Anodizing Titanium With Copper Wire – Does It Work??? (2019)

Anodizing Titanium With Copper Wire – Does It Work??? (2019)

gentlemen welcome back to the channel
I’ve been talking to quite a few you guys in the comments section and someone
brought to my attention that when anodizing they used copper wire instead
of the titanium and it worked just fine, so today we’re going to be testing it to
see if it works up next. I’ve done all the prep work on these parts already
because I’ve showed you guys step by step in a few of my other videos
exactly how to anodize, but if you just stumbled upon this video you can follow
the link in the description to the other how-to videos. if you’re new to the
channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button to see more shop videos when
they’re released. so right now we’re gonna take our copper wire, and I was
always told that you need to use titanium wire when anodizing titanium
so you don’t pull voltage from your part you’re trying to anodize to the wire, but the
guy I was talking to the other day said this worked just fine for him, so let’s
give this a shot. I’m gonna connect the copper wire to one of the parts and then
I’m gonna wink it and remove all the current anodization. So that’s three
batteries twenty seven point three volts get everything hooked up and see if it
anodizes. yeah now see, see all the bubbles, I’m
gonna disconnect that okay so it definitely can be done, but that’s a
problem and it’s gonna drain your batteries, so if you saw all the bubbles
coming off of the copper that’s no good and it’s drawing current away from your
piece if you look at the piece it’s darker down here and lighter by the
copper, that’s why so let me swap that piece of copper out for, I’ll swap this
out for the titanium wire and show you the difference. yeah I mean you can you
see it’s darker here and lighter here so we’ll take the titanium wire okay put that in and we connect that and you can see it instantly starts
changing so I guess you could use copper wire but you’re not gonna get the
type of anodizing job that you’ll get from using titanium wire guys thanks for
watching if you give this video a like it definitely helps the channel out we’ll
see you on the next one guys


  1. Now i can see the result of use copper i wanna prove whit stainless steel and then whit titanium and wanna share whit you the results .
    Good video at all

  2. For those asking about using SS or Kanthal wire… I've tried both, and although SS wire "kinda sorta – just barely" works, it's very slow, and worse, a substantial draw on batteries that may cause them to overheat, creating a substantial fire and burn hazard..
    Don't think you can "cheap out" on an extremely critical component in the process. Get the titanium wire. You can get a 25 foot roll of 24 gauge wire from TEMCo (the actual wire manufacturer), on eBay for under $6, shipped to your door.

  3. Is this a good way to discharge or drain your batteries safely? Let's say you may want 1-2 x 9v's running at about 4.5v instead.

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