Asking Molly for $10,000… (Gold Digger EXPOSED)

Asking Molly for $10,000… (Gold Digger EXPOSED)

This is what happens when we try to put medicine in Bosley’s, Bosley i’m just trying to play some Fortnite man alright like can we just please give you the medicine, look guys look He’s so scared, my mom is trapping him at the stairs watch. He’s gonna try to run back Bosley medicine. Yeah It’s time for medicine come on The way he runs is so funny, that’s it where did he go this time? Bosley are you kidding me? We’re trying to help you come on man come on. Let’s go guys look same thing Come on I want to get back to playing please I’m just trying to play some fortnite man. Just accept it man We’re trying to help you we’re just gonna put… Ya, he is gone what the hell Oh my god, mom. You know what I look like right now the Chucky doll a scary killer Chucky doll With the red hair? Yeah, my hair literally looks so red right now. This is not okay That’s not what I signed up for to all my fortnite fans out there. I have yet to win in solo You don’t understand how hard I try how many hours a day I put into this game, and I can’t win I promised that the next four night video would be me winning so I’ve been practicing I’ve been working on my skills And I hope I could bring you guys a fortnight W. My first ever one I feel like they’ll be like the greatest accomplishment ever It reminded me of my old days when I used to make gaming videos you guys showed so much love that’s how I started on My youtube channel, and I gotta show respect to all gamers out there But yeah what you guys saw in the beginning of the video. That’s what we have to deal with every single day I might actually hire a dog whisperer to come tell Bosley like hey. We’re helping you out every day alright We’re not hurting you so I’ve been wanting to start a cooking show on my youtube channel Let me know what you guys think of that But I want to show you one Secret dish that I’ve been practicing and working so hard on and I finally perfected it and you’re ever gonna Thank me after cuz I don’t think Anybody has ever done that but this is kind of like an advanced meal to cook so just for those beginners out there you could Try it, but this is more for like advanced cookers, so let me show you how it’s done So the only ingredients you need to use to make this super super hard dish is Nutella and waffles But you’re gonna want to do is take up two waffles Place them straight in the middle the toaster all right and mother if you can come around this way, please then on your toaster there should be an option to put waffle click that and then Now you just wait. This is the hard part. It’s the waiting like if you’re a patient. It’s torture Okay, so while we wait for these waffles to cook it takes such a long time. This is what I do to kill time Mom wish me luck. I’m landing at the Tilted towers huh Why was that because I’m letting in the Tilted towers the waffle should be done by now, yes, perfect timing All right, so what you’re gonna want to do is be careful on this one But you’re gonna take you to waffle and place them on the plate They should have a little crisp to them actually the center should be a little bit soft and the smell Delightful, so now what you’re gonna want to do is grab a butter knife or a plastic knife You’re gonna want to grab the Nutella okay, and you’re going to take a nice little scoop right here Just about it’s about that much, and you’re gonna slap it on the waffle like that all right And then you’re gonna want to spread. I never knew how to spread growing up Don’t make me say something bad Thanks mom So because it’s so hard to make i’m gonna help Thank you, oh my god, we forgot an ingredient Oh Oh my god miss freakin Butterworth God hold them up Did you wash your hands after putting medicine in Bosley’s I? Know dirty dishwater is not washing your hands All right, maybe I should just learn how to spread my own Nutella And I think this part I could try to do by myself, but can you record it, please sure? Thank you. Okay. Here we go to top off this extremely hard dish to cook and prep Some syrup now. There’s some different ways to eat this woman. You could fold them and make a sandwich, too You can cut it in pieces Three if you just grab with your hand and buy me, but yeah, I hope you guys did enjoy this tutorial I’m sure nobody has ever done this I think I’m first to ever make them to tell a pancake dish so if you guys want to make this and try it and Tweet it at me Let me know if this is something you want to see cooking with rug But a full-on video of me trying to cook like a high-end very hard meal to prep love You know if you guys want to see that, but this one. I think I killed good-morning Rugrats. How’s everybody doing today? I hope you’re all enjoying the vlog so far and having a great day as always, but real quick I