Autistic Singer KODI LEE Wins GOLDEN BUZZER On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

Autistic Singer KODI LEE Wins GOLDEN BUZZER On America’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

Hola! Bienvenido a América Tiene Talento ¿Cual es tu nombre? Soy Kodi Lee ¿Cuantos años tienes? Tengo 22 años ¿Quien eres tu? Yo soy la mamá mi nombre es Tinaly ¿Que nos vas a presentar el dia de hoy? Voy a cantar una canción para ustedes… En el piano TIna cuéntanos un poco más sobre Kodi Kodi es ciego y autista Nos dimos cuenta de que el amaba la música a una edad muy temprana El escuchaba música y sus ojos se ponían enormes Y el empezó cantando Y en ese momento… Estaba en lágrimas por que fue cuando me di cuenta… Oh Dios Mio! El es un artista Con la música presente El era capaz de vivir en este mundo Por que con el autismo es muy difícil hacer lo que todo mundo hace La música le ha salvado prácticamente su vida. Nos encantaría oírte asi que adelante Estoy listo He estado en tantos lugares en mi vida y tiempo He cantando Un montón de canciones He hecho algunas malas rimas He interpretado mi vida en escenarios Con diez mil personas observando Yeaah! Pero estamos solos ahora Y te estoy cantando esta canción para ti Te amo en un lugar Las órdenes son espaciales Te amo para mi vida Eres una amiga mia Y cuando mi vida se termine Recuerda Cuando… Estuvimos juntos Y te canto esta canción para… Ti Y canto esta canción para ti [Ovación del publico y de los jueces] No puedo parar de llorar Eso fue asombroso, mi bebe Howie Bueno para comenzar te quiero decir que… Todos los cuatro jueces y cada persona en esta habitación Están aplaudiendo de pie Eres maravilloso no solo sentimos la emoción con la que cantaste Eres una gran inspiración y un gran talento Y eso fue asombroso Muchas gracias Julianne Yo se Todos necesitamos una voz para expresarnos Y realmente senti Tu corazón y tu pasión Tu voz no dejó a todos sorprendidos Solo quiero decir que te oí y te senti Y eso fue hermoso Gracias! Simon; mira lo que acaba de pasar Fue extraordinario realmente extraordinario Yo no sé lo que es vivir en el mundo de Kodi Lo único que puedo decir es… Que tienen una hermosa conexión entre ustedes dos Y… Tu voz es absolutamente fantástica Tienes un muy bonito tono Y muchas gracias por confiar en nosotros en este show Voy a recordar este momento Por el resto de mi vida Soy una nueva jueza esta temporada Y también soy una nueva mamá este año Es el trabajo más difícil que he tenido y el más gratificante que he tenido Tu solo quieres darle a tus hijos… La luna, las estrellas, el arcoiris Y esta noche Te daré… Algo especial… KODI LEE TU HAS OBTENIDO EL BOTÓN DORADO DE GABRIELLE UNION TU ESTARÁS EN EL CAMINO A LA FINAL EN HOLLYWOOD Increible KODI LEE Tu has cambiado al mundo!


  1. I have heard many singers perform this song, including the original artist Leon Russell, and no one NO ONE has sang it better than that young man! I have watched this video several times and my eyes still get watery.

  2. I'm also autistic (just Aspergers) and passed my AGT auditions to the producers for 2019, I didn't go when I got the call back because I was on the way to a music opportunity in Colorado and my gut told me not to go..
    My gut was right because it was THIS GUY who deserved to shine and I'm beyond happy for him and his family!!
    I'm rooting for Kodi this year!!!! <3

  3. He’s truly awesome, I watched the episode and was blown away. I went on YouTube to find out more because he inspired me with his courage and human spirit. Blessed

  4. I could go on and on about the wonders of Kodi Lee, his voice is sublime and I believe he sings from the heart. He deserves all the great things that are going to come to him and his pretty super family. Tina Lee, you rock as a mother, that is apparent xx

  5. My nephew has autism and watching this helped him motivate himself in doing videos. Kodi is great inspiration to these people

  6. Kodie Lee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Susan Boyle, at first you want to feel bad for him for the life he was given, and then he plays the piano & sings like a damn PROFESSIONAL! Just END AGT right NOW! This dude NEEDS TO WIN this show!

