Arhaus | Furniture | The Copper Collection

Arhaus | Furniture | The Copper Collection

The Copper Collection is actually one of my
favorite stories. It blends a combination of our sustainability
practices, our desire to work with artisan craftsmen. Each one is unique, each one is special, and
each one is going to be completely original. The fiery colors, the blacks, the reds, the
oranges, the golds, all come from the firing process when the sheets are actually placed
into the fire, and that’s how all the gorgeous color comes out and makes that wonderful,
wonderful, warm tone. The Copper Dining all started off in a little
tiny village in Mexico. In a small little town set up in the mountains,
this town is also known for its amazing copper smithing. Everywhere you go, you see different bowls
and plates and tiles, and the entire community is based around this copper production. Every single person has all these amazing
copper goods for sale, and they’re all made out of completely recycled copper that is
melted down, and then pounded out into sheets by these artisan craftsmen. This is actually the place where Monarch Butterflies
migrate to and stay for the winter. So, as evidence of that migration, we do have
a little copper butterfly actually stamped into the edge of every single one of our copper
pieces. To this day it’s still one of our best collections,
and the beauty is gorgeous in our stores and in our homes.

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