Another satisfied customer from Russia with the original AKS MULTI gold detector – AKS Detectors

here that this is what i have been
waiting for this AKS my name is Julia and I seek gold and
look for gold this is actually the case I waited a very long time
it is the original device and this in my hands now you will see AKS
multi so it look amazing and it really
the original AKS detector and now let’s see what’s inside the instruction that’s very
important to us here we’ll see the device itself as well, in my hands it immediately feels that this device Lightweight and completely made of good aluminum. which is apparently attached
pants or to your belt as you prefer will be
and of course 2 year warranty. how can we check that the device is
original ? here is the serial number and also stickers of the serial number on the device. here we put it aside for now as well
additionally ordered a filter sensor we will try it together now this part goes here so this part we remove the top yes
a little further we have this little thing we attach and there are also two batteries goes:
one plus sign here, one minus batteries we attached.
everything works! the light is on! this goes here there are six small antennas here is one I’m going to attached all 6 antennas click on this side yet start actually this device search for old gold which is deep underground but we can with you
also try whether this device will find gold that was made completely
recently. it is very important and we are hope to fine some gold. we can probably test it now
if all would be well. these parts here here here and here
everything is there. we direct them different side what
the device could find gold in different there then we turn on the control box.
you see we pressing and turn on the device itself is a LED. it works well and let’s now
start to test this device moving the filter so that everything works for us.
it’s important that the device will not move in different directions like describe on the User Manual. Hope to find some kind of gold too
everything can be like that andrus
to know here he show some side it can be found here, look, we
came to this point and the device does 180 degrees change. when the device moving like that,
such a gesture we can find out gold is somewhere near us and
probably here somewhere we can with together you can search and find. so look what I found
this is a very very very big surprise for me because actually this
the device is still only old gold it gold, as you can see, was made completely recently this is by the way my ring recently lost so here it is
a big surprise!!! Thanks for the attention

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