Apple Watch Series 3 Unboxing – White and Gray Ceramic

Apple Watch Series 3 Unboxing – White and Gray Ceramic

– Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine and today we’re unboxing two new Apple Watch Series Three. These are actually the Apple
Watch Series Three Edition which means they are ceramic. I got the new gray ceramic
and new white ceramic. That is where the dilemma comes in. Which one do you like more and which one do you think
that is more fitting for me? Because I’m unsure. The fate of which watch
I keep is in your hands. As you can see there are two
different colored logos here. This one is the silver and this is a little bit more of a gray color. Pretty safe to assume that the color logo represents what
color watch is in the box. I’m going to do two
unboxings at the same time. (chuckles) Take two. Oh man! (plastic crinkling) I hope you guys are ready for this because I’m not sure if I am. I don’t see anything yet. Wow, wow, okay wow. Everything just came out all at once. Have you ever seen those people juggle… boxes. Well if you haven’t you’re not
going to see it here today. First thing’s first, in each box we’ve got our power bricks, as usual. Next we’ve up we’ve got our lightning Oh what, what, wait,
whoa, hold on a second. Is there two cables here? There is. They have one lighting cable
and one Apple Watch cable. Also included in the edition are these Apple Watch base
chargers, which are awesome. These just pop right
up and you can plug in a lightning cable right
to the back of them. So set your Apple Watch down and charge. These are great. (boxes clanking) (paper ripping) Synchronized unboxings. Here they are. Here’s a problem that
I’ve already noticed. Oh no, I hope that if I
decide to keep the white one because it looks like that
the band they have on it is one of the medium-large ones. Do not throw this extra
piece of paper away. This smells like fried chicken. It actually smells really good. I need lunch. Inside of here it has one
of the small-medium bands so if you do need the smaller band do not throw this away, it is included inside here. Let’s take them out and take a look. The smaller watch face
is very enticing to me. I got the black 38 and the white 42 because I have the 42
already and I really like it but I do have some
reservations sometimes because it’s a very big watch face. And it’s also going to look exactly like the same one that I already have. Is this a bigger watch face? Is the face bigger? No, it’s exactly the same. I love this watch band. Inside of it is a nice little gray color. This is very different from any of the other bands, which I like. Another nice little touch
is this one does have the little ceramic button here which you just attach
like so, so that’s nice. I was always a little bit confused as to why they decided to
go with the silicone bands because they’re probably the
least expensive ones to make and these ceramic edition watches are very very very very very expensive for essentially the same functionality as all the other watches. The biggest difference with the ceramic is it is way more durable. It’s also a little bit heavier. So if you’re looking for
something very very light I would definitely go with an aluminum. It’s also way less expensive. And here’s the new gray ceramic. This looks really good. I love this dark gray band. So the issue is I think that I’m gonna be getting the white iPhone 10. Wow, the small one actually
looks kind of nice. What do I do? Oh boy. This is really nice actually. I mean do I need a bigger screen? Does this look better on me? I was definitely dissing
the red button but it doesn’t really bother me that much because to be completely honest with you I’m probably never really going to see it. I mean most of the time I’m going to be looking at my phone from this angle and I’m not going to see the red dot. But I did find something that you can use to cover the red dot. So I’ll be showing you guys that as soon as I get that in. For the time being I
think I might like the 38. No I think I like the white. I can’t go back to a 38. Do you know why? Let me tell you why. I have invested a lot of money into Apple Watch bands and they’re all for 42. Well I guess that makes
my decision very easy. Why didn’t I buy a 38? Because now the 38, this can’t happen. I can’t, that can’t, I can’t have that. This 38 feels really nice. I like the smaller watch face. I think I’ve made a mistake
for the past several years (laughs) I’ve had an Apple Watch. What have I done! I just can’t believe how
much bigger the 42 is and this is like three years
into owning an Apple Watch and I’m just now realizing that I probably should have got the smaller one. See here’s the white ceramic which looks almost identical to the
previous Apple Watch Two version so there’s really not much of difference, other than of course this red dot. So if you’re completely confused as to what those red dots signify, that means that these
watches are LTE enabled and what that means, you can
use your watch as a phone. You can leave your phone at home. If you need to go walk the dog or you can’t have access to your phone you can send messages,
you can get notifications, you can basically do almost everything that you would normally do on your phone, now on your little watch. Of course my biggest concern with having an LTE enabled watch is that battery life. I’ve yet to be able to test that out so I will definitely let you guys know when I do a full review
of this little guy. Because I’ve been using an Apple Watch since the very first one. ♪ Are you ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ Na, na na na ♪ And at this point I’ve
become so used to having it that I do rely a lot on it. So my big concern is, number one, I’m going to start to rely way too much on the LTE and less on my phone which may drain the battery
more than my previous version so I don’t know, we’re going to find all that out very very soon. One of the biggest concerns that I’ve heard from a lot of people is that the crystal on the back is bigger. If I’m kind of just eyeballing this, I mean you can sort of very vaguely tell that it’s slightly more raised. Oh this matches my knife, mmm. Okay so two pieces of paper, I’m wondering what card
stock that paper is because it’s clearly not printer paper. Bring iPhone near Apple Watch. I’m really liking this new setup. Oh, just bring your item nearby and it’ll start setting up. Restore from backup. I will restore it from my previous phone. And here we go, it is now connecting to my beautiful gold iPhone Eight. I can’t even tell you
guys how excited I am about everything that’s
going on right now. Like the world that we live in is crazy. The rate in which technology changes and advances is unbelievable. Like the things that we think that we know that are happening now, it’s really nothing that we
can imagine years from now. I’m so excited for you
kids that are very young because I’m sure I won’t be around to see some of the insane things
that are happening. Maybe I will, maybe I will freeze my body and my body will be unfrozen
many many years from now and I will be like wow, I don’t remember how to edit anymore. Anyway, the new watch. I said this in another video, but I’m sure there are
going to be questions for people who may have not seen it. The reason that I wear
my watch on this arm is because I’m left handed. So normally people do that because you write with your left and
you don’t want to be like knocking your watch everywhere
while you’re trying to write. I think it looks, I mean I love the white ceramic original one so this looks great. Although I’m probably going to
switch to this pink sand band because it looks really good. Well it’s definitely
a good look, you know? I really like the
smaller watch face a lot. You guys might want to consider that when purchasing if you have small wrists because I think I’m stuck with the big one because I’ve got so many watch bands that I can’t bring myself to never be able to use those again. Am I supposed to be doing something or is this setting itself up? So I was running into some carrier issues trying to set up cellular and I’m not really sure what the issue was but I didn’t feel like
dealing with it anymore so now I’m just syncing everything. So here it is, it is setting up currently. But I am pretty excited
about the new watch and I look forward to testing out some of the new fitness features which is going to hopefully motivate me to get my butt to the gym and work out a little bit more. Who knows, maybe next
year I can be the one to write Tim letters, say “Yo Tim, “I finally went back to the gym.” Hey Siri, remind me to
go to the gym every day. (Siri beeps) I don’t–
– [Siri] I wish I could help, but you don’t seem to be
connected to the internet. (Justine laughs) – That was my old phone that I had set up because I don’t have Hey
Siri set up on here yet. Anyway, thank you guys
so much for watching. Let me know which watch face you prefer if you have a favorite. Do you have a favorite Apple Watch? Are you going to get one? Are you not going to get one? Why, why not? Do you think the cellular is
a little bit over the top? Do you think it’s something
that you would use? Do you not want to pay
the extra monthly fee? Will I use the LTE enough
on this Apple Watch to really justify paying $10 a month? I’m not sure. I’m just very very upset about this whole size dilemma. Like I don’t understand,
did I think that I was going to be watching full
feature films on my wrist, that I would need this extra large screen for my extremely small wrist? Like my wrists are very small. (groaning) like I can’t even do push-ups because I think my wrists
are going to like crack. Alright, well I’ll see you guys later. I gotta go edit this video now. I like the smaller watch face. (sighing)


