Audemars Piguet Michael Schumacher – AP Schumacher Review

Audemars Piguet Michael Schumacher – AP Schumacher Review

This is Watch Your Style. My name’s Eric. Today I’m going to be talking about Micahel
Schumacher. In case you don’t know, Michael Schumacher
is a retired German Formula One racer. He’s known as one of the best. Seven-time Formula 1 World Champion. He’s regarded as pretty much the Pele of F1
racing. But what you might not know is that AP made
for him one of the most serious, heavy-hitting APs in the Watch Game…and that being the
AP Michael Schumacher. Alright, so AP has several limited editions
that are race-car inspired. One of my favorites is also the Montoya. You also have the Barrichello, which they
have two of them, the Barrichello One and the Barrichello Two. But, the Schumacher is actually one of those
watches that, believe it or not, I’m not even going to lie, I kind of overlooked it during
the last four years. I knew it was out there. I know it was obviously a serious piece, but
it wasn’t until like maybe the last two years that I really started to see the price go
up and then actually hold it in my hand and realize, man, this is a spectacular piece! They had the titanium one, which will also
be amazing as a daily piece, but pretty much, it’s a hell of a sports watch for eighty thousand
dollars. This is a serious piece. It’s got rose gold, titanium. One thing that you’re going to notice about
these race-car inspired AP is that a lot of them instead of having the traditional screws
that they use, this one has instead an Allen head screws on the bezel. Just something a little bit different. It’s got the square pushers. It’s based pretty much on the 44-millimeter
case that the Royal Oak Offshores 44 come in, but it’s just a little bit more beefy
with a little more oomph, let’s just say. I’s got a different layout of the dial. Some extra things that I like. Overall, the most important thing about is
just, the presence and the power that the piece has. Now, I don’t know if you’ve been overlooking
it just like me, but the Audemars Piguet Schumacher is probably one of the most serious watches
in the Watch Game. I mean, just think of it. The price of one pre-owned is going to cost
you double of what a regular rose gold 44 mm is. You get what I’m saying? A 44-mm AP rose gold is already a serious
piece enough as it is. Now, just image that this is double. That’s a lot, you know? It’s a serious piece. Definitely to be respected. Not everyone is going to have it. And it’s most definitely a collector piece. So that being said, this is a serious collector
piece and I get a lot of phone calls and questions about it and they ask and they say, “Hey,
you know,” in case you don’t know, Schumacher was involved in an accident skiing in the
French Alps a couple of years ago and he’s been in bad shape since and he’s been actually,
sometimes getting better, so it’s in and out, and we’re all actually pulling for him and
hopefully he’s going to come out of this OK. Now, people have been asking me about the
possibility of if the price might raise or not, and, you know what? I really don’t know and we won’t know until
we get to that point – but in the meanwhile, I tell you what, the watch is still strong
in price regardless. This is as serious collector piece. If you’re thinking about getting one, you’re
gonna have to be easily in the $80,000 and up range for the rose gold one, the same one
I have here for you today. This is the heavy collector piece here of
the AP line. I mean they have tourbillons and all sorts
of other things you can also go for, but this is part of the big-three racing. Ideally, you’d want to have probably a Montoya,
a Baricello and the Schumacher. Me personally, I like the Baricello 2 over
the Baricello 1, but it’s pretty much the same thing as I was saying earlier as a 44-mm. It’s just got a couple of different little..different
configuration for the pushers. The crown is a little bit different. But overall, it’s the same watch, same movement. Chronograph, nothing changes. It’s just more of an aesthetic thing that
changes on this watch and for me, that actually makes a huge difference. The watch looks serious, man! It’s also a status thing too. It’s not every day you’re going to see anyone
walk in with an AP rose gold Schumacher; not even a titanium version. And if they do, recognize, because that’s
a serious watch and that’s obviously a serious collector. Now, there’s not much more to say about the
watch game. Pretty much, you have a full-blown sports
watch on a rubber strap that cost the same as this rose gold 5980. I mean, is there anything more to say. You can either go full dressy or just full-blown
sports. This is heavy machinery right here, man! Definitely not for the first time collector. This is something that you gotta put on there
as almost like a grail watch. I don’t have one myself and I plan to have
one one day, along with the Montoya as well. But as the Watch Game goes, there’s absolutely
no doubt that this is a beyond serious piece. This is something that you could dress it
up however you want. Perfect watch, in my opinion, to wear with
a pair of shorts and some sneakers. If you have it like that, that’s the way to
do it. Now remember guys, if you are on the fence,
and you’re about to purchase the watch and you’re not sure what decision to make, feel
free to leave me a comment here on YouTube or email me at [email protected] And another reminder is, if you liked this
video, don’t forget to like and share. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your Style!


