Apex Legends Gold Casting $5500 HEIRLOOM KNIFE

Apex Legends Gold Casting $5500 HEIRLOOM KNIFE

hello every one my name is ass Ben and welcome to my channel, press Tube. Now in this video. I’m gonna use these gold nuggets I’m gonna melt them and then I’m gonna cast them into this little knife from the game Apex legends Now this is a 3d print. I’m gonna put it in plaster in my vacuum casting set It’s the first time that I’m using it on my channel So yeah, the video will be a little bit different than my normal videos So I hope you’ll like it but yea I’m gonna make this in pure gold but first I want to thank my sponsor which is North a VPN why North VPN well because they are super fast and quickly connected to one of their servers which are spread globally and they give me 100% freedom and Protection and I think that is quite important these days and most important guys You don’t have any blog content anymore? Sometimes you open a video on YouTube and it says sorry this video is not available in your country Well that’s history now and north VPN works on your your mobile your tablet your computer it works Yeah, practically everywhere so you now can get 75 percent discount and one month free when you use my coat Press tube. So what are you waiting for guys? Just go check the link in the description below which is north VPN com forward slash Press tube and claim your secured connection now Okay, so back to the video now, I’m gonna make this knife. I’m gonna use my vacuum casting heat This is one of the flasks of that kit. I will show you several flasks. I Have all kinds of sizes of flasks Like this and I’m gonna get it. I also have a very big one So I can cast yeah quite big objects with my vacuum casting set if you have any ideas Which I should make with this set. Let me know in the comments below and for now sit back relax and enjoy this video Yeah We call yeah, yeah Yeah Yeah Anything will be recalled Would you have it back Try Come a little bit closer, would you have me back? Okay, guys, welcome back I hope you liked that video if you did please consider to give this a thumbs up now This is the 3d print that I started with I will put this on the scale and then you can see the weight of that 3d print the weight is a Little bit over 8 grams. I will zoom in a bit It’s a little bit over 8 grams. Now. I will show you the result guys of this golden knife. I can assure you it’s pure gold and I’m gonna I hope the camera is focusing. Yes. So I hope you like this result guys It was a lot of work And yeah, it was my first time that I did some gold casting with my vacuum casting equipment now I’m gonna put it on the scale and I think it will weigh around 140 or 150 grams it is 17 times heavier than the 3d print. So yeah, let’s see how much this weighs this is Yeah, almost a 140 grams so that’s roughly five and a half thousand dollars for this little knife guys so if you have any other ideas, which I should do in the future with my gold and my vacuum casting equipment just Let me know in the comments below and see you in the next video. Bye


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  2. I like how it's called a knife, but if I threw that thing, it would have a higher chance of giving someone a concussion than even making a scratch.

  3. I like the first song who is it please I'd like to do a country song cover I think that would be perfect for this

  4. Does he know that it’s incredibly small compared to it in game or is he just tryna save money? Cuz he did have some more gold… but is still looks amazing

  5. Cast a medieval replica mace, the fixed shaft one, not the ball and chain one. In gold that would be amazing.

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