Astroneer – How to Find Copper – How to Find the Smelting Furnace. HillbillyX NFG

Astroneer – How to Find Copper – How to Find the Smelting Furnace. HillbillyX NFG

this is Hillbilly X with Nelson family
gaming coming at you with another Astroneer and in this Astroneer video
we’re gonna talk about copper where to find copper how to find it and then
smelting it so that’s it, alright guys, if we take a look at my Astroneer backpack right now
you’ll see that I have here on this side I have the refined copper and then what
it looks like in its raw form so here’s where we go and find it so first let me
go ahead and take my copper and so here’s the here’s after you Mon it and
as you can see I need to build some storage units I have some medium storage
units right now which which is being currently used everything else just
chuck it over here on the ground so let’s take this copper here that I
already have mined so let’s go ahead and let’s let’s take them off and show you
guys where to go and find it what it looks like and then how to smelt it some
of you may be trying to figure out how do I even make copper how do I smelt it
and I’m gonna show you how to do that because it took me it took me a little
bit to find that there’s there’s all kinds of information on the internet
about unlocking it in Astroneer but not exactly an Astroneer video on how to find the smelting furnace so I’m going to show you guys how to do that to here alright so first
thing we want to do is i well let’s go ahead and let’s make our way to the
mountains and if I remember it was this way
oh good this yeah if I see anything in here I know I don’t that’s right I
remember when I did this I was like where is this stuff I know it’s here in
this mountain but where yeah so as you can see I blasted my way up this
mountain oh I see a sled I didn’t know that was up there before or a platform
some of the debris is my controller so loud
click clack clack complete click some slack okay where is this I know what you
guys are thinking like really copper is it that difficult now I found it at the
base of a mountain yeah I found a couple things there at the base of a mountain
but right here is where I found some copper but let’s uh let’s look and see
if we can find some more here we can yep there it is so it doesn’t look like what
you would think it looks like see it’s green it’s got this green yeah
it’s got this green shininess to it I don’t see any others here except for
this I put on top of this mountain so let’s grab that you see how it’s like
it’s it’s gold uh yeah and green all right well I’m sure if we keep looking
we’ll find some more up here and try not I’m trying to have to make my a lot of
sounds with my controller because it’s pretty loud well we have some I see some
silicon down there not silicon I’m sorry some resin I don’t see where is if that can’t be it look and
some more yeah okay and if you played Astroneer enough you’ll know that if
you just keep digging and a spot where you found some minerals of some kind of
whatever you’re looking for and regardless if it’s resin or if it’s
quartz or even copper if you just keep mining you’ll end up running into some
more it’s just sad that I don’t have any more in this little area here and left
my tethered okay I’ve got some tethers right here all right let’s just mine
here let’s see if we can find some more yeah there it is
see it’s is it green I guess it’s gold we’re just going to level this mountain
right we’re gonna find a little we’re gonna
find a few more copper just so let’s look on top of the mountain up there and see copper up there. there’s some copper up there so right now we only have we have one
little we have some one thing of raw copper so I’m gonna try to get a group
some more so we can refine it there it is I don’t want to get too far down here
and suffocate okay I’m still tethered alright that look like okay there’s some
work just as I was about to give up there’s some more there’s some more okay
it looks like I’m starting to run out of oxygen well just gonna keep digging make
some crazy holes in this mountain yay all of that and I have two pieces two
pieces of copper and maybe a quarter for another one well do I go on top of the mountain get
some more I found something there it is I saw it
did you guys see it it popped up like it’s right there hey anymore I can’t
believe I’m in but I’m on it from this far okay so now we know what copper
looks like and then we’re gonna go smelt it it smelt smoked the copper and I
don’t like my tether laying down there like that so we’re already tethered okay
then we’re okay let me fix you we’ll just we’ll just keep mining our way
through here as long as we’re finding copper in Astroneer. it beats going on top of that
mountain I almost have a third one nose still
there we go now I have three so let’s get us let’s get us one one more one
fool thing of copper before we head back so yes it is like a copper color yeah
yeah but but you see that green tint to it well I said I was going to stop but
since this place is so hard to get to and if I can get some more copper
