helps you figure that out other videos on sponsored or anything like that it’s just helpful so I thought I would make these videos for you to share the information so that you guys can buy with confidence so we have Vivian tries copper pan video we have Vivian reacts I’m going to share my screen right here with you and we’re going to look at this together first we’re going to pull it up on Amazon red copper not the sweater one red copper pan then let’s see what we have there it is first item 357 reviews that’s not that crazy I guess move to golf and steal one 3507 reviews what do you guys think let’s stick to the one that we’re verifying for this video okay let’s click on this guy 357 reviews alright so what you want to do it you want to copy the web address you want to paste that into the fake website into their search engine here and click analyze they got a grade of ass I am shocked wait a second this thing right here says this analysis is quite old would you like to yes we want to reanalyze this oh I can’t believe you got again as I love this product do you think my god I got an ass that’s a fail I’m shocked I really am because I really do love this product oh my god okay ah it went from that it didn’t get any better or again a little bit better and went from one F to a tee so it says here detective 53 points seven percent low quality reviews I mean it’s not as bad of an F but still if I had not tried this product for myself I would not have purchased a based on what I just found so you have the information you make up your own mind as a DI can’t believe that I’m truly shocked how can that many fake reviews be out there all right guys there it is the red copper pans gotta degrade for its reviews on Amazon what can we say about that all right you guys I hope that you are enjoying these Amazon reviews with vivian they are short and sweet and providing you just enough information for you to make your own decision to trust these reviews or not these are only my opinion so you do whatever you like all right you guys if you are enjoying these Amazon reviews with Vivian give this video a thumbs up let me know that in the comments down below also if you’ve seen a product on Amazon that has hundreds or even thousands of reviews that you think are questionable let me know that in the comments down below and I’ll check them out they might be in an upcoming episode if you’re new to the channel subscribe I put out one to two videos every week for your interest payment don’t forget to share the video with your family and your friends and i’ll see you guys in the necklace bye


  1. I love my 3 skillets. I ordered the 10 piece pan set and waiting on delivery of them. There are lids with the pan set. I hope the lids fit the skillets also.

  2. How could the red copper pan receive an F & D rating when it had 4 out of 5 stars? I purchased the red copper pan based on your reviews and I love the damn thing! The green orgreenic pan was pure crap, but the red copper pan is awesome. Thanks for your opinion, Vivian!

  3. I checked a product I had reviewed, and it listed me as a fake reviewer. I'm not, so I wouldn't put a lot faith in that site.

  4. the whole background thing is awesome!!! "i'll give the backgroun 5 vivian heads" LOL… but that outro was the LIFE!!!! i really was not expecting that whole apple desktop with a diet dr. pepper on the desk kinda thing, it was brilliant!!! loved it!!! #PRvitchsquadforlife

  5. After reading some of the bad reviews on Amazon, it appears that some folks got a knock off pan (not labeled, no instructions, etc). Did you get yours from Amazon or at a local store? I think just reading some of the reviews live would also make a great and funny video!

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