want to take a second to congratulate Austin and Katherine from the 8th family on their pregnancy That’s so huge congrats to Austin and Katherine you guys are genuinely the nicest people I’ve ever met throughout this youtube game And you’re killing the YouTube game, so keep it up I’m really excited for your new baby, and I can’t wait for that collab but yo guys right now I am so excited to do this so as you may know Molly And I haven’t seen each other in like a month you guys. Don’t understand. How busy. We’ve been she’s been doing her own thing I’ve been doing my own thing and I’ve been doing a lot of things behind the scenes and you guys will see I’m gonna explain It all tomorrow We got Bosley just falling asleep right there, but anyways Molly is on her way right now And I thought of a perfect prank idea like we haven’t seen each other in a month She’s not gonna expect a prank NES for those asking like Molly and I are still friends We didn’t work out as boyfriend and girlfriend, but that’s not gonna stop us from being friends But basically I thought of this perfect idea. This is kind of putting Molly – the friendship test I want to see how she would react if I asked her for money you guys are probably like drug That’s not gonna make any sense like how did you lose all your money, but basically I’m gonna tell her that nobody knows except for her and that I through a majority of my money into Bitcoin and Lost it all I think that’s like a believable thing because you never know in Bitcoin like that’s why I never really got into that stuff But I’m gonna tell her lost all my money No one knows, and there’s like a house payment coming up, and I don’t have any money And I’m gonna see if she’ll actually loan me money It’s kind of like a role reversal Switch because everybody thought molly was a gold digger when we were together so I’m like what would happen if I asked her for money So guys when she gets here. I’m gonna set up the camera, and I’m gonna just ask her for money I’m gonna try to make this as believable as possible. I hope you guys do enjoy and please smash that like button for this I’m so excited to prank her. I think I’ve only pranked her like twice or three times I’m knowing each other, and I think this is gonna be the best one of them all let’s see actually react Okay, guys, so I just set up the camera here in the living room because when I go get her from outside I’m gonna just have her sit here We’re just gonna chill for a little bit And I’m actually gonna be blogging off my other camera when she does get here to make it a little bit more believable And I hope you guys do enjoy and I hope we get her and I want to see if she’s gonna lend me some money Well well well If it isn’t Molly. Oh my god It’s literally been a full month and since we saw each other. How are you good? Thank you, baby. Molly’s finally here Bosley scratching at the door. He’s gonna be so happy to see you Come back inside. Where are you going? It’s been a month. Hey Billy three weeks Yeah guys we’re gonna think of some fun stuff to do and I’ll pick up the vlog in a sec Well listen Ok wait though, I’m being dead serious like I actually need help Like ok so nobody knows this and I’m not telling anybody else, and I feel like you could help Ok so we have to see each other in a long time We’re both By busy for me. I mean I Got into a Bitcoin and stuff. Oh, yeah really Okay I definitely wouldn’t it because so of course I didn’t tell my mom and dad because they would always tell me like it’s available okay investing yeah basically, but my friend from LA he told me about this one courtesy called a ripple or something actually ya know like I invested in like a couple other ones but I Put like Like a million dollars into the whole like cryptocurrency world. I know I’m stupid Because yesterday like it went down literally down Both up and down, but from what I’ve heard like the ones that I invested you Can take your money out all the money’s gone now? Okay anybody out there was like I was hoping that while he was gonna like double triple Apple and that’s what I was told was gonna happen, so I was actually really confident and The market crashed yesterday or something so what I could do is wait to see bill go back but from what I’m hearing his back No I Saw me first off but I Am asking you like I don’t know who else to ask but my house and Well you have a nice living for containment like I believe all the money down Well the house painted cars and everything or are you one day past due and I Know this is stupid of you asking like this would never happen is there any way that you can loan me money like just borrow and I promise you like within the next couple months. I’m going to figure everything out and Obviously, I know this is like And like I’m confused like I don’t know you being serious, you know I’m all night he was