AuRacle AGT-3 Electronic Gold Tester

Esslinger-dot-com is proud to introduce the
latest innovation in electronic gold testing technology from GemOro: the AGT-3 AuRACLE
tester. The newest AuRACLE gold tester combines the
most user-friendly, best performing electronic gold tester on the market with cutting edge
improved technology making it an even smarter gold tester than its predecessors. With its unparalleled accuracy, you can buy
and appraise gold with total confidence right down to the very percentage of gold each piece
contains. Instead of just getting a karat value read out, this new AGT-3 tester will
even give you the exact percentage of gold in the metal. Still compact enough to be easily portable,
this tester allows you to be mobile and test gold as you go with an unbeatable level of
detail and accuracy. The new design includes a storage compartment for the pen probe allowing
you to keep everything in one convenient place and comes with a rubberized carrying case. Just like the first generations of AuRACLE
testers, you get immediate results from each test. Fast Mode: The fast mode can only be used
with yellow gold and it will give you a rough value for the gold content of the metal you
are testing in normal jewelry karat values and a percentage of gold presence.
And Enhanced Mode: This is the most exciting mode in the AGT-3 that puts it a step ahead
of its predecessors, this test will give you an exact karat value for the tested gold to
a tenth of a karat as well as an exact percentage of the gold content to a tenth of a percent. It�s features include:
A tough nickel-plated testing plate One step calibration
A pen probe tester Different testing modes
Easy to follow instructions Battery and AC adapter powered
A rubberized carrying case And NO messy chemicals! The AGT-3 AuRACLE tester is a totally non-destructive
tester that will determine karat value in just seconds: simply file a small section
of the gold to be tested and place it on the durable nickel-plated testing plate, touch
it with the pen probe, and watch for the readout to indicate both the karat value of the gold
and the gold percentage of the metal. The exact alphanumeric digital display shows
results quickly for all three different testing modes. And best of all, you don�t need any
prior training or knowledge to use this tester, and there are no messy gels, staining chemicals,
or dangerous acids used. And now, calibrating the tester has gotten
even easier. The calibration process has been refined to necessitate just one step and you
can use either a piece of fourteen karat yellow gold or a piece of eighteen karat yellow gold
to calibrate the tester to get the most accurate results, giving you more flexibility with
your gold tester. This amazing gold tester can test all colors
of gold from six karat to twenty-four karat gold, platinum, and can even distinguish between
gold plate and solid gold. The pen probe tester provides immediate test
results and is good for five thousand tests. And this new tester version includes an auto-check
function that will guarantee that the pen probe is working correctly. You can easily
purchase a new pen probe for only a fraction of the cost of a new gold tester to keep using
this tester for years to come. Find this amazing gold tester at Esslinger-dot-com.

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