  1. Hi Eric, yesterday I found about your channel and I really liked your videos, I subscribed and watched every single one. I really like the style. Unique and very very enjoyable.
    By the way, another amazing video!
    Keep up this amazing work.

  2. What are your thoughts on the Leo Messi vs the Schumacher? I personally love the Messi but it seems a little overpriced relative to a simple AP or a Nautilus.

  3. Oooo yes this is a real and great machine. Beside the barrichello, ap grand prix and ap tour auto family are the most speed machines for audemars collectors. Perfect case and automatic transmission. Great review.

  4. Hey can anyone tell me what brand of bracelets does he use that red one with the gold skulls at the tip I love but not sure of the brand if someone could please tel me thank you.

  5. good job on this review. Lets see the a review on PP on your wrist. The chrono version is my fav or the annual calendar. anyway, thanks!

  6. Great review and respectful to Schumacher. Personally I couldn't stop looking at the 5980 but that AP is special. Thanks for the review!

  7. Very nice video Eric! Keep up the good work. The rose gold Schumi is one of my favorite watches. Probably 2nd to the LeBron.

  8. 80k for a watch with a rubber band lol just because they slap a German name on it. Don't think so just get the ROO all gold and call it a day.

  9. Great video Eric, as usual you never disappoint! Loving the 5980 on your wrist. Would love to see a video about the Nautilus and a comparison with the Royal Oak Chrono, both designed by Gerald Genta. I have a huge crush on both, specially in rose gold, which one is your favorite? Keep the good work! All the best

  10. Keep uploading videos, this was one serious watch, hope we will see soon Patek and also Omega seamaster 300. 🙂
    Greethings from Serbia Eric!

  11. Hello Eric, I am interested in purchasing a Rolex. I'm not sure whether I should buy a two-tone blue and gold, or the Green 50th anniversary submariner. The other option is the GMT Master 2 that's black and blue or the black and gold. Another watch brand that I am love is Audemars Piguet and Patek Phillipe. Is there a AP or Patek within the 10-15k range

  12. i had a dream Michael Schumacher returns to f1 in 2017 people will say i am crazy but i Believe this waiting to 2017

  13. hello Eric in my dreams michael Schumacher very good the spiritual world shows me i believe to return f1 in 2017 everyone will say i crazy but i believe hahahahahahaha .

  14. if you have to choose between an AP automatic blue dial stainless steel or a PATEK AQUANAUT satin black dial rubber strap. what would it be. price range abt the same. thanks

  15. You've an AP on and it literally looks like a 20 dollar Quartz on you. I've never seen someone bring down the value of so nice so much. Damn, man.

  16. I truly hope they will never make an Alonso.
    It would be brown and smell suspiciously of poo and never fit in anywhere.

  17. Hmmm its okay doesnt look too bad…but wont get my dollars!! actually the more i look at it the more it looks enchanting hmmmm

  18. If I were going to buy a watch for the price of a small house, I would expect it to at least look like a watch. This thing has all the style and elegance of a house-brick.

  19. Wouldn't pay even the gold's worth for this. But it's true I dislike the AP design anyway. It's okay for people who don't have much else to tell about themselves. [edited content] Just saying, it's the kind of cheap mentality one needs to have in order to wear gaudy expensive things to make a statement.

  20. hey I know that you like bigger watch, but for someone with wrist size of 6.25 inch, would you still recommend getting 40mm sized watches over 36mm? (ex. im really liking fluted Datejust with jubilee bracelet)

  21. people ask me this and people ask me that, I suppose its cos im in the watch game , i'm serious in the watch game . if I hear "serious piece" or "watch game" again from this spoilt rich knob I will fucking crack up

  22. My dad has the same watch but in titanium my dad lets me wear it on speacial ocassions like my birthday

  23. Eric, i know its an old video. But how could you forget about jarno edition. Jarno is clearly better than montoya and considered equal quality with rb2 and schumacher. Carbon case, cermet bezel???!!!

  24. AP has to make limited edition watches to sell watches, its a con job to create a demand, that didn't exist….rolex doesn't have to do all the limited edition watches to sell watches.

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