Apple iPhone 6 Review (Gold)

Apple iPhone 6 Review (Gold)

What’s up guys. Muwen360 here with a full,
in-depth review of the Apple iPhone 6. So this is one of the hugely anticipated devices
of 2014 so it’s finally here and it’s packing a lot of new features and changes
we’ve never seen before in the history of the iPhone line. For starters, the new iPhone
6 starts at $199 for the baseline 16GB model with a two-year carrier agreement or you can
also purchase it contract-free starting at $649 dollars and the one I have here is the
16GB, Gold, contract-free version of the iPhone 6. In addition to gold, you also have the
option to get space gray and silver for additional color choices. So let’s begin with the hardware
and design. So the design of the 6 is obviously a huge departure from Apple’s design strategy
for previous generations. Most notably, you can see how the edges are curved now similar
to the iPod Touch for example instead of the distinctive sharp edges from iPhones years
past. With that glass front that’s curving towards the edges to create that round look.
I am personally not a big fan of this change simply due to the fact the round edges on
the sides makes it harder for my hands to grip the device. So I’d much rather just
have the distinctive sharp edges on my HTC One for example, to hold, instead of the curved
edges on the iPhone 6. The front and back of the phone has a pretty smooth texture to
it. Even though, I like how it feels. I still think this material, especially the aluminum
back might just be a bit slippery to grip but it’s really not that big of a deal.
The iPhone 6 is also Apple’s thinnest phone to date. It only has a thickness of 6.9 millimeters
so it’s incredibly thinner than its predecessor. It also has a height of 5.44 inches and a
width 2.64 inches. And it only weighs 4.55 ounces. So even though the overall device
has a larger footprint now, it actually feels really light-weight which is nice. It still
retains the superb metal build quality for the most part with the exception of these
white lines which are for the antennas. So minus the curved edges, the iPhone 6 has a
pretty solid build quality in my opinion. But nonetheless, the iPhone 6 just feels really
fragile in the hand mostly I think because of how thin it is so you’ll definitely want
a protective case and that kind of goes without saying for pretty much all iPhones. The other
significant change was to the display which Apple gave the branding as the “Retina HD”
display, But in reality, it has a resolution of 1334x 750 so just a little bit over 720p
HD at a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. The screen size has been increased from 4
inches to 4.7 inches signaling Apple’s response to the desire of larger screens. And for me
at least, 4.7 inches is the perfect sweet spot in terms of screen size it’s not too
big, not too small. It falls right in the middle. It’s still large enough for watching
movies and typing but not large enough to the point of losing portability so you can
still use it easily with just one hand. So a big fan of this form factor and the screen
itself is really and nice bright and also awesome color reproduction and something new
Apple has added something called “dual domain pixels for wider viewing angles” and it’s
an IPS display with a fingerprint oleophobic coating on top. So around the phone, we have
the power button here on the right side relocated from the top for easier access now due to
the larger display and Nano sim card tray next to it. On the left, ring or silent switch,
as well as the volume up and down buttons. At the bottom, we have the 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack along with the microphone, lighting connector and also the speakers.
Nothing up top. On the front here we have the 2 megapixel Facetime camera with 720P
HD video recording capabilities and also the ambient light sensor and the earpiece. Towards
the bottom, we have the home button which also acts as the sensor for the Touch ID fingerprint
scanner. On the back we have the new 8 megapixel iSight camera with 1.5 micro pixels. f/2.2
aperture. It’s also autofocus with Focus pixels which means it will dramatically reduce
the time needed for refocusing. And what’s interesting about the camera is it protrudes
out quite a bit from the rest of the phone. So when you lay it on the table, the phone
won’t be perfectly flat due to the camera bulge. But unless, you’re trying to intentionally
make it wobble so it shouldn’t be much of an issue. However, the camera might have the
potential to be damaged easier due to it’s position even if it has a Sapphire crystal
lens cover, it’s still something to be aware of. Now in terms of software, The iPhone 6
is running iOS 8 pre-installed out of the box. iOS 8 is really not that much different
iOS 7 in terms of design. We still have the same look and feel and of course typical iOS
applications like Messages, calendar, photos, App store, iTunes store, you name it. But
we do have the new addition of Health app. And basically it’s a health and fitness
tracker. For example you can can go to health data, body measurements, body fat percentage,
