An Introduction to Rx Vitamins for Pets by Dr. Robert Silver DVM

An Introduction to Rx Vitamins for Pets by Dr. Robert Silver DVM

My name is Robert Silver. I’m a 1982
graduate of Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. I’ve been
practicing for 32 years but after I was in practice for a number of years, maybe
five or six, I started getting frustrated with some of the cases that I would see
that would not respond to the therapies. Over time I found that the protocols
that I had developed to address some of these conditions could actually be
distilled into a formulation. Rx Vitamins was created with the
mission to design nutraceutical formulas, which your blends of herbs and vitamins
and minerals to specifically address conditions in the veterinary patient,
formulated by a veterinarian and sold exclusively to the veterinarian so they
can then use these to augment their clinical practice. A lot of consumers are
very interested in their own health and achieving their own health through the
use of supplements and diet and exercise, of course, and as our pets have become
more our four-legged family members they want to convey these same benefits that
they themselves have been experiencing from these supplements to their beloved
family members they get to be certain that they’re using a product that has
the highest quality control, has the highest potency, and is backed up by a
veterinarian who has tested these formulas and has found that they work
safely without interfering with drug therapies. Rx Vitamins has created a line of
products that far exceed the standards of products that are available in the
consumer marketplace. They have a higher quality, they have higher potency, and the
formulations themselves are more successful and their ability to help.
This is why we feel that there is a return value to Rx Vitamins and for you
as the consumer, to go to your veterinarian, who also can, who also is
the best expert when it comes to advising you as far as the health care
of your animal.

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