Antique Style Copper Roof Vent, Glazed Ceramic Irish Pan Tile Roof

Antique Style Copper Roof Vent, Glazed Ceramic Irish Pan Tile Roof

Hey Don, what’re you doing there? This is a special damper made for the owner for drying his clothes. Ha ha. For a clothes dryer. Yes. Yeah. It was in another location, and rather than have it be unsightly, the owner wondered if something could be done with the chimney. Oh yeah. It’s an old style, what do you call those, semi-circle vent? Yeah. And you’re tying it right into the chimney flashing, right? Correct, so that means we’ve got to recess it for support as well as waterproofing. How far does it go into the brick? It’s five eighths in. And then, what? Do you silicone that end? Fastened and then caulked. Fastened and caulked, yeah. (Indecipherable speech.) Okay, how? And it’s angled off, so that the water comes forward, which is super. Water comes off. Is this a part of the tile roofing job? Yes. That we’re doing? Yeah, tile and all the metal that you see is tied into that. See the chimney’s got that copper type metal on it, is that, is that, I see some brown metal here. Is that a coating on it? Yes. Actually it’s an unusual application. I think it’s wonderful. Yes. Because, the vents, all the metal is actually twenty-six gauge steel. Yes. And then the owner has this copper paint coating. Yes. Which is remarkable once it’s, it adhere’s very well, and really scratch resistant, which I didn’t expect, from a paint. Yeah. It’s pricey, but it’s well worth it. It looks like, a bit like aged copper. Yes. Is that what it’s supposed to look like? Yes. Yeah. It works very well. I was so impressed with it, but I, and people I know who’ve walked by the house actually, they believe it’s copper. Yeah. When they find out it isn’t, they’re shocked that it isn’t. Okay, well. So, it’s wonderful. Good luck. We’ll come back when you’ve got it all tied in and talk about it. Right on. Okay, thanks. Talk to you. Thank you. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]


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