serious, so he Eliminates trick so he can with all your money away. There’s none like this. I like 500 with them I have others other wounded my savings. I can’t take out like I Retire Like are you okay? Did you do this because you really break down? like I was just talking I Know I was just like oh Okay I just hope like the market load that for now like my house. Maybe the car payments Have are already passed overdue one day is there any way that? I want to see the amount of 10 grand That’s how much like your payments are a month It’s $10,000 so every month. You spend some public always just on your cards and house this house I have to pay I really I know I know I’m gonna tell my friend soon earlier I’ll tell them that you won’t even hit you’re down further than like the obviously big back and I will I feel like I felt awkward because any place they don’t free me, and I don’t want to say no I Mean It’s okay if you like that one hundred and ten percent I Will be back of course. I’m a man of my word. You know that I’ll pay you back No matter what like even if I don’t have money. I’ll Work my way to get money Just for you if you pay because like if I give you ten thousand long as I don’t have to See you don’t have to do obviously still like respect you at all well I do your picture getting mad at me It’s like I feel like I know you would pay me back. That’s a big maçussa You’re literally the only person I trust helping But like I just I’m like still came in like understand the glories of the situation like I don’t Like writing a million dollars like I was stupid are doing so much going There were a million dollars where they claimed yeah, I know like this is I’m not miss olive like honestly like this is like a million dollars. You have so much fun. Trust me like I’ve Thought about it a billion times. It keeps me up at night So like I understand how to be a little pain right now like how are you is like getting or making a video today? If you don’t want to help that’s fine, no totally like it’s completely fine, but if you do that would help I know he’s awesome keeper I’m not trying to blow out of lithium. I think disconnected see Molly It’s okay No like I want to be nice and help you out like if I do like you have to remember in prison of course But I just like if anything like I’m just worried about you because I don’t understand how that use a million dollars Because I feel that because I just pray to you I feel so bad right now because I’m just praying to Molly Set up the camera I’m kidding I didn’t know a million dollars in dick Don’t hate me All my best stuff you’re so nice that how my messed up That was just a funny little pain. That’s not funny Literally freaked me the hell okay, I’m sorry corner life crisis sorry yeah Honesty like That’s not funny I thought it was funny. Oh What the heck okay, I’m sorry I won’t prank you anymore Well you didn’t answer the question where you gonna loan me the money or not? Record it yeah Honestly I appreciate you like willing to spare me money if I really wasn’t Seen a month I come over. I’m all happy, and then he’s like hey like I just lost a throwaway bag Why I feel like this was a little believable cuz like Like we haven’t hung out in so long so like she’s probably like wait. What’s going on like this was the crisis I was going maybe talking to me because like something happened like something like maybe like I don’t we got her, baby. Let’s go I’m sorry Molly, but I do miss you Nuts this Kylie Jenner just had a baby yeah I hope you did enjoy this video if you did please be sure to drop a like Wow, we have a hung out in a month and the prankster comes back like Yep, you’re so proud of yourself. Yeah Yeah, guys, please subscribe to our news. I think Molly and I are gonna record a video for her channel So don’t miss that and let me know in the comments section what you guys thought of this prank I thought I got her back pretty good. I hope you guys all have a great rest of your day Let me know if you miss Molly because we’re back and we’re gonna make some more videos together And you guys that’s been rogue timbale and we’re out peace


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  2. rug gave her so much money and when it comes down for rug to get money molly doesn’t wanna give him money 😂😂 gold digger? 😗😂

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  4. I love it how when rug and her were together rug spent over 20k on her shit and she couldn’t lend him 10k for a serious problem FUCKIN gold digger

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  6. I don't think molly is a true friend she semded weird and I don't know maybe she is but I don't think she's a true friend I am not trying to hate

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  8. MOLLY is a freaking GOLD DIGGER.
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