Artbeads Cafe – Making Multi-Strand Leather Bracelets with Cynthia Kimura and Candie Cooper

CYTNTHIA: Hi! I’m Cynthia from Artbeads
Cafe and today we have Candie Cooper! CANDIE: Hi, Cynthia!
CYTNTHIA: Hi, Candie! So happy to have you here!
CANDIE: Thanks for having me! CYTNTHIA: And today, you are going to show
us what to do with leather! CANDIE: All kinds of leather. We are making
these really cool, textured bracelets, with lots of little charms and detail to them.
I think you’re going to love it. CYTNTHIA: Well, I’m excited already!
CANDIE: Yeah, because you love Boho style, so do I.
CYTNTHIA: I do. CANDIE: And these scream Boho. So, we are
using Leather Cord USA, printed and stitched leather. You can see this has all kinds of surface
decoration to it. It almost looks like a snakeskin or something like that.
CYTNTHIA: It does. CANDIE: It’s not. But it has some really
reflective areas and then some matte areas, which is why I love it so much.
CYTNTHIA: And I have to say, it’s really soft!
CANDIE: Really soft! CYTNTHIA: When you look at that, you don’t
think so, but it’s super soft. CANDIE: Yeah, it’s not scratchy at all,
that would be kind of annoying if it was. Right?! Okay, and then round leathers, these
come in all different kinds of diameters, as well as metallics and mattes, natural surfaces.
My favorite, this round braid- super chunky round braid. And then we’ve got some Bolo
and some flat braid. So what we’re going to do is bring all of this beautiful Leather
Cord USA nest together and make these bracelets. CYTNTHIA: Okay great!
CANDIE: Are you ready to roll? CYTNTHIA: Yes! I’m so excited.
CANDIE: Great! So, we went ahead and started picking out our colors ahead of time, but,
what you want to do is start with your favorite. So, right now I am in love with this chocolaty
colored printed and stitched. And for a little bit of pop of color I went then with this
flat braid. And I love how this is sort of a transparent; you can still see that leather
underneath the dye. By the way, I should mention that all Leather Cord USA leather is lead-free,
so no lead in the dyes, which is great! CYTNTHIA: Yes.
CANDIE: Then I am mixing in some really tiny pieces, this is 1mm round leather, some metallic
round leather, and this metallic gold Bolo braid to top it off.
CYTNTHIA: That is really nice, yes. CANDIE: Gold is really trendy right now! Yeah,
it’s good, because this can lean a little bit brown if you want it to and that’s why
I like it, ‘cause it’s a blender. CYTNTHIA: Right.
CANDIE: And you’re using- CYTNTHIA: I am using blue! First off favorite,
it was this one, because I like the color turquoise and I thought, turquoise always
goes well with beige or brown. CANDIE: Yeah, they are contrasting colors
on the color wheel. CYTNTHIA: Yes. Exactly.
CANDIE: Complementary colors, rather. CYTNTHIA: Yes. And then you pointed me to
this one and I went, “oh look at that!” CANDIE: A little sassy! Don’t you think,
with the two color bolo? CYTNTHIA: Yes!
CANDIE: I love it! CYTNTHIA: And then some metallic too, the
metallic brown and then just, I think it looks like a brown or purple
CANDIE: Which is really cool because you are using more chunky strands. I’ve got super
skinny, wide, round, whatever. So now, let’s put it together.
CYTNTHIA: Okay! CANDIE: We’re using Leather Cord USA Glu-N-Go
findings. These come in all different styles. I gave you the round. But all these are is
really a nice weight metal, super substantial. And then we’re just going to glue the leather ends
down into the finding. I am going to use the flat buckle one.
CYTNTHIA: Okay. CANDIE: So let’s get going. So just sort
of organize your strands together, group them how you want.
CYTNTHIA: Right. And how much length do we need to cut?
CANDIE: We won’t worry about that yet. CYTNTHIA: Okay.
CANDIE: Because, we want to sort of tailor it to fit your wrist.
