1. Wait wait.. these videos are still being made? And people are still watching them?? Well I suppose they're all under 10 or 11 years old. Enjoy what you like kids!


  3. I just realised when magic clam…oh i’m sorry….”oyster” dies, every magical thing goes back to normal. Why didn’t copper Lincoln?

  4. There needs to be a Magic Clam website where you can put things in the clam like pebbles, pearls, orange, pear, knifes, etc

  5. Hey orange do you like pisson dont lie because your in a room with no doors and your tied up to a chair and you lie your going to get knife

  6. I agree with other comments. But try to find the u.

  7. Someone has to do it so it might as well be me… my favorite copper Lincoln episode is the one with Lincoln in it….lol. 🔪

  8. Idea for another supercut:
    Zip supercut,Zombie George Washington supercut,Apple supercut or TNT supercut?

  9. Marshmallow I have a caterpillar he's my pet but sleeping I love you Reba lyrics he will be somewhere in the world turn into a butterfly

  10. Orange annoy some social justice warriors and feminists, it'll be great to have them taste their own medicine. 😈

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