Are the 2019 Silver Eagles sold out?

Hey everybody its silver seeker. And today we are taking a look at this letter right here from the US Mint It is dated February 21st 2019 and it is floating right there in front of that beautiful waving American flag that you can see. It is referring to the 2019 American Eagle silver bullion coins this is to inform you that we have temporarily sold out of our inventories of 2019 dated American Eagle silver bullion coins in addition all remaining 2018 dated inventories have been sold too. The West Point mint is busy producing additional 2019 dated American silver bullion coins. We hope to be able to relaunch the 2019 dated coins in a few weeks. Please. Let us know if you have any additional questions jack a unpronounceable branch chief of the bullion Directorate United States Mint now the reason that we’re bringing you this letter is because As it says the US Mint is out of Silver Eagles. Well, what does that mean? Well it honestly it doesn’t mean a whole lot the US Mint actually sells out of Silver Eagles Multiple times throughout the year. Sometimes it seems but I don’t think there’s been a year since 2008 where they haven’t been sold out of Silver Eagles at at least some point the thing is though is it does kind of temporarily affect the prices or the Premiums that you pay over spot for silver eagles and that’s what we wanted to show you in this video So, of course, they’re sold out they’re gonna be sold out for a couple of weeks That doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to get 2019 silver eagles just because the mint is sold out doesn’t mean that APMEX, SD Bullion, Provident and all the other big boys are So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a look at the prices and the premiums on some of the different big Bullion dealers and just kind of see what they’re doing if the prices have increased so the first one we’re gonna look at today is APMEX, so APMEX has your 2019 one ounce American Silver Eagles as low as $18.90 or $2.89 over spot but to get that price you have to buy 1500 or more if you look at 500 to 1499 that number increases the $19.10 that makes it $3.09 over spot and if you go to 100 to 499 it goes to $3.49 over spot and it goes up even more from there at $3.79 over spot and $4.09 over spot if you just buy 1-19 now we are looking at the check and wire prices we’re not going to pay attention to Bitcoin and PayPal because those are Additional processing fees that they have to charge you because that’s what they get charged to use those services However, the check and wire which has no extra premium You’re looking at four dollars and nine cents over spot for an American Silver Eagle. That is definitely an increase in premium It’s not a massive increase, but it certainly is an increase if we look at 2019 Silver Eagle on SD bullion, you can see that they are a little bit more reasonable. They’re showing $19.38 for a single coin $19.18 for 20 – 99 and at 1500 they drop all the way to $18.59 So out of my research on the three big guys that I usually go to SD bullion certainly has the best deal on currently sold 2019 Silver Eagles now we will look at one more This is Provident Provident has him for $19.39 which is still definitely cheaper than APMEX Actually got $19.29 at 20 – 99 and it goes all the way down to $18.89 for 1500 or more which basically is the same as APMEX. In fact, that could just be a difference in spot so they had $16.01 and it looks like Provident has $16. So we’re looking at the ask prices if you ever go if you ever wondering about these spot prices by the way There’s always an ask and a bid price the difference between the ask and the bid price is almost always about 10 cents So APMEX right here showing that ask is $16.01 provident is showing here at the bottom that ask is $16 so just so you know what we’re looking at so Have the premiums increased? Well, yes, of course they have they have a little bit there They’re certainly a little bit more expensive than they used to be But they’re not Astronomical it’s not you know a sky-high premium compared to what we are used to so it’s really nothing to worry about like I said with 2019 silver eagles. This probably won’t even be the first time to sell out and with silver eagles in general They sell out almost every single year again This just happened about four months ago But I thought I would share it with you since there was an official letter from the US Mint Just letting the big bullion distributors the ones that they sell these silver eagles to know that they’re sold out now This doesn’t affect proof strikes. It doesn’t affect Burnished Strikes or things like that It’s only for the bullion program and with the bullion program essentially How the US Mint does is rather than marketing silver eagles directly to the public because that would be a massive amount of orders They just deal with big, you know, big corporations like Provident SD Bullion APMEX and people like that where they basically just sell them You know hundreds of thousands of ounces at a time or whatever it is, you know tens of thousands I mean I don’t know the exact number, but just Massive amounts of silver so they can only deal with you a few invoices and then they let those companies handle distributing it out to us which unfortunately means that we pay a little bit more but The US Mint doesn’t want to deal with it. So there’s not a whole lot we can say or do about that But anyway, I just wanted to share this with you Hopefully you guys stack Silver Eagles because it is a fantastic way to stack silver Let me know what you think in the comments and we will see you in the next video

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