At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

This sport is beautiful. You trained so hard. No matter how bad
people are treating you. JOHN GEDDERT: Press. MOCEANU: ‘Cause you want
that Olympic dream. LARRY NASSAR: (OVER PHONE)
Not just physically, but mentally, you have
to protect your athletes. ♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Hi, nice to meet you.
Larry Nassar. ISABELL HUTCHINS: For me, he was
like a friend I could go to. MELODY POSTHUMA:
I really thought
that he had been helping me. TRINEA GONCZAR: He was so good
at being who he was. I would text him almost daily. We really loved him. MIKE GREWAL:
This is the Olympic doctor… Wow. What have you done? LARISSA BOYCE:
I was brainwashed to believe this was a valid
medical procedure. He would talk to the parents
while he was doing this. KYM WILLIAMS: Who goes
to their doctor’s basement? Every organization had a chance
to stop. So many people came forward. Judge, I would ask you
to grant me five minutes in a locked room
They’re taking back their voice but they shouldn’t have
had use it. I just signed
your death warrant. How much is a little girl worth? Look around the courtroom. Remember
what you have witnessed… because everything is
what these survivors are worth.


  1. I've always loved the sport of gymnastics and now that I know what these girls suffered it makes me sick. What about Bela and Marta Karolyi don't they have some culpability in these crimes?

  2. May I ask why Didn't The Boardwalk show ever reveal the truth about Capone other than the thug he was Capone was a heavy Cocaine user by the time he arrived at Alcatraz when the medical doctors did their health exam on him they had discovered that his nasal septum had been eaten away from the Burger sugar Dr. Richard Ricci was the doctor who revealed the info from his notes Capone was also broke as a joke once he was released from Alcatraz the Chicago Mob Struggled to keep his 600 a month payment from the Mob or how about when he gave his wife Mae Laughlin Syphilis or his last days he would stay in his room all day looking out his terrorist window thinking someone was outside with a gun true facts about Capone these topics are never revealed they rather keep the tough image to sell a product its really sad that we always get lied to about everything its all about money I guess

  3. “Featuring exclusive interviews with survivors of the 2017 sex abuse scandal…” maybe ought to be reworded to “featuring exclusive interviews with survivors of the sex abuse scandal that [finally] because public in 2017…” because it had been happening for decades, not just 2017.

    Also, thanks to HBO for taking on this documentary. You guys make the best docs and I have no doubt that this will be done so incredibly well.

  4. This will end the sexual abuse in the sport. It will not stop the hard line attitude about 40 hour a week practice, training when injured or throught pain and always expecting more. Those things are at the core of sports at this level-especially gymnastics. Parents need to be accountable and temper success at the gym with healthy children. USAG was definitely at fault, but I am tired of not hearing anyone bring the hammer down on parents. I feel entitled to voice the opinion based on my own history with the sport. My daughter retired last summer as an Elite gymnast due to concessions. After 12 years in the sport we decided it was enough before she had an injury she couldn't come back from. I dealt with more bone breaks and soft tissoe tears than I can count. I drew the line at multiple head injuries. The parents share some blame here. They should have listened and been on top of the Ranch. They are blinded buy gold and allow themselves to be brainwashed.

  5. Do Not believe anything HBO puts out. They are Lying MFers! Here's the proof:

  6. A few years ago Dominique Moceanu was the first one to speak out about USAG and the Karolyis. People said she was lying. Now we find out that what not only was she correct – but it was a million times worse.

  7. I will say prayers for all the girls, omg Larry Nassar is a cowardly scumbag with no soul.
    I wish their was a way to get his mailing address and people send him hate mail that he gets read to him throughout the day and nights.

  8. I advise anyone that is watching this trailer, to watch the documentary. It was so well made, and these girls want you to see it. USA gymnastics was a part of my life for 13 years, and it deeply saddens me that this was going on while I was in the sport. I am SO PROUD of all of these girls and people who made this possible. "There is no justice in this world, not unless we make it."

  9. The Karolyis changed the world from one of the poorest country of Europe within a non-supportive environment only with their hard work. There was a playing young girl in the schoolyard in the small town of Onesti where Bela worked as P.E. teacher and she became perfect 10 Nadia Comaneci. He picked from a few girls and trained to the best.

    Then they restarted from 0 in the US but continued their hard work.

