1. Yeah right I worked as a robotic weld technician for years working with sanding down copper, filing copper, constantly holding copper tips weld tips soaked with coolant to keep them cool when they are being used on weld guns. That water soaks in your fingers. Every day 12 hours a day 7 days a week and I never got sick. I think taking two vitamin C pills is worse than having one drink within an hour in a copper mug what are they doing marinating their drink in that mug for a week?

  2. The ph balance of a Moscow mule without any ice is 3-4 Since the drink has ice the ph level drops as the drink dilutes. So it probably ends up being around a 5 by the time you drink it. Back in the late 70's they did experiments with people drinking whiskey sours ph balance around a 3 out of unlined copper shakers and they reported getting upset stomachs- they were not poisoned, they didn't die, they had an upset stomach. It was determined the upset stomachs were caused because they had consumed twice the amount of cooper found naturally in foods like mushrooms or liver. So can a Moscow mule make you sick if you drink it out of a copper mug, possibly but it is unlikely. The one thing I would look out for is the blue/green color or tarnish in a copper mug. This indicates copper salts are present and thus more likely to be absorbed into the drink. Again this rarely happens, so if that is the case clean the mug throughly before using it and it will be fine.

  3. Dr. Nandi said "Make sure there is a stainless steel or NICKLE lining ON THE INTERIOR."
    Surprised but at this point really shouldn't be at just how stupid MD's really are.

    Anyway just rubbing a nickle with your fingers for a few minutes a day for a week and by the weekend you will have LIVER nickle poisoning.

    Copper on the other hand STOPS bacteria, fungus, and virus. Used by Egyptians all the time for water and for cooking! Use a copper bracelet and say goodbye to most forms of arthritis.

    It is pure stupidity why hospitals don't use copper door knobs, but then again if the REAL GOAL is the bottom line than we can understand why they avoid copper!

  4. My god. Wat next. Ask Putin. He will tell the truth. Fear mongering. Copper depletes fear. Enjoy. Even with water . Peace xx

  5. Some say to drink from a copper mug or cup 4 times a week, others 3 cups a day so, as with everything in life, you want the right amount, not too much nor too little. Copper is essencial to our bodies, brain, joints, liver, pancreas, heart, blood vessels, so listen to some experts on the subject and make your own conclusions. Ayurvedic medicine makes use of copper.

  6. Yeah really. The graphic on the screen hypnotizes the viewer before they normalize lies and tell them to your eyes. This made it become hard to find pure copper and now you can only buy pure copper water vessels online. This is propogranda to keep people away from the healing, just like telling people not to look at the sun and telling them you will go blind.

  7. OMG Alcohol it self will fuck up you're kidneys. I love how no videos on copper mugs every show there links or findings of what they are saying

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