Apple Watch Series 4 Unboxing | 44mm Gold Fit on a Small Wrist

Apple Watch Series 4 Unboxing | 44mm Gold Fit on a Small Wrist

hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel I apologize for the lack of a polished appearance in this video I just
kind of turned my camera on this is what I look like on a day off no makeup and
really soft and cozy t-shirt this was given to me by Christopher Alan and it
symbolizes the return of my revamp channel which still is under way ok you
have not seen the revamped content yet so just bear in mind I wanted to start
by doing an unboxing of my new Apple watch I am going to be doing some more
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just gonna be a quick unboxing I don’t really feel like I can give a polished
review of something that I basically I’m just seeing for the first time just like
you so expect an updated video to come shortly so let’s go ahead and start with
this unboxing so this is the Apple watch I did already take it out of the
cardboard came in a long olara a long rectangular cardboard box no scissors
needed as in typical Apple fashion because the everything has a pull tab so
this is a nicely embossed here is the Apple watch now this is a new box so
what I’m used to is a kind of rectangular stain
watch box this is different now on the back here there are pull tabs covering
this up so you can see what I got as a surprise but you just basically undo
those once you have these tabs open here like so you can so I may not be able to
do this without somewhat revealing what I caught but stunts done so let’s open
it this way oh goodness so this opens in kind of a butterfly or
origami method and this presentation my understanding is no matter what model
you get you get this presentation so really there’s no kind of like special
box if you get the stainless steel version which is what I got they all
come kind of the same way this is fun it’s whimsical the box has a raised
embossed kind of Apple watch logo and the color my understanding is depends on
the color that you ordered so that is a nice little touch separately is the
bracelet so no longer are they coming together based on what you ordered which
i think is nice so it’s probably better for their inventory and maintaining a
speedy shipping from there we take the box cover off and you can see I did get
the gold Milanese loop this is the paperwork we have the stainless steel
Apple watch charger cable if you get the aluminum version I do believe it
probably still has that kind of like plastic back one nobody gives a flying
hoot about the quality of the charger but I’ll just have you know that that’s
what that looks like I really couldn’t care less as a consumer I really don’t
care that the back of my charger that I never see has a stainless steel rim and
back I really don’t care but anyway this is that kind of inductive charger you’ve
got your standard little power brick here which I will place off to the side
there’s the paperwork don’t really care about that I don’t know if there are any
stickers involved here does they give you like little Mike
through apple stickers that would be pretty cool and cute but not all right
so this is new this is the gold 44 millimeter the K sizes have increased by
2 millimeters for each watch but the watch bands will stay the same so if you
previously had a 38 millimeter that your watch bands will fit if you get the 40
and if you had a 42 millimeter like I have my watch bands will fit this 44
millimeter setting that down this is the box for the Apple Milanese loop in the
gold size 44 Gold style 44 millimeter size where’s my little easy peasy oh
it’s just a flap opening here now it does have some instructions on how to
use each bracelet that you buy the only thing you might have a question about is
what side it goes with what especially with the Milanese loop so you typically
want to put it on so that the part that does not have the loop like a double
loop on it is on the top bearing that in mind I’m going to orient myself by
placing that there and then I’m going to take my Apple watch out of the beautiful
microfiber case which you can use for travel so definitely keep that and I
know based on previous unboxings that this will turn on now that I’ve taken it
now unless it’s out of battery in which case that could be a problem it’s not
turning on right now let’s go ahead and take this Apple watch off this did not
turn on so I’ll just turn on myself you just insert this here again the part
that doesn’t have the loop attached it when I say loop I mean this double part
right here you just snaps on like that all right so it’s already basically
ready to go and so now it wants to pair how beautiful the gold is it’s not a
flashy gold I mean it’s definitely a presence and it’s definitely like hey
I’ve got a gold I’ve got a gold Apple watch but it’s not by any means too much
in my opinion it’s not a tacky gold it’s not like a Liberace gold it’s like it’s
like a very sophisticated gold kind of like toes the line between being too
pale and anemic looking but still having having some presence I really like it
with this Melanie’s Melanie’s loop is my favorite alongside the link which I
didn’t believe they offered yet for the gold color the link bracelet is
beautiful but the Melanie’s is where it’s at it’s so beautiful it fits so
many wrist sizes I do wonder if it fits mine because I have a very very small
wrist and I’ve never used in Melanie’s oh my god that is gonna be really close
you guys look oh wow that is just barely fitting so I’ll loosen that up a bit so
that it kind of fits more yeah okay look I have really small wrists and it just
barely fits like it almost is too large but anyway I like the larger size that
is the Apple watch so again I’m not gonna run through the setup and all the
features and everything because this is I need to go set it up and this is all
new so I will give my comprehensive review in a few days time because
although I I wear an app watch almost every single day at least especially to
work so I’m very familiar with the Apple watch but I want to kind of test out the
newer features the new speed the new processor and I also want to give you
guys a another video on tips and tricks hidden tips and tricks for your new
iPhone for your new Apple watch and all that good stuff so stay tuned make sure
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  1. Thank you so much for this video, I really wanted to see how the 44 mm looked on smaller wrists… that watch band is gorgeous, great choice

  2. Now that you’ve had the Apple Watch for some time. How is the wear on the stainless steel? I’m worried about getting it all scratched up. Thank you!

  3. Yes! Please do a more in-depth video on the new Apple Watch! And the tips and tricks would be great as well! Love the gold on you😍

  4. Just came back to rewatch your review again before getting it. What’s your wrist size? How many inches? Mine real small too.

  5. I bought the 40 and just returned it because I couldn’t read it. So small. I too have small wrists and was concerned the 44 would be too large. I can’t find your follow up video so I wondered if you were happy with the larger one.

  6. I have another question (and thank you for your help). I went to Best Buy today to try on the larger size. I loved it and want to get it. However, when I had the silicone band strapped as tight as it would go, the watch still slid up and down on my wrist towards my hand. I wondered if the band that you have in this video would keep it tighter than the silicone bands? Do you have trouble with it sliding on your wrist?

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