you can add a data point and also share the data with other people as well. So yeah it
just allows to see data regarding over a week, a month or a year for example. So that’s
that with the new Health app. And also if you double click the home button, in addition
to getting your multi tasking windows, you also receive an extra row of space at the
top reserved for recent your contacts so now you easily access those people by double clicking
the home button. And another thing that’s really neat is something called reachability
so basically now you can double tap the home button, you don’t even have to press them,
it bring the top three row of icons down which are more difficult to access since you kind
of have to scooch your hands to access them now but with Reachablity, you can double tap
and the icon drops down automatically for your convienceince so a really simple but
useful feature. Another change was made to the notifications so for example now you can
be on a web page and a tweet comes in for example, you can swipe down and reply to the
notification right on the spot instead of manually going to the Twitter to that. An
improvement was also made to the keyboard and it’s called QuickType, and basically
when you type, the keyboard takes into account the content you’re writing, and also your
writing style, so it can provide you with text predications optimized for your writing
so it can save you some time. And also for the first time, you can now install third
party keyboards so you can download one from the App Store and go to the settings, general,
keyboard,, keyboards, add new keyboard, and click on the keyboard you installed, I have
swiftkey so that’s nice feature if you don’t like the stock keyboard. And also the search
function has been improved since it can now display results from the web as well as from
your phone. So if I search apple, I can get results from the phone but also results from
the web in this case Apple’s web address for example and I can click on it to see open
safari and it direct me to the page. The camera has improved of course, we have our typical
camera modes, but we do have the new addition of a time lapse mode which is nice. And I
will have a full camera test of the iPhone 6 camera very soon to show you guys the picture
quality and the new features but so far from what I’ve noticed, the shutter speed is
amazingly fast and responsive and the pictures themselves look really sharp and detailed.
So I have a picture here I took in low light and it looks pretty decent thanks to the True
Tone flash and we also have some handy editing tools so you can easily make your photos appear
better on the fly. Here are some other pictures and again they look really good, accurate
colors and very detailed but again I will have a full camera test soon in another video
so you can see for yourself. So yeah just overall incredibly fluid and smooth. No lag
or delay whatsoever just a really smooth and enjoyable experience all around. It really
feels like the phone is made for the software and software is made for the phone so they’re
perfectly optimized. This thing flies through everything you throw at it be it watching
YouTube videos, browsing the web, launching applications, or whatever else you do with
it, it’s always fast and responsive every single time. And all of this is mostly due
to the 1.4 GHz dual core Apple A8 process or with M8 motion coprocessor which Apple
claims to have up to 50% more CPU performance than before and also up to 84% more GPU performance.
And the power from those chips can be evident in tasks like gaming for example because the
gaming performance and experience is buttery smooth with any game really. No delay, no
lag, no issues at all to be honest when it comes to gaming. And also the speakers are
really loud and clear too so an added bonus if you’re gaming or just listening to sound
in general but I still think the HTC Boomsound speakers are best speakers for any phone but
that’s just my opinion. In terms of battery life, Apple claims it can go to 11 hours with
a single charge and from my testing I’ve only gotten about 9 hours I believe. So the
battery numbers aren’t really impressive at all but it should for the most get through
a typical day of use fine but it really depends on your own usage patterns and what you do
on your device. So overall I think the iPhone 6 is a great device for what it can do, it
gets the job done and it’s definitely the best iPhone yet with the larger display and
extra horsepower but also keep in mind there are other devices on Android or Windows Phone
for example that do exactly the same thing if not better, and in some cases cheaper as
well. So it’s really your decision but if you like, Apple and iOS, you can’t go wrong
with the best iPhone to date. Keep it locked it here on the Muwen360 channel for much more
coverage on the iPhone 6 over the coming days and week so subscriber and like for more iphone
6 videos. The review is certainly not finished and I would love for you to stick around to
see even more great content. Once again, I’m Muwen360 and thank you so much for watching.


