Arcade Crane Machine Wins (We Won Barbie) GamerGreen | Claw Therapy

see hey get out of the channel going
around Sugarloaf he stopped the vendor just left
yeah there’s his car yeah there he is he’s walking away he drives a car just
like ours is the van like I was like they put this thing right on the top so
you might feel better maybe go for that try that dumb ol thing first that’s it
right there never this but this one’s really weak maybe it’s gonna fall it’s not like dog
toys I think with that this thing’s tank really is like a
rainbow like your son with a name on it yeah that’s we have that at home today
so you hold on to it oh man that’s tough because it runs later look there’s a
Barbie I’m supposed to be at your dance class right now look at the Barbies with
the big head in front of a little bit this claw doesn’t grab very good
hopefully we’ll see some of those and our other at the other machine see oh yeah this causes super weak okay see how it goes stab the body we’ll
see if it pinches it enough I know yeah these are gonna be you’ve got to get
underneath less you’re gonna have a couple more turns we’re to try the plus
and then we’re gonna try the treasure shop yeah well let Samantha underneath her I don’t know if it’s
gonna do it right there see we got two claws going at the same time and see if
we can get anything tomorrow nope Samantha’s go for the Robin oh maybe
oh he’s gonna follow through the dead zone Robin just died you might have
loosened up the unicorn though yeah I can it’s let me check hold on a second
Chariton awesome ok Sheridan yeah right where your head is good I think but
let’s see if you can’t go over any more so let’s see if we don’t get it enough
no it wasn’t it doesn’t go to the side enough for that one I see cool some
unicorn okay I don’t even see it well where’d it go okay yep try right there
because I know you ran out of time that’s alright it’s around it that’s
around the bottom of it okay now it’s tipped over a little bit better okay you
around the legs I could just clamp there didn’t we got it all right got the
superhero dude now you can get clearing the dogs see if we can get this thing
right here kitchen is so gonna fall cuz I’m not on underneath anything huh all
right now oh hell that’s good check it out here okay it is that thing that I
told you about back go farther and then over this way I
think a little bit better you get the bottle doozy right there right there
well you might’ve got the jewelry thing snorkel we got a little ring yes right
where you’re at is fine if it spins right right there
plant no well maybe it’s gonna fall off I think see that’s what happens to that
woman let’s see we have the one that little ring that’s cool see that’s by the legs if it closes
almost now I can I’m sitting up we’ll get all the air underneath that thing
that’s a spoon right then right get off from there maybe close
there you go we got it we’re ahead Tiger the last harnessing the power of the
crawl trying to make it stronger under the body better it’s just a little
heavier clothes there you go you got that one
eye closed finally plans all right hey we’re back
at Denny’s with Sophie and Samantha we’re gonna check out the fauna she’s
young Sharon’s that dance let’s see what we
got well not squeeze anything we got this one Samantha we’re gonna have wrote a silly runner
for continuing our clock fire crawl-crawl-crawl at Steak and Shake I’m
a crazy claw that’s taking shape I don’t know if it takes fives here though I
think because that he wanted to go into the middle not on the side keep on him
okay now see about him I think know if you lined up right from that clamp so
I’ll see if he grabs his arm or not I think I got to be this way on there I
don’t that was all the quarters I had you took them all gave you a lot fuck
clamped that’s not gonna grab the clamp finally but if you would have done that
on the other turns over they got it shake it up baby got the straw that’s
all I got it you

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