CYTNTHIA: I see. CANDIE: So just kind of organize these strands,
group them, take away anything that you don’t like, and get them all going the same way.
And you could also use a clothes pin to sort of bundle these things. You know, to help
act as a third hand. CYTNTHIA: Yeah, because it tends to, it wants
to roll right now. CANDIE: Yeah. While you’re working, I was
going to talk just a little bit, this whole bracelet started when I visited Leather Cord
USA headquarters, they had a big scrap bin, which you can imagine how delightful that
was! And I just started pulling different leathers that I liked together and that’s
how this- I feel like the best ideas come when you are just playing around.
CYTNTHIA: Right, yeah! This is great. CANDIE: So, that’s how this bracelet started.
So, are you set? CYTNTHIA: Yes.
CANDIE: Okay. Now, mine’s going to be a little bit different, but the first thing
we’re going to do, I will let you start, you’re just going to put a little bit of
this glue down into your finding. CYTNTHIA: Okay.
CANDIE: And you can imagine, just smoosh ‘em down in.
CYTNTHIA: And that’s it! CANDIE: Yeah, super technical- smoosh ‘em
in! CYTNTHIA: Yeah.
CANDIE: Just smoosh’ em in! And then meanwhile, while you are doing that, I need to sort of
alter my ends a little bit because this printed and stitched leather is so round, I use my
chain nose pliers and give it a little smoosh. Again, smooshing to flatten the end and now
I can put it in the finding more easily. And so for mine, I put the leathers in the order
because mine is going to lay flat. CYTNTHIA: Right. Oh! Mine is easier then!
I don’t have to smoosh it. CANDIE: I try, I do what I can! I like to
make it easy. But that’s the thing about these bracelets, they can be really, you know,
like you’re blending colors, you know, 15 strands of leather, or you can just put them
in the end. Okay, so you’re all set. CYTNTHIA: I did and I just put the glue and
pushed everything in. That was super easy. CANDIE: So that’s my turn and I am going
to do mine. And same goes, I am going to just push all of this in and let it just ease in
there a little bit. I can’t see… I think I just used the whole bottle of glue, don’t
do that! Don’t use the whole bottle of glue. And then I’m just going to line these up,
push them in. You have to do that flattening trick for the bolo as well.
CYTNTHIA: Oh, I see, yes. CANDIE: You know what I mean?
CYTNTHIA: Yeah. CANDIE: This guy is being a little stubborn.
There we go. CYTNTHIA: Okay.
CANDIE: And then, you can put your other flats in. And then, what I like to do is keep these
guys for the ends. CYTNTHIA: To fill it up?
CANDIE: Yeah, just to fill in those extra gaps.
CYTNTHIA: Okay. CANDIE: That’s nice about that half round
or 1mm round stuff. Okay, and then sometimes, if you have a loose edge that is being stubborn,
you can use your plier tool, that’s what they’re made for-
CYTNTHIA: Yes. CANDIE: And also, to sort of push it down
and in if that makes sense. Right? CYTNTHIA: Okay.
CANDIE: Then, we’ll put a couple more. CYTNTHIA: Do you really need to make sure
that every space in the clasp is filled? CANDIE: That’s a funny question, yes…
I think you do, because it looks better. If you have gaps, I mean you can imagine, it’s
you know, you can do better. This one, I have enough space that I think I can go ahead and
fill that in and then I am just going to cut my piece in half anyway. I should also mention
that the Glu-N-Go findings from Leather Cord come in gold too, so if you want, you don’t
have to use silver if you like gold. Okay, success. So now, you want to let that glue
set up a little bit. Alright, let’s work on- I’m going to set mine over here. Let’s
talk about charms. Here’s the one that we’re essentially making today, and I’m using
the TierraCast bail beads with some cute little charms and Swarovski dangles, so I’ve got
‘em right here. And let’s go ahead and start with our focal, like a focal charm.
CYNTHIA: Right. CANDIE: I’ve got this little Green Girl
bunny, where’s my jump ring? CYNTHIA: You need some, yes.
CANDIE: Do you want? CYNTHIA: I already have some, yes.
