Ambador Maria Cesca Takes on the Copper Triangle – Endure & Enjoy

Ambador Maria Cesca Takes on the Copper Triangle – Endure & Enjoy

The place is here. The time is now. And we start bringing our attention to our breathing. My husband teach meditation, take all the
worries take all the anxiety… I wasn’t thinking about the cold, flat tire,
just peace and tranquility I feel totally alive. It’s just you, your
bike and nature around you. They bring awareness…how we are small in this universe… how many good things we have around and we don’t realize I’m 52 I don’t allow negative voices or
anything that can’t say no you cannot do that. I always think you need to try first
then you see if you can or can’t I like to inspire my kids. This shows
them that is not because we are over 50 over 60 that we cannot keep exercising
and having fun just like a little kid riding their bike. “There she is.” “That’s her?” “Yup.” My other rides I did around the country I never had the my family around. This time was just so memorable to see
their faces, waving and talking and cheering. And the yelling to me Portuguese in
English. They show their love and patience…they were there for me to the end. It’s priceless. Every year I finish, I say I’m alive
again and I’m coming back next year I’m sorry to tell you that!


  1. Maria this is so inspiring and infused with LOVE. Thank you for sharing with us my friend. MUch love and respect.

  2. That was a remarkable and happy day in our lives. Maria is a very determined human being, and an inspiration to me, and I would say, to many. She is fierce! She will endure to the end. A different kind of stubbornness. She is not competitive. It is her against the negative voices in her head. That's the game she is in.

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