  1. Awesome review! This was the first iPhone 6 review I have seen, hopefully you get a lot of views so you can get more sub's and reach 10k!!

  2. I like the detail you've gone into on this review, most other reviews say the same thing and just list the features, but you have gone quite far into listing all the new features, so props to you! 🙂
    Was considering a 5s or a 6, now more focused on the 6 haha

  3. Would you recommend this phone over the iPhone 6 plus?

    Would you recommend either phone coming from the iPhone 5s? Is the upgrade worth or it or should I try an android phone ?

  4. Did y mention that it would last nine hours while heavily used? The battery is a Main factor to me, my htc one m7 still runs great but I wanna somthing that last longer, currently I m looking at z3, G3 and IPhone 6, not gonna buy 6+ simply becuz it's size too big for me and it bends. Can u explain the battery experience a bit more , I don't play too much games tho, my phone is mainly for Facebook, chatting something like that ?

  5. The iphone 6+ doesn't bend. That was just production issues. And Samsung is paying that unbox guy a lot of money to ridicule apple. If u worried about it bending just get a case for it. the 6+ battery lasts twice more then the 6.


  7. Very good video and review! Something that is very annoying is that when the iPhone is in landscape mode – in the message app – and you want to attach a picture from the Photo Library it opens the photo-app in portrait mode! Even iPhone 6 Plus! This is very frustrating and means that you still have to turn the iPhone to portrait mode to select the picture to attach. Furthermore, you can not select multiple images at once. The strange thing is that the photo app itself is rotating to landscape mode – but why not when to attach pictures to messages?

  8. I just went to see the iPhone in person and it changed my entire opinion . You just have to see it and hold it in person to get used to it

  9. I got a year to wait for my next upgrade but I will most likely be upgrading my galaxy s4 to this phone. I tried it at the store and it fits nicely in my small hands.

  10. I ordered the 6 plus 64gb space grey. But after 2 days of non stop thinking..I decided to go for the 6 gold 64gb. So I cancled my order and ordered a iphone 6 64gb gold. The 6 plus is way to big. I enjoy big screens and all but this phone is wayy to big. I need a comfortable fone and a fone that can easoly slip into my pockets. I mean they are both the same performance wise. Thats all it matters. Idc about battery life or recording stability. Honestly they are both good and the same iphone 6 is just some sort of mini mini ipad/iphone. 6 plus has a beautoful big screen so it looks so amazing because of course everything looks nice in hd big screen. But again. The 6 is good too. 4.5 inch screen is not that bad. Bigger than the other iphones so I can still enjoy videos and movies. If you like big screens and dont really use cell much and want to watch vidoes n mess around than go for the 6 plus.

  11. Between the Samsung Galaxy s5 compared to the iPhone 6 which one has a better battery life, cause I've been heard that the iPhone 6 DOSENT have a decent amount of battery life.

  12. I saw your unboxing and I loved it, out of all other unboxings of the iPhone 6 yours was the best. 10/10, also this review was a really good review, I already subscribed to you and I'm looking forward to more videos of yours. 🙂
    Good luck.

  13. who even buys 16gb and 32gb thats to dam small not enough space I bought the 64gb one on sep 19 2014 at 8 something in the morning at bestbuy and still to this day I fucking love it but cool video anyways

  14. If i have 10 apps (not games) a lot of music some pics and free space for ios updates, the 16 gb version is enought? Btw i always tranfer my pics/videos to my computer.
    With all those apps you how much space you have left?

  15. I LOVED your review! Most YouTubers who make a review on iPhones are so picky. You were very straight through and brushed off the tiny flaws. You also payed attention to the bigger flaws, unlike other people who make a scene about how it feels. Good job!

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  20. ive just unboxed my iphone 6 but its gold and a tint of blue my frend has a 5 and its a silver or what ever with a red tint :]



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  23. I’m so obsessed with these videos!! I am asking for this phone for Christmas 🎄I am so exited! Edit: I didn’t get it 😢

  24. @2:31 the time on the phone is7:02am and the battery is half way full and then when he turns on the phone after that the time is 9:44am and the phone is nearly dead

  25. The phone is really good.>> It looks as they described it that it has light scratch from behind, but it doesn’t matter when you use a cover to protect your phone. I have it now for less than year and works perfectly so far. No problems with it. But I wish it had a wire headphone

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