through here I’m going to if I keep this up I can probably just make my way to
the bottom of the mountain where my tethers are you know and and maybe I’ll do that
maybe when I get to the bottom I’ll just randomly mine in a spot like this and
see if there’s any copper and okay well I thought I thought I was going to be
done with this a few minutes ago but I’m still finding it yeah he’s a boy
please don’t dig like a hole that takes me down to the to the base of this
mountain okay let’s let’s fill this one up we’ll call it quits I’m going to dig
myself in a hole here where I’m not gonna be able to get out up without
suffocating and that’s happened what a bit all right I’m not seeing anymore
there’s some resin all right well yeah let’s let’s get all this okay I’ll have
a 15 minute video just on finding copper in Astroneer. did you see this guy’s Astroneer
video he spent 15 minutes just mining copper look at that now we have almost a
full backpack I’m getting this last little bit and that’s it I’m done
all right folks this is what the smelting furnace in Astroneer looks like and when you
get it comes just like this so you’re gonna need a large platform
you want to need a large platform and it does use up quite a bit of energy so if
you have a few things going on at once probably like this research chamber here
may not be enough power to smelt and research at the same time let’s find out
I do have these little windmills going on but I found those I was able to
scavenge those as you might say all right so let’s go ahead and let’s put
some in here so I’m gonna take these and we’re gonna put these in the smelting furnace then I’m gonna show you where to find
the furnace okay and as you can see up at the top there
you can see coming at the top of the smelting furnace you’ll see that we’re
having some copper refined metals this is where you’ll do your carbon for the
medium generators and things like that yep there it is yay now I’m gonna go
ahead real fast while I have that and let’s see if I can make a working lot
again groovy hey and then I’m gonna take these tethers off the top Oh
take these tethers off the top but these like right here take my
working lot just because it looks cool and put it put it on top I like how just Chuck’s it out
it’s like ticket now I just need a place to store this stuff so right now I I’m
gonna right now just put them over here so there’s my there’s copper and then
there’s the the wrong copper let’s get this stuff out you over here with the
rest and I’ll grab a couple more of these that way we can smelt all of these yep
you’re coming with me you’re gonna get some melted so and I like to make it at
home and what I do that I like to make another one of these
I should I’ve got to research chambers there I like to try to have going at the
same time go ahead and put this put the copper in here so that way you guys can
see where to find the the smelting the smelting platform I’m worried for that
one to disappear cool all right so where do you find the smelting
platform in Astroneer well you’re gonna need to go into your Astroneer backpack right here and if you
see by default you have these you have these four little buttons there they
kind of look like switches of some kind so as you can see I’m just gonna keep
hitting my my trigger buttons on my controller I’m using a controller I
found it easier to play this game with the controller but as you can see I just
hit my right left right and left trigger buttons to move across the top and as as
you can see I’m under the first one there whatever that little symbol is
kind of looks like a little ladybug or but you can see that there’s some
categories under that but they change once you hit your right trigger button
you go over to the first one I mean second one here see I don’t want to go
there you have some new things that you can that you can make and if we go down where is that smelter
maybe here are now just I’ve got to find the smelter there it is melting furnace
it’s in the third it’s the the as you can see on this little diagram right
here right there you can see it’s on that one and then you go down and then
you get the smelting furnace and it just I think it’s 250 to unlock 250 bytes to
unlock so what I like to do is make a I want if they have a warehouse in here
where I could just put some stuff there’s the Astroneer shelter plastic I need in
silicon I don’t have any of any of those things yet but my my my next thing I
want to do is is the medium silo storage and I need three thousand BOTS for that
so I’m gonna make this next oh I need titanium hmm where do you get titanium
well that is gonna be my next adventure but let’s make this into until then
alright guys thank you so much for watching if you have any questions
whatsoever concerning Astroneer smelting copper
where to find it if you have a better location then on top of a mountain leave
it in the comments below make sure you leave us a like subscribe and thanks for
watching the video guys happy gaming peace


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