Australian silver 1966 50 cent coin

Australian silver 1966 50 cent coin

so I get agday today I hope this austrane round 50-cent coin this coin here was only
issued in 1966 and withdrawn in 1967 because the silver content and the
silver value of this coin in Christ and I was no longer worth 50 cents is
actually worth more than 50 cents II actual silver contains point eight
which comes to ten point six two grams of silver the title coin weight is
thirteen point two eight grams and of course they were through these in 1967
they’re actually no 50 cent coins mich ish minted in 1967 to 68 because our
trying out different designs in different shapes to actually ink coins
in and in 1969 actually issued a copper nickel 50 cent coin which has the same
design but it just oh say 812 a 12 sided coin not eight sided see each side it’s
a three one two three time to buy four goes 12 the like all Australian coins
that has queen elizabeth ii and this coin is probably in like a very fine
condition two extremely fine depending on how you yourself break coins it has a
lot of some damage on the side so reduce the value and he’s generally garlic I
don’t even Facebook or between ten and fifteen dollars each depending on who
you buy it from so this is the standard Australian coat of arms has the EMU
as a kangaroo with her it’s a grey kangaroo a red kangaroo I’m not too sure
you need a new coat of arms it has the coat of arms with each state so in New
South Wales yeah it’s Victoria Queensland first and
Schreyer South Australia Tasmania he doesn’t have any of the states and
that’s where the star appear represents each point represents one state and the
seventh point represents all the other territories like a CTU Northern
Territory Cook Islands on nautical gallons I mean Cocos Island Christmas
Island Norfolk all data under Australian and ministration all associated with
Australia so yeah 36 million of these coins minted and reportedly 14 million
issue for circulation these coins actually not quite rare hence their low
value so if you’re into a collecting Australian coins he says I must coin you
should actually get so I’ll leave a link down below to eBay if you want to have a
browse and see if there’s any 50 cent coins you can pick up yes so what a
beautiful coin and thank you very much watching this video have awesome coin
collecting day oh and give it a thumbs up thank you


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