CANDIE: Okay. CYNTHIA: Well, I love this bracelet, you put
so many charms on them! So you can do with one or you can do with a bunch of them. This
is really great! CANDIE: Cynthia, more is more in my world!
I like lots of things! So, I am using heavy duty TierraCast jump rings as well because
when you are wearing it, bracelets get a lot of traffic! So you want to use strong, you
know, heavy gauge components for this one. And then, I’ve gone ahead and done some
beaded dangles with the, I love these balled head pins, my favorite. And then to top it
off, I’m going to add a couple little more charms, flower charms. And, this is the simplified
version, obviously, you could keep adding more and more. Yeah.
CYNTHIA: And I like what you did, is you added some crystal.
CANDIE: A little sparkle never hurt anybody! CYNTHIA: Yes!
CANDIE: Yeah, well and that’s the thing, like with the Dakota Stones beads, and then
a little bit of sparkle, for me, it looks good with the printed and stitch, because
it’s a little matte, a little sparkle. CYNTHIA: Right.
CANDIE: Okay just finishing my last bail. CYNTHIA: This is really amazing. What is really
fun in your bracelet is you have so many different types of material and media together, and
they work really well together. CANDIE: Thank you! Okay! Where’s my bracelet?
Okay, so let’s talk about size a little bit, I’ll help you, because I think it is
easier to do this. CYNTHIA: Okay!
CANDIE: You’re going to go ahead and wrap it around your wrist, are we good?
CYNTHIA: Yes. CANDIE: And I like to just cut one strand.
CYNTHIA: Let me give you the scissors. CANDIE: Thank you. And I feel pretty good
about that. I like for these to fit a little bit more snug because they do have so much.
So, we’ve got our one strand and now you can shorten all those up.
CYNTHIA: I can cut the others. CANDIE: Yep! And I’m going to do the same
thing. And then what we’re going to do is start sliding the beads and decorative components
onto our bracelet. And I sell a lot of jewelry, so these days I am just making it as I go.
CYNTHIA: Oh wow. CANDIE: It was so funny, the other day, I
walked in with some leather bracelets at the beauty parlor and I ended up selling a couple!
I needed to drop one off for a friend and then two other ladies were like, “Oh! We
want one!” CYNTHIA: Oh, how funny!
CANDIE: So, leather jewelry is really hot right now, right?
CYNTHIA: Yes, it is! CANDIE: Okay. How are you doing down there?
CYNTHIA: Good. CANDIE: Yes that’s exactly right, doesn’t
have to be super organized, it will all shake out in the end.
CYNTHIA: Okay. CANDIE: Now you want to finish it how you
started. CYNTHIA: Just with the glue?
CANDIE: Yes and you’re going to glue it in and just let it set up, I would let it
set up for a little bit, if that makes sense. CYNTHIA: Right. Let me take this off. There.
That’s something that if you have Christmas coming, a birthday coming; you can do a couple
so fast. CANDIE: Really make it in minutes, literally.
Sometimes I see those like, “you can make this recipe, it only takes 45 minutes…”
And like two hours later… You really can make these in you know, 30 minutes or so.
One of the things also, a tip, is sometimes, when you have these more petite pieces of
leather, the 1mm or .5mm, you can bundle them together.
CYNTHIA: Oh yeah. CANDIE: With the bail beads, you know? So
now, I’m ready just to glue in my opposite side. How are you doing?
CYNTHIA: Great! You know, I think the next one, I will add more.
CANDIE: Add more? CYNTHIA: Yes, charms.
CANDIE: You’re speaking my love language! More charms, more leather!
CYNTHIA: Well thank you very much for doing this today that was a great, great project.
Really fun to do and really fast. CANDIE: Thank you!
CYNTHIA: And I hope that you enjoyed this episode today with Candie Cooper. Thank you
so much for joining us today on Artbeads Cafe and make sure to subscribe to our email newsletter
to be the first one to know about our great promotions and new ideas. Merci beaucoup,
au revoir! A bientot! CANDIE: Bye-Bye!

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