Arcade Game Room Claw Machine Wins (GamerGreen Prize Crane)

Arcade Game Room Claw Machine Wins (GamerGreen Prize Crane)

Oh first try out to look for some gamer
green at the Golden Corral claw machine Sheridan has her baby dog didn’t
samantha has Charlie her dog she just got there really excited for them fresh
stock but this claw is really weak so let’s see what happens look the dog is
right in the front Samantha you’re gonna destroy this thing that’s for sure the
vendor must have just left nobody once played it yet this is a
Sugarloaf toy shop machine trying to even catch any gamer green in here I
don’t know if there’s a lot of gamer green stuff in here if this that’s right now right spot and
it’s not going to pick it up cuz it’s a week-long that does that gamer agreement
it can hold on to this doll it might have to be by the legs am i have to tip
it over that’s this guy to the side we gotta get the car back we go okay that might be better though
because I think you have a better chance of it grab him by the legs and around
the neck let’s see oh maybe they held on to that back leg
it might hold it that might hold it you’re right if you got a great spot all
right the gamer green dog it kind of goes with the Barbie stuff behind a
Barbie dog we’re literally fast asleep I think that’s gonna be right on top the
rainbow thing again really tough physics you get in and it spins upside down and
falls out watch it’s gonna spin upside down hello it
if you can tip it over at the ball those things that down has got that big
ponytail on the back is really tough he’s gonna try the jewelry call she sees
a scooby-doo lying bag in there it’s a keychain it looks like so there’s some
cool stuff there some stuff we might be able to get depending on how this clock
this way a little bit yeah see about that I think it drifts a little bit
let’s see yeah drifted back a little bit okay you
gotta be a little bit farther forward you tipped it over those that’s better
in front forward a little bit as it drifts backwards down right there she
puts you right on top of it that’s perfect if you don’t get it or not you
see that’s gonna be tough because it’s there’s nothing it’s kind of lights and
there’s really nothing to grab it by subscribe for the Scooby Doo blind bag
again see if we can get it nope forward you’re way behind it can you see it you
can’t even see it forward a little farther right there well we’re still
back a little too far okay that’s we had school space invaders what is it Michael
Oh Jeff lush so yeah that was in the down here we probably be able to win it over to the side just a little bit and
then forward just a little bit because we missed it last time we’re right there
see I might have lined you up to the side too much yeah I did sorry alright I don’t know if you can get that let me
try No well maybe I don’t know if it’s easy
to get to this side of it has to be perfect I’m gonna win the LA Dodgers
hair thing it might fall out though okay it’s duck Dodgers hairpiece
what do you mean I’m gonna wear that in my hair everyday let’s shared in that
one more turn now the scooby thing is open nothing was
a little bit in the way hell they might like it come forward go back this little
bit yeah try that right there this is hard cuz this one drifts it’s hard to
gauge the drift on it oh that’s right where you want to be Oh see it’s so
light it just falls right off little bit more right there good a little too far back okay I think it’s
the Mystery Machine okay push the ring okay what yeah that’s as close or too far to them right
that’s gonna be lined up perfect but that necklace is still in the way it’s
gonna fall hold it please hold it please all that
okay okay you got it right here that’s definitely yeah
oh that’s cool those are cool perfect grab on that guy
Mexico Lindo please it got gamer green though you might be like get that other
gamer green thing there that’s and how we picked it up and dropped it like in
the no we really want that cuz cuts on the bottom it’s not okay okay
better smarter but don’t know really get around it enough I had to get around
enough there’s no way he’s gonna hold on what we got it I can’t believe a grand
day like that that’s insane crazy that was crazy
I did not think it would grab it like that because Barbie credit I got that
Barbie in the perfect spot – awesome that’s a good way to end the day right
to go in fellas Cernan and Sophia shirts that means Sophia and Samantha unicorn
back better oh there’s another squeeze out of that box there it looks too big
though I don’t know okay there’s a lot of cool stuff when do we recrawl the
treasure shop let’s check out the plush side see here’s our cool stuff in here
there’s other Barbie we don’t have yet I think said I’d buy that yeah maybe that
too there’s the horse we got at the last place all right let’s see what we can do
Samantha can then take couple turns blue though right by the chute Oh first try
Oh two and one awesome Leto and party the first drivers I think I was gonna
grab it that good input Barbie I think now we have I don’t know if there’s
three or four but we have different ones the other blonde haired one right
there’s another blonde haired one the cod didn’t open but being in against the
cat here and see if it’ll open you got eleven seconds to there you go okay that
one’s harder because it’s hair in the back is longer kind of Samantha really
wants when they dream both bit every time it spins out like that every dive
for the rainbow really wants one of these rainbows and it spun it around
we’ll see you might be I’ll pick it up better I don’t know Sophie I got a bunch
of dog bone candy bullies legs out there we go you got him
this one has more stuff in it than the one up on the north side to go for this
deep line back one one early year from the other build the corral that’s in the
right spot let’s see oh man it’s just hard cuz
they’re heavy if we tip you can tip it over it won’t pick it up standing up but
I think if it’s tipped over we could probably get that that’s not gonna do
anything oh I did not think it would hold on to
that that must not be that you got it – it wouldn’t – no there’s no way you’re
gonna pick it up like that I thought you’d have to tip it over
that’s really like because the stuff the animal inside would like want to be
coca-cola you

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