Apple iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)

Apple iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)


  1. Well, I watched so many videos throughout the day debating on which iPhone I want, out of the 7 or 8, and well I gotta go with the 8. Personally because it looks better, nicer. [with the glass etc]

  2. Anyone have any WiFi or LTE problems? I have an iPhone 8 Plus on AT&T and it runs well for the most part but sometimes it has problems connecting to the internet or WiFi even when I have full bars

  3. The Gold one is unique and just right!
    The Silver looks like white which is so damn clean, minimal, and aesthetic! ❤️

    I can’t decide!

  4. 5:37 don't keep believing about Apple's sapphire BS, in reality they are literally as durable as regular tempered glass.

  5. Who else thinks that apple should include AirPods with all the versions of the iPhone 8 and X your paying around $1000 for a phone

  6. I usually am not a fan of big phones bcs my hands r too small to hold them and I know pop socket(?) can help but I'm still not a fan 🙃 but lately 2 of my friends got themselves an iPhone 7+ and yes I don't really like holding them but I kinda love big screen's,when I screenshot,there's more to see,rather than having to screenshot multiple times,sO yea…I think I'm into the plus size now I guess…plus the camera is better =/ but still can't afford them 🙃😂 I love rose gold but I'm kinda into black case lately…if I'm buying one,I'll choose an iPhone 8+ I guess,rose gold(if they got one?if not,then gold) then get myself a black case heheh

  7. I've been considering the iPhone 8 in the gold colour for a while but I wasn't sure about it as it looks different on many other videos. I went to Carphone Warehouse today to have a look at it in person and I have to say, wow, it looks stunning. It looks exactly like it does in this video. If you're ever unsure about what the colour looks like in person, watch this guy's videos as the way his camera picks up the colour is spot on. Good job DetroitBorg

  8. I have always wanted an iphone 8! I tried to keep it on the cheap side but that "cheap" is still expensive for me.😭😭

  9. The gold one is sooo pretty but white front makes me question it… and i wanted a black phone for years but as i said, gold one is very pretty😢 don’t know what to doOoOoo

  10. Space Gray is by far one of the best colors I have seen on a phone, the new gold color on the XS and XS Max also looks pretty nice.

  11. i always watch youtube videos about the phone before i get it just to get hyped up

    p.s. im getting the silver iphone 8 tomorrow

  12. I just got my iphone 8 plus couple days ago and the only complaint i have is that they dont come with a dongle anymore you have to go buy one which is pretty stupid but other than that i love this phone

  13. I have the iPhone XR and I don’t like it that much, but I’m glad to have it:) I think I might save money that my grandpa gives me to get the iPhone 8+ ❤️

  14. Help me y'all!!!😭 I'm getting an iPhone 8 plus soon but I can't decide between the silver one and the Gold one if you could leave your opinion it would help me a lot thanksss

  15. I can't afford one of them and he got 6 sick looking iPhones 😂 anyone please tell me how can you save up money

  16. HEY!! i am your new subscriber 😍 I just found your channel 😅
    I want an iPhone 8 plus (sliver) very badly 😭 I can't afford it. can you plz giveaway an iPhone 8 plus (silver) honestly I participated a lot of giveaways but I didn't win. It will really helpful if you do a giveaway 😊

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