Austria: Is this GOLD-laced caviar the world’s most expensive food?

Austria: Is this GOLD-laced caviar the world’s most expensive food?

We now have in our fish farm one white sturgeon and this fish is being bred for caviar production. And before that we did an ultrasound to see whether the caviar is ready or not. We realised that the caviar was in perfect condition, then we took the fish to our caviar room and took the caviar out of the fish. It’s the most expensive food product in the world. It’s dehydrated white caviar with gold and it costs €100,000 per kilo, and it’s produced using this white sturgeon.


  1. The fish is small, how long does it take to raise a sturgeon of that size? does the size or just the age matter? AND NO MORE GOLD FLAKES ON FOOD STUPID IDIOTS

  2. Ok all the vegans in the comment section needs to chill and shut their vegan mouths that is filled with beans and salad. If you don't like it don't watch it.

  3. The gold is just dumb and excessive but for all the haters on here you are no better than the rest of us who think this is delicious and would eat the caviar and the fish. You care more about animals than your own kind which is what is wrong with this generation. You want to save fish but murder unborn children

  4. It is frog's eggs just labored by a white fish and sardine caviar is tastier than sturgeon one because the sardine one is cooked in tomato sauce while the sturgeon is only salted

  5. No matter how expensive or gold plated the food you consume is……it still comes out as worthless shit.

  6. There was a time when Cavier was so cheap it was practically given away for free.

    I bet when Pigeons are near extinction people would be paying big money for Pigeon meat and feathers.

  7. the fish is cheap and not uncommon. Only reason its expensive is because of the colour. Even Albino Beluga isnt that expensive. The fish is also too young, should be 12-15 years old.

  8. Humans: „let‘s just put a bit fancy looking metal, which doesn‘t even taste good in the food and therefore make it 10 times more expensive!! Great idea right?“

  9. Eats albino eggs dusted in gold and wipes mouth with $100 bill, while also drinking rare tea with diamond dust in it

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