    The so called documentary doesn't distuinguish hard working professionals and the pedofils. Unbalanced PC-metoo movement movie.

  10. Made me sick…you just don’t do that to children. Everyone should be held accountable. Everyone!

    May the Survivors one day know peace in their minds and in their hearts. 🙏🏽

  11. I would strongly advise ppl to go see this documentary!! Its sooooo sad and heartfelt and I bet you be crying by the end of the witness impact statements!!! Big props to the strong females who wasnt afraid to speak up!!!

  12. Also they picked the right judge for this case. She wasnt playing with the pefophile!! Oh and he shouldnt be the only defendant because it was alot if covering up!!

  13. I feel sorry for the girl who father committed suicide… He didnt believe his daughter, now that was crazy!! Parents listen to your kids!!!

  14. EVERY Community In America
    Needs To Watch This Documentary
    So That Those Still Afraid
    To Come Forward
    Regarding Their Particular
    Can Band Together
    In An ‘Army Of Survivors’
    To Embolden One Another
    To Empower The Good People
    In Their Community
    TO The Abusers.
    (& Remember That This Guy
    Was Simply A Hypnotized Minion Of The Dark Hierarchy,
    & Sadly, Our Justice System
    Is Also Complicit, So They Cannot Adjudicate The ‘Top Dogs’ In These Crimes, Who The Ones Who Benefit The Most From ‘Feeding Off’ Our Children & All Of Our Vulnerable Citizens—So That Leaves The Strong Among Us To Complete.)
    Hell Hath No Fury
    Like A Community
    Becoming Aware
    Of Their LOVED ONES’

  15. honestly i CANNOT believe how STUPID these parents were. how many parents are we talking about? 100? 300? 100-300 adults didn't ever think that a male physician in a room alone with girls was NOT ok? seriously, who the fuck are these parents? there's just no fucking excuse.

    don't any of you PARENTS wonder who the fuck teachers and coaches are that spend time with your child? don't ANY of you think a male adult coach around little girls is cause for a serious "who the fuck is this guy and why is he around little girls?"

    jesus christ people — VET the mother fuckers that are around your children. innocent until proven guilty only applies in court, but not with the safety of your children.

    bravo to the survivors and those who spoke in court. i cannot fathom their bravery and class.

  16. Eating a peanut butter and onion sandwich to calm the mind whilst watching this.

  17. iv watched the full documentary ..each one of my tears goes out to every victim ……………from the hand of probably the most evil sexual predator this world has ever known…and even now up to 2017 sickening ….im 99% sure gymnasts are not the only ones to get abused …all female gymnasts why isnt there a female doctor…infact all female anything should have a female doctor and trainer .and male to have male doctors with all having a background check of their history ….i just hope everyone involved doesnt matter how big or how little .get sent away for be someones little bitch in prison…

  18. This was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

    It should be mandatory viewing for everyone. These stories need to be told and heard.

  19. In all honesty I think parents should never leave their children in a situation that involves being alone with a coach or “mentor”. I’ve seen it first hand. Played HS football and the coach had this “We’re a family” attitude. He always got on my ass for not being a “team leader” even though I was putting 2-3 sacks a game. He was always having BBQ at his place for the team. Players loved the guy and he was pretty cool for a coach but something was off. I always found an excuse not to go because I wasn’t into the vibe of the whole thing. Couple years down the road he was busted for having a “drinking party” because a player had been busted by his parents for coming home drunk. Found out from other players that they’ve been doing this shit for years and it wasn’t just drinking. Coke, ecstasy, pills letc
    He publicly apologized and said he was unaware of what was taking place in his home. Everyone kept their mouths shut and never got fired. Still coaching to this day. Even had his team featured in a Super Bowl add for excellent leadership.

  20. Am i the only one who noticed this documentary is barely being promoted? I mean Sia released "I'm still here" months ago and i have been trying to find it for so long but aparently HBO decided to anounce it and release it in what feels like the blink of an eye. Good thing Game of Thrones is being advertised EVERYWHERE on and off the internet am i right?

  21. And if Judge Aquilina hadn't been so awesome and pioneering in her courtroom,the truth would never have come out,it was the sheer number of Victim Impact Statements,that woke people up to the reality of how deeply entrenched abuse was and how widespread it was

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