Art By Chelsea – Copper Plate Etching Intaglio Process Demo

Art By Chelsea – Copper Plate Etching Intaglio Process Demo

Original Copper Plate Etching by Chelsea Smith Every Piece starts off as a pencil sketch White medium is applied to the back of the paper to transfer the image onto the copper plate Retracing the pencil lines will now transfer the white medium image onto the copper plate The white medium image has now been transferred onto the copper plate I use several different types of tools to scratch lines through the acid resist to expose the bare copper Final touch up is required on the acid resist to protect any bare copper not to be etched The copper is now placed into Rembrandt’s Edinburgh Etch (acid) solution to etch the lines into the copper plate It takes several repeated etchings for hours at a time to etch from dark to delicate lines When the etching is complete the acid resist ground is removed from the copper plate The copper plate must be entirely cleaned to remove all acid resist and residue I hand ink each plate so that all colors are transferred from the plate only – no post coloring ever ! All excess ink must be moved from the copper plate using Tarlatan cloth and news print paper The hand inked plate is placed on my trusty olde Conrad press (Thanks Rolly!) and the paper aligned to plate Very specific pressure is required for maximum transfer of ink without damaging the paper or copper plate The moment of the final reveal of the completed print is a surprise every time – no two prints are the same ! Please stop by Thanks!


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