  1. So I have an iPhone XS Max and AirPods I’m just wondering if i wanted a 32 or 48 hmmmmmm I DUNNO! I think I’m just gonna go all out and go for a 48 since I have the big phone 😂

  2. That's all I want i would just want a 8 plus and applewatch series 4 or 3 and I would never ask for anything.
    You are very blessed with much money to buy EVERY apple product.( sorry if I sound like a brat and no hate)

  3. If you watch the first Apple Watch unboxing she had the 38MM, so in a way she knew she had the 38, & switched to a 42. No problem with that & maybe she forgot, but I’d be surprised because she is the expert on these. This is not the first time knowing about the 38MM because it was her first one unboxing, & it looks like she actually switched as well getting the stainless steel one for the first series. So yeah. Just pointing that out. I still really like her & her phenomenal fun energy. But I just watched the first unboxing to know that. So I’m surprised she didn’t just keep that size.

  4. If you watch the first Apple Watch video she’s done, she had the 38MM, in silver, so she knew about the 2 sizes & went up in size so knew about it. So why switch size if you like the 38MM one you had first & realized it, switch. Because the 38 does look phenomenal & I love it too. Just noticed that. Not a big deal, but she did have the small one & not the bigger one at the beginning, the 38 looks so good too. I agree it looks amazing for her. She’s too dang cute of how stoked she gets. I’m definitely an Justi fan for sure. I’m just observant that’s all. I still love her & I got the new Apple Watch, Series 4, Space Gray, Nike Plus, I really love it. She was my inspiration to get a new one. I had the series 2, but need the new one sooooooooooooo badly. Change is hard for me. I eat, sleep, shower, swim, wear it to go to bed, it’s a necessity or me especially with all my health problems. It’s also an ID Medical Bracelet as well. Even though I wear one that has my biggest allergy to Sulfa, & wear my Watch all the time for everything. I rarely take it off, unless I have to. Like to do a blood pressure at the doctors, or sometimes in the shower to wash my body then put it back on. I see why it’s so huge these days to have something so incredibly important & a total NEED NOW A DAYS FOR SURE!!! 💜💜💜

  5. omg i love your videos soooo are the best… i know that the apple watch S4 has come out now but I'm probably gonna get the series 3 anyway

  6. I just replaced my space gray iPhone XS Max with a silver XS max today since I switched to CSpire and I got a matching Apple Watch series 3. I love it.

  7. I really want an Apple Watch Series 3 but they’re too expensive and I can’t afford one 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. So why would you purposefully by two watches knowing you had the intention of returning one of them AFTER you opened it? Now Apple will have to sell it as refurbished just because you're a dumb bitch who just wants to buy 20 different things for her little YouTube video and then return everything. This is why companies like Amazon or now banning people who return too many things, because of people like you.

  9. who’s watching all of the apple watch series 3 vids cause they want one cause the price went down because the 5 came out 😂😂

  10. I’m so glad I tried on both because I have 35 bands for my watch so I’m stuck with the 44 so even if I want to go to the 40 I won’t🤣🤣🤣

  11. I am not sure if the white ceramic watch is suitable for a man, or the black titan would be better. Which wristband would be good? I dont like the white plastic one. Any suggestions?

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