  7. To watch or listen to a savant is like seeing one of the seven wonders of the world. Kodi is in a special world and he seems happy and I’m happy for him it just shows the possibilities of what the mind can do And just totally blows me away. He should have a long healthy and happy life As well as giving happiness and joy to others

  8. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this. Crying!!! You’re my Superstar Kodi!!! You have to win!!!!!!

  9. She adopted Kodi because he was blind and autistic, and because probably he was the last baby other people wanted to adopt. I'm so surprised at such broad minded people who actually execute what we should do. God is watching us.

  10. If you’re one of the 675 people who disliked this, I don’t know what your problem is, but this is the most beautiful thing I’v ever seen in my entire life, and this boy deserves for non of those dislikes to be there, because there’s no reason for them to be there.

  11. Just… W.O.W!!!! Must be the most amazing audition i have watched.
    I myself am on the autism spectrum too, and i have many gifts, but all of them are only at the very border of being extraordinary. I think that those gifted autists that have a more severe condition than i have also have a more extraordinary version of their gifts.
    Again: this guy is so amazing ! And his audition is a great proof of the truth in the saying: ”dont judge a book on its cover”

  12. Just look at the amazing bond between Kodi and his mom. You can literally get to know it by looking at his mom’s expressions.

  13. More than amazing, you are flawless and totally magnificent! You just changed the world. You showed how we with autism can do everything that everybody else can. My voice is not that powerful, but music keeps me alive aswell. You are so damn beautiful!!! Keep doing this because you are a champion!!!

  14. I watch this sweet performance again and again and it fills me with hope and with purpose. There is something special about Kodi’s music that is different than any other performer Ive heard so far. There is something that hits deep. I liked Julianne’s comments. I think she nailed it.

  15. Music did not save his life.Soppy story. Kody is born to be an entertainer with his disabilities.He is excellent gifted by God and viewed all his videos on youtube.

  16. I agree with Simon what just happen was extraordinary! God Bless you Kodi lee thank you for making me see that What I deal with day to day is nothing compared to you. Thank you for brightening my day! peace be with you. I will bye any music of you that's out there.

  17. Mom, and dad if he is around, I'm proud of you guys. That falsetto! Wow, it is killing me softly. He definitely took me to higher realms.

  18. never in my 60 years of life have I heard or understood how valuable life is until Kodi Lee sang his first song on AGT. He has been the biggest inspiration I've ever seen.

  19. unbelievable……so much talent…
    such beautiful voice…. each lyrics touch my heart n my eyes cant keep stop tearing ….. i pray that u will win kodi lee… u deserved it!

  20. It wasn't the skill that most amazed me – though that was huge. I have autistic members of my family. It is so hard for them both to understand our emotions and express their own, even those who are vocal and able to speak. But he tapped not only into the song's structural beauty (something many autistic people are actually great at), but fully understood the emotion of the song and emoted so, so well. From the runs to the perfectly timed pauses – lyrically, not just musically… it was sheer brilliance. He has not only found a source of joy through music, he has found a bridge that lets him and those around him understand one another.

    Also, may i just say… i love that his speaking mannerisms when not singing are a mirror of al pacino.

  21. Wow wow wow. .the most moving performance I have ever seen in my life. If that's not talent I don't know what is..! Hats off to his mom and the rest of his family.

  22. This video has already proven that just because they are not normal like us, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be just like us🥰

  23. God I’m sorry for complaining about my life they have people in This world that have it worse than we wow incredible this shows that you can anything you want in life

  24. Soy padre de una niña autista y me encanto el video felicito la dedicacion y amor de la madre al cumplir un sueño mas de kodi y el afan de superacion de el seguir asi las limitaciones y barreras las ponemos nosotros mismos un abrazo desde españa

  25. It's absolutely freaking amazing that this kid can do that given his condition..My son is autistic; they are capable of of doing so many extraordinary things.

  26. I just want to know who has the guts in the heart that black heart to give this video a thumbs down if you read this comment and you are one of those people please consider yourselves a hatred and horrific human being

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