– So glittery. I don’t even want to eat it. Cheers. Hi guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really,
really, really well. So just a quick disclaimer
before I start anything, I am not eating real tools. It is made with 100% real ingredients. I am not eating real
jewelry or real flowers even though you can like eat real flowers. I am not eating real gold bars. Like, I’d break my teeth, okay? So, everything is 100% safe
so please don’t try to eat anything like this ’cause
that would be really stupid, so yeah, but before we get to the video, I want you all to go to my Instagram, follow me and the first
20 people that TM me what their favorite season is, summer, spring, early spring, whatever. I personally, obviously I love summer, but I also friggen love fall. I’m like kinda getting
some fall vibes recently, like I just did a huge
shopping thing on Fashion Nova and it’s like all fall stuff, so yeah. I’m like in that mode already, but okay, besides the point. Our refreshment of choice is the Coldest, Coldest, Coldest Water Bottle and you can get yours
in the description box. All right y’all, so, today’s theme is, as you can probably tell, gold. This has been requested insanely, if that’s even a word, insanely. Like so many ASMR’s
have done this already. I literally could give credit
to like 10, 15 other people. I will give a shout-out
though to Crunchy ASMR. You need to go check out her page. Like she has the lit-est videos. They’re so austetically pleasing, I swear. But yes, so I have gold flowers, gold, gold flowers, macrons, I have some chicken
nuggets right behind here. I couldn’t really fit everything in ’cause sometimes if there’s too much, it looks too glittery. So, then we have honeycomb, tools, tools, gold bars, (tapping) and this is cake. You know I love cake. We have some keys and jewelry, like a broach, broach, broach, there you go. So, that is what I’m eating today and let’s just get right in, shall we? I kinda wanna do this like broach thing. It’s like actually really cool. All right, cheers. Okay and let’s do this it’s like, literally, so cool. Okay, cheers. Okay, next let’s do this guy. It’s a hammer. Oh, cool. Cheers. Mm, okay, I kinda wanna
do the macaroon next, I mean like crunchy and soft
at the same time, you know. So, this one is raspberry. Oh my gosh it’s so like glittery, 24 carat gold on it. Okay. Cheers. All right, this is now red velvet. I’m actually so excited for this. Okay, now, oh, so glittery. Oh my gosh. I don’t even want to eat it. By the way, these cost me $90.00 for two little roses. $90.00, crazy. I’ve never spent more
money on like cake items and fondant and like, oh my gosh, the amount of money I spent
on this stuff is crazy, but obviously, it’s worth it, 100% and it’s all for you guys. All right, it’s time for the flower. Okay, that was actually
so good and like, okay, a lot of you comment, “Oh my gosh, “you eat so much sweet stuff. “Like I couldn’t do all that sugar.” I feel like I have a very low sugar tol, yeah, is it low sugar tolerance? Because I like sugar. I don’t know, but it takes a
lot for me to get sugared out, you know what I mean? Yeah. All right now let’s do these nuggets. Oh, there’s an airplane outside. Okay. So here we have our nugget
and this is McDonald’s. Mc Donald’s. Okay, cheers. Okay, now I’m just gonna get this. Oh my gosh. Okay. Oh man. Oh baby. All right, guys. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, okay. Cheers. That is so sweet, like, so sweet. I get little wax pieces. Okay. Cheers. Oh my gosh. Okay so now, let’s do a nugget with the honey. Okay. Oh, still have some wax in
there. Mm. Okay, I’m gonna go wash my hands and then I’ll be right back. All right, I’m all cleaned up, thank God and let’s do this one now. So this is a strawberry shortcake, yes. Oh. That’s a bite for you. Ah. Okay, let’s give this a go. Oh my gosh, guys, that is so fricken good. Like, holy crap. Okay, cheers, oh, oops. Cheers. Oh my gosh, guys. I can’t even explain it. Okay, one more bite. Oh my gosh, you guys,
that was so fricken good. That was like so moist, I can’t even, I can’t even, so good. That is all for this video though. I really, really hope you guys enjoyed it. You guys are so amazing, like I see your comments. I try to heart all your comments, like and we’re almost at
1,000,000 subscribers. I can’t even believe it. You guys are amazing. God, you are amazing, like, I couldn’t do this without
him obviously, so yeah. I love you guys so, so much

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