ANTIQUE Jewelry vs VINTAGE Jewelry

ANTIQUE Jewelry vs VINTAGE Jewelry

(fun upbeat music) – This is Jill Maurer
with Your Jewelry Minute and today I’m answering the question, what is the difference between
vintage and antique jewelry? And this can be a little tricky,
but it doesn’t need to be. So antique jewelry, in order to be classified
as antique jewelry, it has to be at least 100 years old. For us now certainly Georgian,
Victorian, Edwardian jewelry is all antique jewelry. Vintage is a little fuzzier. So most people say vintage needs
to be at least 25 years old so something between 25 and 99 years would be considered vintage jewelry. So right now art deco jewelry
made in the 1920s and ’30s is considered vintage but
it will be antique soon. Vintage jewelry can be as valuable or even more valuable
than vintage jewelry. It just depends on the
piece and the desirability. And art deco jewelry has
and remains very desirable. So it doesn’t mean that something
is worth more necessarily if it’s antique versus vintage. But in the antique-vintage world, that’s how we separate the two. It’s also important to know that if you make a piece of jewelry today in the same way they did it 100 years ago and to look just like it, that is not antique jewelry. That is considered contemporary jewelry. It’s modern jewelry. To be antique or vintage, it actually has to have been made not just in that style but in that day. This has been Your Jewelry Minute. If you have a jewelry question for me, just ask me in the comments below. Until next time. (fun upbeat music)


  1. Great to know. I Never think about this is two different concepts. Thank You so much for sharing ❤️

  2. Yes, vintage does seem to be thrown around pretty loosely whether in reference to jewelry, handbags, clothes, or any number of other things. Thanks for clarifying the distinction. 🙂

  3. Looking at what was popular in the past has always fascinated me By examining what was popular way back when has helped me decide what I really like. So then I don’t just have stuff I have a collection

  4. Oh, wow! This is great! I've learned something again from your video, specifically the difference between antique and vintage jewelry. Thank you! xx

  5. Hi Jill!! First of all, I love your top! Beautiful color! I love vintage jewelry. Thank you so much for your imformative videos!!! Love learning about jewelry!!! Xoxo 😘

  6. My husband, and therefore I, likes to visit antique stores. I always wondered why Wedgewood was considered antique when I purchased some in England in the very early 80s. I’ve seen things in antique stores and made as late as the 90s or early 2000’s. How does vintage versus antique work with other items such as furniture, dolls, dinnerware, etc.?

    Another great video. Thank you.

  7. I guess if I were a piece of jewelry, I would be considered "Vintage" since I am between 25 and 99 years young! ha Great video Jill, I love Vintage jewelry!

  8. Hi Jill! 🙂 I would like to know which "replacement" is the best in your opinion please?
    I know options like Zirconium and moissanite but maybe there are better and unknown others. Thank you! 😀

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